Hundreds Lose Power After Manhole Fire

Photo via 24th precinct.

A manhole fire caused a power outage to more than 500 households on the Upper West Side on Monday.

“A manhole fire or explosion early this morning around 108th St. and Central Park West resulted in customer outages,” according to Con Edison spokesman Allan Drury. “We currently have about 520 customers out of service and expect to have them back this afternoon.”

Central Park West was closed between Ellington Parkway (W106th St) and W109th St).

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      I heard a “boom!” at 2:15am, it woke me up, guess this was it.

    2. Cyn(thia) Icke says:

      GASP!! “MANhole Fire” !!! Oh, I just may faint! How un-PC !!

      Dostn’t thou knowest that “gendered” words are now FORBIDDEN… verboten, interdit/interdite, prohibido/prohibida) vietato/vietada, po-tayy-to/po-tah-tohh….

      AND, dostn’t thou knowest that Berkeley, CA “…is scrapping all “gendered” words … changing ‘manhole’ to ‘maintenance hole’….”

      That is from The New York Post (would Rupert Murdoch lie to us? Do NOT reply!)

      Oh, and to those thinking “Oh Brother!” please know that out in Berkeley you must NOW say “Oh, Sibling!”!

      Yes, this from the very same city once notorious for something called…ready?…called “The Free Speech Movement”

    3. Hambone says:

      Until it was pointed out to me that “MANhole” has a gender bias I never thought about it. Now that I was made to think of the simple word….regardless of gender bias…..I am just uncomfortable saying MANHOLE to anyone.

      Manhole fire…yep needs context
      Manhole blows up…I visibly twitch

    4. Upperwestsider says:

      There were more that FIVE explosions that night, strong, powerful ones that made the buildings and windows shake, and I am surprised there is absolutely no mention of it anywhere, and even this post fails to mention the true extent of what happened that night! astounding!

    5. Lynn says:

      I see the isolation is getting to some of you. Really. Stop with the “oh I can’t manhole cover…blah blah blah. There are so many other things to spend your time on. Enough with this nonsense. Its getting tiresome.