Reopenings: Calle Ocho, Kefi, The Hungarian Pastry Shop, Han Dynasty, La Dinastia

By Carol Tannenhauser

You may not be doing any traveling these days, but you can eat like you are, a different country every meal.

Calle Ocho, Latin fusion with Cuban influences, 2756 Broadway (105th – 106th Streets). “Due to the pandemic we were forced to close for the safety of our guests and staff. Now we are reopening for delivery and pickup to let our patrons and neighborhood know that we are coming back! Calle Ocho is open Wednesday – Sunday from 4pm – 8pm. Delivery through Caviar and Grubhub and pickup at the restaurant.” (212) 873-5025

, Down-home and reasonably priced Greek cuisine, 222 W79th Street (Amsterdam – Broadway). “We are opening on Monday for delivery!!!! 5pm to 9pm. We are offering contact-free delivery and pick up and are taking orders on our website at (212)-873-0200

The Hungarian Pastry Shop, Morning coffee and pastries, danish, strudel, croissants, 1030 Amsterdam Avenue (111th). “Pastries, we got’ em,” said Philip, owner of this 50-year-old neighborhood cafe and bakery, whose father bought it in 1976. “We thought it was irresponsible to stay open at first,” he explained. So why reopen now? “The bills!” he said. “But also because people better understand social distancing, their personal behavior shows it, so it’s safer.” They’re open for pickup and takeout only, Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., come in the store or phone (212) 866-4230

Han Dynasty, Traditional Szechuan Cuisine, Mandated by Heaven, 215 West 85th Street (Amsterdam – Broadway). “Our entire menu is still available for takeout and delivery including alcoholic drinks. Our hours are Tuesday – Sunday (4pm to 9pm). Han Dynasty is offering 20% off all takeout orders for hospitality industry workers at all locations. Please present proof of hospitality employment. We deliver locally between 59th St and 105th St. Call us at (212) 858-9060 to start your order or use ChowNow. If you’re outside of our local delivery zone, our third-parties like Caviar and DoorDash deliver.

La Dinastia, Cuban and Chinese food. 145 West 72nd Street (Columbus – Broadway). Open for pickup and delivery, noon to 8 p.m. Many savory options, from fried chicken to roast pork fried rice. 212-362-3801.

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    1. Paul says:

      I’m thinking Han Dynasty meant to say hospital workers, not “hospitality?“
      It’s first rate, by the way.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Han Dynasty is my favorite place to dine in on the UWS. I can’t wait to go there when this virus has mostly or entirely gone away.

      • Larry says:

        I think they said what they meant. Most restaurant and hotel workers are out of work, have severely restricted hours and/or are on the front lines dealing with people face-to-face all day

    2. Ponald Plump says:

      That’s the old Kefi. Sad!

    3. Gail Klein says:

      Kefi moves back to its original location a few years ago.

    4. uwsguy says:

      GEORGE KEELEY’s is reopening Wednesday-Sunday from 12pm – 8pm for delivery and takeout, per their website. This includes growlers and “grenades” of beer. Great news!

    5. Park says:

      Amsterdam Ale House posted that they are about to start accepting orders via Seamless and will also have a takeout window.

    6. Mark Moore says:

      Put Han Dynasty in a URL and you get Yes, that amused me.

      • Erika says:

        That has cracked me up for years!

      • Carlos says:

        Yes – we also refer to it as Handy Nasty even though the food is excellent – glad to have them back!

        Also happy to have Kefi back though “Reasonably priced” is a stretch – it isn’t expensive, but it isn’t cheap either.

        • Nina says:

          Who remembers the Gourmet Spot Deli on 86th and Amsterdam (?) where the new owners couldn’t afford the money for all that signage, so they shortened their name???

    7. geoff says:

      La Dinastia—best café con leche around. A really great, old spot for great New York Cuban Chinese.

    8. Tim says:

      Awash Restaurant (Ethiopian) on Amsterdam and 106th seems to have reopened for takeout and delivery. They’ve been closed since this whole thing started

    9. Dorrie says:

      Osteria 106 recently reopened for takeout and delivery, 53 West 106th Street between Columbus Ave. and Manhattan Ave, 646-833-7614

    10. bombay frankie ROTI ROLL on Amsterdam and 109 also opened last week for pick up and deliveries from 11 am to 11 pm. Even Suite bar next door to that opens from 5-10 pm for take out drinks specials.

      • CityGirl57 says:

        love Roti Roll! so good they are open again, a perfect comfort tasty meal…

        have enjoyed Suite as well ..

    11. LC says:

      YES! I am so happy La Dinastia is back up. I love that place and their workers!

    12. Joe Rappaport says:

      I’m not sure it’s been covered here, but Samad’s on Broadway near 111th Street, which was open, then closed briefly, is again open from about 8-5 daily, or thereabouts. Its hummus, baba ganoush and other prepared foods remain delicious.

    13. Meebs says:

      I’m sad that The Cottage closed. Where else do people get good old fashioned Chinese takeout from?

      • Dina says:

        Which Cottage Restaurant? I hope not 77th Street?

      • Leon says:

        Great question. That was our go-to spot for traditional, fairly basic Chinese food (lo mein, egg roll, wonton soup, General Tso chicken, etc.) at a reasonable price. Han Dynasty is very good and has lots of great specials but they don’t the basics and those that they have are more expensive. I don’t really trust the hole in the wall takeout places. Any suggestions that deliver to the low 80s would be appreciated!

      • Chris w says:

        Meebs- not sure what specific dishes you are looking for but legend 72 has been very good .

        • JGawlik says:

          Anyone know whether Ollie’s has or will be reopening soon? Really bummed about Cottage- loved that place.

        • Meebs says:

          Thanks for this tip! Was looking for somewhere with the basics but a little bit better than the fast food places with questionable heath ratings…

    14. joey says:

      Serafina is open 12-9pm with to go drinks and full menu. Them and Fumo never closed, and are open lunch/dinner 7 days week.

    15. Ruth K. says:

      GREAT! I can’t wait to drive in from Queens, and pick up some pastry from The Hungarian Pastry Shop. We’ve been loyal customers for well over 50 years. Although I don’t remember his name, I do remember when the owner who painted all the angels was behind the counter.
      The pastry is as good now as it was then: YUM!
      And their coffee was excellent decades ago, back when most of the coffee in NYC was just blah.