Reopenings: Fred’s, Leyla, Tacombi

Miraculous recovery.

By Carol Tannenhauser

This first reopening made our hearts leap when we heard it, because it is such an important Upper West Side spot and unexpected comeback. Fred’s, the dog-themed restaurant on the SW corner of 83rd and Amsterdam, suffered a bad fire earlier this month to the great dismay of the neighborhood. The owners started a GoFundMe account, which out-raised its goal of $50,000 in less than one day.

“The neighborhood’s support and generosity has been extraordinary,” said Fred’s Director of Operations Rachel Mulcahy, in an exuberant email. ”We consider ourselves beyond lucky to be a part of such a supportive community. Our dining room will be under construction for some time (once construction can actually start in NYC again), but the kitchen is functional. We can’t wait to get back to full operations and to be able to welcome everyone back and say THANK YOU in person.”

In the meantime, Fred’s is doing takeout and delivery from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, and 12 p.m. – 10 p.m. on weekends. Rachel added,“We are offering 10% off any orders placed directly through our website — — 212-579-3076

Come to think of it, all reopenings make our hearts beat faster, because they represent the owners’ successful struggle to stay afloat, while performing the essential feat of feeding us. Here are two more:


Leyla, 108 West 74th Street (Columbus and Amsterdam), Mediterranean/Turkish, “We are honored to serve each and every one of you. Thank you for your continued support through these difficult times.” Open for pickup and delivery every day from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tel. 347.334.7939 website:


The manager of Tacombi, 377 Amsterdam Avenue (78th Street) sounded so upbeat when he answered the phone to say Tacombi had reopened Wednesday, for DELIVERY ONLY, from noon to nine p.m., seven days a week. “I sound happy because I have a job!” Arya exclaimed. “We’re living through the situation and taking care of our families.” You can order through their website: or call (646) 822-3383

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    1. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      WOW!!! Such great news that Fred’s kitchen is back in business. Welcome back. What a great community of dedicated customers/friends.

    2. chuck d says:

      I hope they accept new dog pictures. Also, I seem to remember that they had crappy WiFi. Fix that please!

      • UWSSurfer says:

        Seriously, chuck d?
        Pay for your own wifi!

        Fred’s just had a terrible fire and
        Covid19 has changed our lives forever!

    3. Amelia Weiss says:

      YAY Fred’s mac n cheese!!!

    4. Susan Gregory says:

      Welcome back, Fred’s!! This is the best news I’ve heard all week!

    5. Joseph Friedman says:

      When you’re part of the very fabric of the neighborhood, your neighbors turn out.

    6. Jerry says:

      OK! Fred went for 50. Got 90. That leaves 40. Maybe a free drink or two…

    7. NY10024 says:

      Got take out from Fred’s tonight. Kitchen was busy when we picked up our order. Welcome back Fred’s!

    8. Melissa says:

      Please, please, please go to these restaurant websites directly to order. If they use a 3rd party service… See if you can call. These services take out such a significant %.

      • Scott says:

        Agreed 1000% Yelp now “emphasizes” 3rd party deliveries bypassing the phone of the restaurant!

    9. LongtimeNYer says:

      Great that Fred’s has reopened!

    10. Penny says:

      YAY for LEYLA! Yes, it’s one of the most charming restaurants to eat in, but their food is so delicious, I’ll be happy to take out (especially if they’re doing their Botanist cocktail to go…)

    11. Jesper Poulsen says:

      Tacombi… love their location in Soho close to my office, where I can expense my meals. Up here on the UWS I feel their drinks are too small and too expensive – but do love their food. However, so many other choices here on the weekends that we have only been to Tacombi a couple of times and do not plan on going back. Cilantro on Columbus and 83rd is a much better option for us from a price/value point of view…

      • UWS-er says:

        I love Tacombi and think the prices are fine. Maybe not the time to come here and put down a business that’s struggling to survive anyway?

    12. Baffled on the UWS says:

      Just walked by a bar/restaurant that is now taking orders through a window/counter they created. I was excited UNTIL I saw the woman standing behind it had a mask, but it was down on her neck & NOT covering her face at all. Them the manager (possibly owner) walks up to say hi & he has no mask on at all. Both of them standing right next to the other mask-less. I looked at them with a “WTF is wrong with you look” & they just looked back at me, totally puzzled at why I was giving them both a strange look. Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? You want people to start coming back but you stand there for everyone walking by to see that you will sell food without a mask on. Do you think that will make customers feel safe ordering from you? If the people at the counter are not wearing a mask over their face are we supposed to feel secure in thinking the people in the kitchen are? I’m not going to say the name of this place, people who go up to order can decide for themselves if they feel comfortable ordering food from a restaurant that feels it’s not necessary to wear a mask. You want people to come back to your restaurants then do the simplest thing like wearing a mask over your face so that people will feel safe to order food from you. It’s just simple common sense. If you’re smart enough to own & manage a restaurant, then you should be smart enough to know something as simple as that.

    13. Zac and Billy says:

      If I was Fred ’s restaurant I would read design it as one big kitchen and serve and deliver breakfast lunch and dinner.