Generosity in the Face of Tragedy: UWS Comes Up Big for Fred’s and Grieving Family

Two GoFundMe campaigns we wrote about on Thursday have yielded impressive results.

The fundraiser for Fred’s, the restaurant on 83rd and Amsterdam whose dining room was partially destroyed in a fire, raised more than the restaurant’s goal of $50,000 in less than a day. By Friday afternoon, it was up to $63,000. The administrators asked that people continue to give if possible so they can keep staff employed as they rebuild.

We are overwhelmed by your generosity- your emotional support and donations have left us speechless – and for David, that is sayin’ something! Even though we have hit our goal, we would like to continue the campaign and we promise that every additional penny we collect, will be used to keep as many of our staff employed as we can, as we rebuild. There are a lot of unknowns right now, and we don’t know how long rebuilding will take. Our goal is to open as soon as we are able to for delivery, and then once the world is back to normal, we can begin to start anew.”

And a GoFundMe to support the family of Andres Pastrana, the church custodian who died of Covid-19 complications, has raised more than $14,000 from 69 donors after an initial request for $4,000.

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    1. lynn says:

      I haven’t been to Fred’s but I’ve been watching the progress of several GoFundMe pages, for various causes, and this was by far one of the most impressive responses. 😮 Good luck to all of you!

    2. Je and Ri says:

      Their manager David is the most affable and helpful restaurant managers I’ve ever known. He attends the needs of each customer, and engages in friendly banter with so many of us. The outpouring of generous contributions is a measure of the goodwill he has generated. We wish him and his employees well in this time of extraordinary stress.

      • Catherine Holmes says:

        David is an owner along w Kim who’s recovering from Covid19 herself in LA where she lives. David is the managing partner and has been at the helm for 23 years.
        He is a class act and the outpouring is well deserved. All of the staff are like family – they are family – our dogs pictures are on the wall – we are lifers!! ❤️🐾🐾

    3. Randy says:

      Don’t they have insurance for the fire?

      • Tim says:

        I would think insurance would be legally required. Maybe the insurance claim will be offset or reduced by the Gofundme $? How does that work nowadays?

    4. Mr. Z says:

      They probably also have a business interruption clause in the insurance policy – EXCEPT – how’s that going to work when there is no business to interrupt? – Could be a nice legal tangle and extra money will sure help.