Video: Broadway Star Brian Stokes Mitchell Sings ‘The Impossible Dream’ From His Broadway Balcony

Tony Award-winning Broadway actor Brian Stokes Mitchell was stricken with the coronavirus, but appears to have recovered — so much so that he’s belting out tunes from his apartment window. This week, he sang ‘The Impossible Dream” from his window as onlookers gawked and took videos. The video below was taken by Kent Dennis and posted to Facebook.

Thanks for the show Brian! Hat-tip to Just Jared.

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    1. Is it true that some of the other apartments in this building are occupied by orchestra players who refused to accompany the singer until they are paid off in bagels and tacos?

    2. Hal Weiner says:

      I miss you all but at least I can go outside without a mask because the nearest human is 1 farm away plowing for the corn planting in rural Amish country.

      We fled the UWS on March 14. I am too old and have too many qualifying medical conditions to survive a bout with Covid-19 and I would not take a ventilator away from a deserving millennial.

    3. writergirl says:

      This is the greatest! And, it’s a few blocks from my apt!

    4. NPK says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your recovery and your incredible talent with us at this dreadful time. Keep singing you amazing man! And Kent Dennis, thank you for capturing and sharing this uplifting moment.

    5. Nancy Wight says:

      Did he forget some of the song? Love him. Where is this? Quite near me I think. I would be happy to accompany him on my balalaika, but I am retired, alas.

    6. Nancy says:

      Where is this?

    7. Susan says:

      Some one from my building must have taken this as my view is identical.. I’ve heard him twice now a s I’m glad he’s feeling better.

    8. Lois Rooks says:

      Missed you at City Center’s Encore production last month. This is a real treat from your window! Best wishes on your recovery…can understand why you would want to sing for joy from your window for all to hear!

    9. Chris Fahey says:

      Is Lenny’s still open? are we talking Columbus?

    10. Dale says:

      I’d know that voice anywhere!!! Thanks Brian. Glad you are feeling better

    11. Nira says:

      So glad you recovered.And thank you for this beautiful Uplifting song..
      How about if at 7:00 PM we all sing The Sun Will Come up Tomorrow With whatever voices we have….

    12. Linda Czech says:

      Happy you are over the virus!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with your New York neighbors and Facebook people like me in Texas! God’s Blessings for you!

    13. Jan says:

      Only in New York folks!

    14. Bubbe x 4 says:

      There really is hope or us all.. Stay

    15. Ernie Sabella says:

      Stokes uplifting a Nation

    16. Peggy says:

      Please explain to me why you used the term gawk (very negative) to describe the fact that the onlookers stopped to enjoy the beautiful music.

      • Delphic West Sider says:

        It’s not necessarily negative. If people stop in their tracks and look up in shock at something unusual in their daily lives, i.e., a man in a window singing with a gorgeous voice to the street, that can certainly be considered gawking. It connotes surprise. In this context it’s used to humorous effect.

    17. JOANNE HARTOUGH says:

      Love him! So glad he recovered! Thank you for the song!

    18. Susan says:

      Your beautiful voice rose above it all. Thank you!

    19. Jean Acosta says:

      Saw you on broadway and man you just get better with the years!!! Thank you!!!

    20. Ron says:

      Schedule another show

    21. SophiaG says:

      This is so amazing and awesome! I like to virtue signal whenever I can because we’re all in this together. Stay safe.

    22. Silver Thorne says:

      Yes!!!!! Amazing. Thank you.

    23. EVELYN ALEXANDER says:


    24. Joan M Greene says:

      Brian Just stay well and safe. Looking forward to seeing you again in person, and hearing your magical voice. 💕❤️💕❤️ JMG

    25. Dear Stokes
      So happy you are well. You are my all time favorite entertainer, and hearing this totally lifted my spirits.

      We share a Halloween birthday , let’s hope you will be back on stage by then.🎂

      Stay well 🎉

    26. Dianne Grace says:

      And the world will be better for us…. for you are here, and you are loved…..
      God has a plan for you… now go… and do it….

    27. Dennis A Ryan says:

      Gorgeous Legit Voice! So So Rare these days!

    28. Janet Fried says:

      Thank you Brian,

      Your gift to the city gave us a moment of joy.

      Cannot wait to hear your magnificent voice in a theatre soon.

    29. Betsy says:

      What a treat….what a voice! Thank you and so glad you’re healthy!! Keep singing- you keep our spirits strong…..

    30. This was music to my ears. Stokes played The Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston and I’ve been a fan since he came on the scene!
      Thanks for the uplift for the day.
      Maureen Patton

    31. Candace Tangeman says:

      The best ever!