City Giving Out Face Coverings; Where to Get One on the UWS

Photo by Anthony Quintano.

The city will be giving out 100,000 free cloth face coverings at various outdoor spots over the next few days. And more city workers will be asked to enforce social distancing and mask rules, the mayor said. It’s mandatory to wear a mask in New York if you’re outside or anywhere where you can’t adequately stay away from other people.

On the Upper West Side, there will be three distribution spots.

Saturday, 10 a.m. until noon: West 66th Street just inside Central Park by Tavern the Green.

Sunday, 10 a.m. until noon: At the top of the ramp at West 100th Street and Central Park West.

Monday, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.: Morningside Park at Morningside Avenue and West 114th Street.

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    1. Paul says:

      Still WAY too many people here not wearing masks.

      To the women jogging four abreast down Park Drive around 12:45 Tuesday, loudly talking to one another without wearing masks? Inconsiderate, in the least.

      To the school teacher walking up WEA on Tuesday around 2, in shorts, loudly talking into a phone you were holding two feet from your mouth while speed walking,
      Thanks for sharing your spray!
      Very professional.

      • Janice says:

        Agree. And also to the people who shop without masks and stand in aisles forever ruminating about whether or not to buy something: WAKE UP! This is not the time to casually shop, especially if you’re not protected. Make a list, zip in and out as quickly as possible and think about other people.

        • Juan says:

          Amen. Get in, get what you need, get out. Don’t spend 10 minutes poking around for the perfect piece of fruit when there might be someone else trying to get access to the same thing or a person waiting outside to get in.

          Also, as a parent, I get the need to get your kids out, but taking them on field trips to the grocery store is a bad idea (unless you absolutely have to, which I understand – single parents, etc). But if you can avoid it, don’t take them to stores – take them for walks, to the park, etc.

        • Riqui Law says:


      • T says:

        A few weeks ago masks were ‘bad’, now they are a must. Sheep

        • AJ says:

          Where was she use of masks widely spread before the Covid-19 outbreak? Asia.

          Where did Covid-19 initially spread quickly? Asia…

          So much on the usefulness of face masks… I am astonished with the number of people who put on a face mask and then gather closely together just hanging out with each other in groups.

          All thanks to the false sense of security that face masks provide!

          • wsidemike says:

            Do you know ANYTHING about how the virus is spread? Your “reasoning” is false. It is spread through microscopic droplets in the air or on the things we touch. Do you know what the spread of CV19 is like now in South Korea? China? Vietnam? What makes you an expert? A few youtube videos? Fox News? Little Donnie? I hope you don’t have to find out how wrong you are.

      • Please_shut_ up says:

        So know it all how do you know it was a teacher? Eavesdropping?

    2. Joyce Weitz says:

      There should be more distribution areas. They are too distant for the elderly to walk to.

      • Kathleen says:

        Thank you, Joyce, as an older person I was just thinking the same thing.

        • Ids says:

          How about at least one location not near CPW – perhaps Broadway in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s? Seems that would be more centrally located?

    3. Covid Jones says:

      It is *not* mandatory to be wearing masks when you are outside. Please stop spreading misinformation.

      I am seeing way too many judgy Karens out there, and this kind of thing is going to lead to conflict.

      There is essentially zero chance that you will contract this virus by walking outside. Stop fretting.

      • Ed says:

        Thank you for pointing out that misconception. You should wear a mask outside if you can not distance yourself six feet from others.

      • lynn says:

        The article states: “It’s mandatory to wear a mask in New York if you’re outside or anywhere where you can’t adequately stay away from other people.”

        There were hundreds of people in Riverside Park on Tuesday. There was a mother with 2 children and a baby in a stroller crossing WEA in front of me. We kept our distance from each other BUT dozens of runners and bikers came spewing out of the park from the opposite direction. They were NOT wearing masks and were within arms reach of us. What is it going to take to make people realize that running and biking does NOT make them invincible?!

      • Tres says:

        That’s not true. I got coronavirus from walking out side ONE time wearing a mask just going down the road to Trader Joe’s. That was the only time I went out in the weeks before I got symptoms.

        • SLJ says:

          Seems 1000x more likely you got it at Trader Joe’s, which is inside, or in your building… either way sorry you got sick.

          Aerosol studies that showed coronavirus to linger in the air were inside studies — outdoors the elements dilute and disperse the virus quickly making it highly unlikely you could catch it unless you are spending time with a sick person for a longer period of time outdoors or pick the virus up off of a surface. Fear and misinformation help no one. We can all do our part in that regard at least.

          It is a good idea to have a mask with you outdoors but unnecessary to wear in most situations.

      • MR says:

        Yes. WSR, please change the language in your article so it is correctly stated.
        It should read, “..if you’re outside where you can’t adequately..” THAT is the requirement.

        Thank you Covid Jones for pointing out, the so-frequently miscopied information!!

      • TravelgalNYC says:

        Your statement is incorrect. The aerosols can remain in the air for up to 3 hours. Also, if you are running or biking behind someone who is not wearing a mask, the aerosols flow in their slipstream for up to 50 feet behind them. So yes, you can infect someone being outside. Please read up and get informed before stating incorrect information.

      • Sue says:

        It’s not about you getting it – it’s about you giving it.

      • RCP says:

        Absolutely correct. Please continue the fight against bad information and false “facts.” Fear and anxiety have overcome intelligence and common sense. Think more critically, people. Stop accepting the word of authority without questioning it.

    4. robert says:

      While it is s good idea to wear one outside they were never made mandatory by the federal, state and/or city government. The city regularly has sent at reminds saying “Attention New Yorkers: all people must wear a face covering in public where social distancing is not possible.”

      The sad thing is what people are paying for useless counterfeit etc products online and in local stores. The majority of them are being sold as “surgical masks” in packs of 3 or 5 in zip lock bags, so there is no way to check them for accuracy.
      All any of these mask do, at best is keep your exhaled breath, germs etc in. After about 1/2 or so depending on humidity and weather conditions they become saturated and useless. Also the fact that there is not a tight seal around the mouth and noise allows breath to escape. If the mask is correctly place it should be fit tightly against the skin with no gaps. The ones we use in our lab fit so tightly that they can leave a line on your face when you take them off, not to mention sweating along that line and break outs.

      As I said, something is better than nothing but the should not be considered to be a cure all and/or replacement from staying as far as you can from someone that is ill
      Here is the Notify NY OEM email, re masks

      From: Notify NYC
      Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 5:04 PM
      Subject: Notify NYC – COVID-19

      Notification issued 04-15-2020 at 5:03 PM.

      Attention New Yorkers: all people must wear a face covering in public where social distancing is not possible.

      • Parker says:

        NYS has mandated the use of masks pursuant to Executive Order 202.17:

        “Effective at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 17, 2020 any individual who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when in a public place and unable to maintain, or when not maintaining, social distance.”

        • robert says:

          You made my point exactly it says
          “unable to maintain, or when not maintaining, social distance.”
          Meaning that it is only mandatory when you can not social distance.
          Not say you should or should not, just what the ex order actually says

          It was actually put in place by the gov as part of the reopen plan so that people get used to seeing them when they go back to work next week. Yes there have been meetings an d agreements done in the past week are so that have been publicly embargoed etc. But the bus shelter ads etc, the PSA’s are already in the can for public distribution shortly. Much of the state will be back shortly. Its the worst kept secret in political circles. Comments like the NYC schools chancellor that schools may not open even in sept absurd.

        • T says:

          They make people feel more secure while doing essentially nothing

      • uwsmom says:

        Governor Cuomo issued executive orders 202.17 and 202.18 requiring all people in New York to wear masks or face coverings in public, including when taking public or private transportation or riding in for-hire vehicles.

    5. Roger Wolfe says:

      Runners have rights and at the same time they have responsibilities. Running past someone closer than six feet is irresponsible and may lead to a life threatening illness. It would be thoughtful and prudent for all to follow city and state protocol.
      I suggest that the N.Y.Roadrunners be made aware that many runners are unconcerned about the health risks to other New Yorkes.

    6. Danielle Remp says:

      I hope that, with the distribution of these face coverings, they will instruct recipients to cover their noses as well as their mouths. Too many just cover their mouth — or worst, wear them below their chin so they can smoke or talk on the phone.

      In grocery stores, I invariably see stock clerks (as well as some customers) wearing masks below their nostrils, and breathing on the foods that they handle.

    7. GigiH says:

      Probably 9 out of 10 people I come across are wearing masks but the ones who don’t are usually strolling right smack down the middle of the sidewalk making no effort to socially distance. The self entitlement has always been strong on the UWS. To my amusement I saw a woman spraying people who walked or ran near her without a mask. Miraculously no one cursed her out.

    8. Kevin says:

      When it is all said and done (who knows when) we will all have fulfilled our unknown mission as “test cases.”

      No one – NO ONE – has the definitive knowledge on this specific virus as to spread and infection capability. So our 6-month trial of masks will let us know just how effective they are.

      This ultimately will be the best “science,” regardless of the expert opinions we are being given now.

      • Rob says:

        I would prefer not to be a guinea pig in the six month trial of face masks. Seems we have plenty of other volunteers who want to wear them, though. That is certainly their right.

        • Morningsideheights says:

          And I would prefer, as an immunosupressed person close to age 65, not to stay in my apartment every day to avoid being in the vicinity of people whose sense of entitlement and self centeredness lead them to believe that it’s all about them, their comfort and their preferences.

    9. nycityny says:

      Masks are only required under state law when you can’t social distance or you are in a car-for-hire or mass transit. So when outside they are basically not legally required because anyone can claim that they are social distancing while walking.

      I am out everyday (wearing a mask) and have never seen a cop tell anyone they have to be wearing a mask. Most of the cops I do see are not wearing masks themselves.

    10. Bruce Bernstein says:

      wearing a mask is not mainly for your protection: it is for the protection of others.

      it is basic “good behavior” If you’re running or biking there is no way you can assure that you will be 6′ from people. And 6′ is a rough estimates. Droplets and particles can travel more than 6′ in a sneeze.

    11. Anya schiffrin says:

      For what it’s worth, I have friends in Hong Kong who’ve stayed healthy and they say the fact that masks are widespread is partly why. From the beginning, they wore them whenever they were outside and anyone handling food, working in a supermarket did too. They sent us masks in February and told us to wear them as they believe it’s contributed to things staying under control there. So many other interesting things: distanced restaurants are open, everyone with symptoms is guaranteed a hospital bed, government gave money to the elderly so they could buy food. Lots to learn from the parts of the world (also Vietnam and Korea) that have had some successes dealing with Covid 19.

    12. Tuck says:

      Waited and waited till 10:45 this morning (05/02/20) at 100th St ramp at CPW and nobody showed to give out face coverings. Starting to feel like Trump’s testing policy.

      • lynn says:

        My brother, who lives out of state, just told me that his local news runs the day (not the date) across the bottom of the screen on a regular basis:

        I hate to be the one…but today, May 2nd is Saturday. ; )

        “Sunday, 10 a.m. until noon: At the top of the ramp at West 100th Street and Central Park West.”

      • Tuck says:

        Ah…I see now. I got the day wrong. SUNDAY is when the city is handing out face covers at 100th & CPW.

        My bad.

    13. Linda says:

      As many in NY are, I am a senior citizen afraid to leave my apt or travel on public transportation. Where can I get masks near 93 St. and Amsterdam Avenue since I have been at home except to go shopping for food, to pick up my mail, do laundry or get any packages or newspaper delivered daily. Of course I am hopeful I do not become sick with covid 19. I have been using the same paper mask each time I leave my apt. I am in need of masks. I am afraid this mask is not healthy any more. I can not wash it. I tried making one unsuccessfully. Again please let me know where I can get these masks that are being given out near 93 street and Amsterdam avenue. I am employed as a teacher and have been working from home. Truly I am afraid to go out but have to as I live alone and have to do everything for myself.

      • HelenD says:

        I can’t remember if it was Cuomo or DeBlasio but one of them said in a news update today that it’s perfectly fine to reuse the paper masks as long as they don’t get wet, at which point they should be replaced. I only have 2 and have just kept one as a backup. If you have a scarf or bandana though that will also serve the purpose.

    14. KT says:

      Thank you so much for this helpful tip. I am a social worker who also is now using this resource with my clients who can’t afford masks. Much appreciated!