A Central Park Wedding Now Feels Like a Miracle

In normal times (ha!), seeing a just-married couple in Central Park can seem lovely but unoriginal. Brides and grooms stroll through these parts day after day, celebrating holy or rushed or uncertain matrimony.

Today, a Central Park wedding is a big deal, physically and symbolically. It’s a reminder that life is precarious and deserves celebration. To get married anywhere except in your living room, you need to go to great lengths — like getting someone to perform the ceremony in a mask.

Stephanie Spear saw this wedding in the park on Wednesday near The Pool, which is on the West side of the park near 102nd Street.

Congratulations, happy couple!

As Johnny Cash sang: “We got married in a fever/hotter than a pepper sprout.”

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    1. Ruth Bonnet says:

      Everyone socially distancing and the officiant wearing a mask – it’s sweet!

    2. Jennifer Markas says:

      Thanks so much! This was my wedding and apparently it went viral after someone posted a picture on Reddit as well.

      We were so grateful to host a small civil ceremony officiated by our dear friend and to have it captured by our other dear friend, Bryan Sargent Photography. We had to postpone our wedding for next year, but decided to get married on April 29th–the same day as Peter’s grandparents’ wedding anniversary. We’re so happy to be husband and wife and hope we brought some joy to our friends and family and passersby during this surreal time.

      • Jesse says:


      • Leda says:

        Love! What a wonderful thing to celebrate right now! I wish you many happy and healthy years together.

      • debbe heller says:

        My kids also had to postpone their destination wedding meant to happen this August. I say yours was a beautiful and meaningful wedding, destination…love. Wishing you a life filled with the real meaning of marriage and love, overcoming obstacles together. Thanks for making my day.

      • Karin socci says:

        Stunning! Long and happy life!❤️

      • tim says:

        such a nice spot, congratulations to the bride and groom!

      • kepster says:

        Congratulations! I wore a blue dress for my Central Park wedding as well, back in 2013. Wishing you and the hubby a lifetime of happiness!

      • Emily says:

        Hi! This is so reassuring as my fiance and I plan to get married mid May in Central Park. We plan to have a few family and our officiant present. Did you receive any negative feedback the day of, even though you were socially distancing, I fear people will still criticize a small gathering. I’m hoping not, as we still plan to go ahead with it! Thanks in advance for your advice!

    3. Larry Ross says:

      We are sheltering out of the city, but walk by the pool every weekend, it is lovely to see the pictures, congratulations to the newly weds.

    4. Westside neighbor says:

      Congratulations! Wonderful!! Wishing you continuing love and joy always!

    5. Dale says:

      One of my favorite spots in the park. Congratulations!!!

    6. CityGirl57 says:

      Never postpone love …this is just lovely, a story and images to lift the spirits. Best of luck to you both for a long happy life together,

    7. SBG says:

      The Pool was my husband’s favorite place in the last couple of years of his life. Being there brought him healing & peace.
      You had a beautiful ceremony. I wish you 50+ years of happiness together, as we had.

    8. JSR says:

      Love this! Wonderful spot to get married, and beautiful pictures! MAZEL TOV!!!

    9. Lorraine says:

      How beautiful and romantic