Videos: West Siders Applaud Ambulance Parade; Some Sit on Window-Ledges To Bang Pans

Upper West Siders sat on window ledges to cheer for EMS workers.

Ambulances from out of state paraded down West End Avenue on Saturday, adding a new element to the daily celebration for essential workers. Kate Koza shot the videos below from around 86th Street. “I spoke to one of the EMS workers and he explained that they were all from out of state and had volunteered to come help out here,” she wrote.

The same thing happened on Sunday, another reader told us.

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    1. SHG says:

      This made me cry. Thank you.

    2. Xav says:

      Symbols for the Symbol minded.

    3. liza persky says:

      How did this get organized?? Would love to join or organize one of my own. I love it!

    4. Jackie says:

      I saw a line of ambulances coming up Broadway on Saturday being escorted by FEMA and according to one of the FEMA drivers that was stopped at a red light, they were transferring patients from the Comfort to one of the hospitals.

    5. J.S.R. says:

      This made me cry also