Photos: The Tulip Festival Was Canceled, But Nobody Told the Tulips

The West Side Community Garden on 89th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus would have had its annual Tulip Festival this weekend. But because of the coronavirus, the garden gates are locked.

Nobody told the tulips of course, and this year they’re as extraordinary as ever — with thousands of blooming flowers filling up the garden. Sue Susman took these photos through the bars of the gates, and the community garden has more photos on its site.

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    1. Lillian Wing says:

      I never knew this existed. Thank you for the beautiful pics. They brighten my day and made me smile.. Thank you.

    2. Gale says:

      I live down the street & love to go there during ” tulip time”- took some photos this past week through the fence. Pains my heart to be unable to go inside. It is a lesson learned that no matter what, Spring will come & go, with us or without us. And come again next year.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        This reminded me of one of my favorite poets, Pablo Neruda.

        Something about flowers and the inevitability of Spring…:)

        I wonder if the English translation is as beautiful.

    3. MIchael says:

      I love the headline. Brought me right in.

    4. Boots Baird says:

      Absolutely Beautiful. I LOVE the Spring FLOWERS.

    5. Blanche says:

      Beautiful! Thank you for these photos!!

    6. Ruth Bernstein says:

      Thank you for sharing these photos. The Tulip Festival is always a special treat. Being able to see the tulip this year is a much appreciated!

    7. Sally Campbell says:

      Glorious! The best view is on the 89th Street side. I remember when it was a rubble strewn lot and was almost lost to urban development.

    8. Susan Tomkin says:

      Spectacular!! Thanks to all the gardeners for this serene spot.

    9. Pat Harbison says:

      I am so happy that no one told the tulips! They are so beautiful!

    10. Michelle Hargreaves says:

      Wonderful colours

    11. Margaret E Morgan says:

      Fabulous!!!! Wish I could see it. I live in SW Florida so we do not have spring bloom like this. I miss it.

    12. Kathleen says:

      Their tulips are always so beautiful. Thanks for the photos WSR, especially for those of us who don’t live near the garden and can’t see them this year!

    13. Leann M Barry says:

      This was going to be the month we finally visited your festival. Very disappointed, they look better than ever on line. So sorry you have to enjoy them alone. Hopefully next year.

    14. Sarah Weiss says:

      gorgeous!!! Good thing no one told the tulips!!

    15. Gerri says:

      My husband Richard took photos for years when we visited the garden😍

    16. Julie Mendlowitz says:

      Extraordinarily beautiful. Nature, when left to her own devices
      has mystifyingly regenerative powers. Perhaps if we learn nothing else from this god awful pandemic, it will be: the less we interrupt these natural processes the better off the earth and our planet will be. Maybe it will also serve to remind us that in the scheme of things, our role as humans is to be stewards over these processes and not their overlords.