A First Look at the Tulip Festival, Before the Rain

It’s raining on the first day of the annual Tulip Festival on 89th Street between Columbus and Amsterdam, but Mildred Alpern got over there earlier this week and took the photos below.

The festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and next.

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    1. One of the places to see every year and now the Teddy Roosevelt Park offering a incredible flower displays started this year at 81st St. and Columbus Avenue entrance with the massive cherry tree blossoms at it’s entrance.

    2. Edith Tyson says:

      Shakespeare Garden! Go now!

    3. Christine says:

      Simply divine. What a treasure we have to all enjoy. So UWS – thank you to the volunteers and amazing people who keep this going. Bravo!

    4. Mark Moore says:

      We were there this weekend. The tulips need another week. Should be better next week.