Open Restaurants, Laundromats and Delivery Services Listed on Senior Resource Site

Bloomingdale Aging in Place is a volunteer-led organization that serves seniors primarily in the Bloomingdale section of the neighborhood (generally considered to be bounded by Riverside Drive and Central Park West and 96th to 110th Streets).

Although they’ve suspended some of their in-person services, the organization has put together a lot of good resources. These include restaurants, laundromats and pharmacies that deliver. Like for instance, Koko Wings at 248 West 106th Street is open if you have a hankering for Korean-style chicken (always!).

It’s been difficult to put together lists like that because the information changes on a frequent basis — stores are forced to shut down or limit service frequently.

You can also donate to Bloomingdale Aging in Place here.

Our readers have crowdsourced a list of laundry services throughout the neighborhood, and a new app can help you find more restaurants that are still open.

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    1. Wijmlet says:

      Any info on shoe repair shops? Thanks.

      • lynn says:

        Just go to and type in shoe repair uws and it will show you a list of what’s open, along with hours and phone numbers. As of right now there is a long list of stores open, with Mel’s being the one tagged as ‘temporarily closed.’

    2. Linda says:

      The Bloomingdale site mentions only pizza for Fumo, but we’ve been ordering pasta,and not pizza,for a month, as well as a bottle of wine. They have a website for orders, or you can call. Just be sure which of the 2 locations you’re calling.

    3. Gail Naruo says:

      BAiP boundaries are W 96 St to W 110 St and between Central Park West and Riverside Drive.

    4. Nice shout out to Bloomingdale Aging in Place. It is important to note that BAiP doesn’t provide “services.” BAiP’s strength is that it is grassroots and neighbor-to-neighbor, peer-to-peer. When someone needs a little help, another person lends a hand, an ear, a gesture. Like a cooperative, everyone has a little equity in the community’s success and is building it together.