Reopenings: Francesco Pizzeria, Starbucks (63rd Street), Chirping Chicken, Telio/Perfecto Pizza, La Sirene

By Carol Tannenhauser

Introducing a wonderful new feature: Reopenings! We’ll post them as soon as we get word of them. Right now, restaurants fill the list, because they are considered “essential.” Here are five neighborhood spots that are once again open for takeout and/or delivery business:

Photograph by SK.

Francesco Pizzeria, at 186 Columbus Avenue (68th – 69th Streets), reopened last Monday for takeout and delivery, Edmundo, the breakfast manager told us. They’re open for breakfast from 7 a.m. till noon, and for pizza and a full menu from 1 p.m. till 8:30 p.m., seven days a week. (212) 721-0066. “We miss our customers and hope they’re well,” Edmundo said.

Starbucks, at 1889 Broadway (63rd Street) is now open for pickup and delivery, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., every day. All beverages are available, hot and cold. Food availability is limited — check app for updates. (212) 245-1362. Other Starbucks are also opening, including the ones on 71st and 75th.

Amsterdam and 77th. Photograph by SK.

Chirping Chicken, at 355 Amsterdam Avenue (77th Street), reopened last Tuesday for takeout and delivery, from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m., seven days a week. (212) 787-6631. “Spread the word!” said Tommy, who works there. He also said the Chirping Chicken at Columbus Avenue and 106th Street is open, though we couldn’t get them on the phone. Check days and hours at (917) 675-6515.

La Sirene sent us the following email: “We would like to notify you, and through you our UWS community, that La Sirene UWS, located at 416 Amsterdam Avenue (80th Street), will be re-opening for take-out on Tuesday, April 28th. In the continuity of this pandemic, we will be open 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday, 9am to 5pm, with a new version of our French flaired menu updated for take-out. As always we will do our very best to serve our community during these challenging times while strictly following health and safety guidelines provided by local and national authorities.

Telio/Perfecto Pizza, at 2481 Broadway (92nd Street), has reopened for takeout, seven days a week, from 11 a.m. till 9 p.m. (212) 580-3700. Jackie Zix sent us the tip. “I am a thrilled customer! I saw they were open and made sure to order from them immediately (as they were one of the first places to close) — and wanted to get the word out so that other people can do the same.”

We felt the same way: we wanted to get the hopeful news out right away that some restaurants are reopening. We heard about others, but those were either rumors or we could not reach them to confirm. If you know of other restaurants that have reopened, tell us in the comments.

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    1. Sarah says:

      These places are presumably reopening because they can’t afford to stay closed (or they got some loan money to reopen)–if you want them to be around after this is all over, better order from them now!

    2. Noemie says:

      Sala Thai (Amsterdam & 74th) is reopening May 4.

    3. Mark Moore says:

      I saw that New Kam Lai on Amsterdam and 94th opened this week too, but no delivery, only takeout. They have a strange little improvised window out onto the street they’re doing business through. They had been closed for a month or so.

    4. B.B. says:

      Walking around this weekend noticed street fruit vendors are back at many spots.

      Starbucks originally shut down locations for thirty days giving employees PTO at full salary IIRC. Obviously they have begun rethinking that decision likely because no one thought Cuomo’s PAUSE order would drag onto middle or even late May.

      In general you are seeing many places that were allowed to remain open but chose to close early in PAUSE act start to reopen.

      Rent and other bills are piling up. Those lucky enough to receive PPP/SBA money indeed must open and rehire employees are per terms of loan agreement.

      There also doesn’t seem to be a sense the cavalry (in terms of rent reductions or forgiveness) will be riding in anytime soon. If you’re paying rent on a commercial space might as well open up and try to make some money. Keeping the place shut means you have nothing coming in but fixed costs continue….

      • Sherman says:

        You are partially correct.

        Yes, rent is a fixed cost. But a restaurant will obviously need to pay staff (and of course pay for food and utilities) if it remains open, even for just takeout and delivery.

        The restaurant might not have enough business without patrons dining in to cover payroll costs. Therefore, it can actually be losing more money by continuing with takeout/delivery.

        Furthermore, people who order in or takeout tend not to purchase beverages and beverages – especially alcohol – are high margin items in restaurants.

        Unfortunately, many restaurants are remaining closed because staying open with limited operations will just lead to more losses.

        That said, we should all try to patronize local restaurants that are open during this difficult time.

      • Lauren says:

        Gennaro is scheduled to reopen Wednesday for pickup and delivery.

    5. NY10024 says:

      Starbucks at 86th and Columbus was open this morning.

    6. Uptown_Girl says:

      Bodrum on Amsterdam and 88th is also back open!

    7. Michael says:

      Buceo 95 on 95th btw Bway/Col remains open for take-out and delivery. This upper west bright spot could also use your attention. I’m just a fan. So happy WSR is supporting the neighborhood.

    8. ben says:

      Walked by SBUX on B’way at 71st this past weekend, someone’s lounge chair was still blocking the door but lights were on? lol

    9. Julia says:

      The Consulate on 85th and Columbus just reopened!

      • notsofast says:

        I went to The Consulate when it first opened, & I was not treated well. I assumed it was because I’m black. Of course, I can’t prove that (one seldom can), but it doesn’t really matter, because there was no excuse for the bad treatment. The people who run it are pretending to a sophistication that they don’t really have. On the contrary, they seemed a bit dodgy to me.

        • Jerry says:

          If it makes you feel any better, I went to the Consulate when it first opened and did not enjoy it either. I thought the quality (and quantity) of the food my wife and I had for brunch was not worth the price, and the service, while not bad, had a vibe to it that made me uneasy.

          • notsofast says:

            Your experience sounds very similar to mine. Maybe it had nothing to do with race. It doesn’t exactly make me feel better — a bad experience is a bad experience. But, whatever the reason, I would never go back.

        • Karen says:

          I’m sorry you were not treated well. I am white and I didn’t get great treatment either. The place seemed to lack a manager who knew how to run a restaurant. We always like to give a place the benefit of the doubt: Perhaps some waiters or cooks didn’t show up and they were understaffed. Whatever, the three of us swore we would never go back.

    10. Rich says:

      Thai Market is opening on Wednesday at 4pm.

    11. Chris says:

      Thai Market is open starting Wednesday April 29 4-8pm

    12. Nancy says:

      Starbucks on Amsterdam and 66th is also open, as of today! Bit by bit, life is coming back.

    13. Annette Vázquez says:

      Also Kouzan at 93/Amsterdam is open for lunch and dinner

    14. Beth G. says:

      Angaar Indian on Columbus and 73rd is open for takeout and delivery

    15. Carolyn Singer says:

      You forgot about Lenny’s on Columbus and 82-83. Opening tomorrow.

    16. Lisa S Berger says:

      Open for takeout and delivery, I presume? Sit down restaurants are still prohibited under NYS Pause, as far as I understand.

    17. Sims says:

      We miss our UWS- we will get there when safer to fly from L.A- in the meanwhile I hope things calm down-warmer weather prevails- And places keep opening up –
      See you soon!

    18. Kyryk says:

      Gennaro (92nd and Amsterdam) reopens this this Wednesday, April 29!!

    19. Sue and MIke says:

      Yay Chirpin!

    20. Arls says:

      Kouzan is open – Amsterdam & 93rd. Yay!

    21. caf says:

      Dos Toros at Broadway between 113th- 114th Streets is open for take out, and can be ordered through Uber Eats, Postmates,Grubhub, Seamless, DT Direct, and Door Dash.
      Starbucks on Broadway between 114-115 is open mornings and early afternoons.
      Arco Cafe on Amsterdam between 103-104, run by the Sardinian brother and sister team Daniele and Francesca, is open for take-out and delivery from 5pm and 9:30pm and offers a 10% discount if you order thru They started with offering just pastas but now have added chicken and their delicious branzino. They also offer bottles of wines, including hard to find Sardinian wines.

    22. WSB says:

      Yay Francescos!!!!

    23. Gail Klein says:

      I got a sandwich from Chirping Chicken this afternoon! Tommy wants people to know that they’re open for business! Please support our beloved Upper West Side restaurants!

    24. Michalis says:

      Hi everyone this is the owner for Chirping Chicken located at 932 Columbus ave. I’m here to say that yes we are open !!!! From me and our staff we appreciate your business and hope everyone is being safe! Call us at (917)675-6515 we are open for delivery and pick up 7 days a week.


    25. Does everyone feel as safe on the UWS as they
      Did pre Covid?

    26. K says:

      SO excited to get Sala Thai back. I know a lot of people will appreciate Chirping Chicken too. Layla just reopened as well. Salumeria Rosi has been open and serving great things for takeout and delivery. Have been doing my best to spread the love around to different restaurants, and also do some cooking. Hope there is enough support to go around.

    27. Jill says:

      Layla on 74th is open! Opened this past Friday.

    28. Mike says:

      Was so happy to see Telio/perfect open. Got the gyro platter (ok fine we got two platters they are that good) on Saturday night. Such a great business with friendly staff.

      Excited to read about Sala Thai in the comments as well!

    29. lilian says:

      Has anyone been able to order good sushi from anywhere? Early on in the closures, we had a less than super fresh roll and that kind of put us off ordering raw fish for the time being. Thanks

      • Maude says:

        We’ve been ordering from Mido. It’s still the same fresh quality sushi. I think they are on takeout apps but we prefer to call them up directly. Enjoy!

        • lilian says:

          thanks Maude… i walked by there the other day and saw people taking out. Always a good sign! We live a little further south so not one of our places but will try now.

    30. Marsha Meyers says:

      Ordered from Gazala’s ( 212-787-1800)located at 447 Amsterdam Ave. on Saturday eve. Food arrived on time, delicious & with such generous portions.

    31. Louisa Cabot says:

      I was so happy to know they had reopened.
      We ordered immediately, NEVER AGAIN!
      The food was AWFUL, overpriced and much of it inedible.
      They have raised their prices, reduced portion size,
      and now charge for an extra cup of tzadiki, pita, and something else I can’t remember.

    32. Kenneth Sherrill says:

      I’m going to order from Sirene today!!!!

    33. I just heard from a local restaurant worker that it is not likely the City Diner on Bway & 90th will ever re-open. Can someone confirm this? I am so sad if it’s true, I go there almost 5 days a week and love a couple of the waiters. 🙁

    34. Lorna says:

      Bettola (80/amsterdam)
      Starbucks (75/broadway)

      stayed open: Piccolo (74/amsterdam) and Playa Betty’s (74/amsterdam)…

    35. Michelle says:

      Cilantro is re-opened!

    36. al chimenti says:

      I think it is important that we try and support the restaurants that are open for us at this time. They are trying to be here for their customers and I doubt they are barely making enough profit to pay their tent

    37. Kate Haggerty says:

      Also Kouzan (sushi/Japanese) at 93rd & Amsterdam reopened for takeout & delivery late last week.

    38. Ellie says:

      I would be very sad if City Diner does not reopen!!
      It has always been out neighborhood go to place for a quick easy meal. It is a neighborhood institution. We know all the staff. This would be devastating!

    39. Steven says:

      Swagat (Indian food) on Amsterdam between 79-80th) reopened as well.

    40. Tom D. says:

      That Starbucks at B’way and 75th has been listed as open in the Starbucks app for part of the day for several weeks.

      The Starbucks at B’way and 114th St has also been open for pick-up for several weeks. But they close at 4:00, and the app stops taking pick-up orders for that location at 3:30.

      The Starbucks app only just started showing the Columbus at 86th St. store as open again within the last day or two.

    41. Phyllis says:

      So glad Francesco Pizza opened on Columbus (68th) we ordered and same great food!!