MTA Using Bleach Liberally as it Combats Coronavirus on Subways

Photo and commentary by @FashionistaNY.

Commuters got a whiff of bleach as they entered the 79th Street 1 train station on Tuesday morning, part of the state’s plan to sanitize the subways and slow the spread of coronavirus.

“The smell was slight but there and sort of reassuring,” a Twitter user named @FashionistaNY

“If it smells like bleach when you get on a bus or when a child goes to school, it is not bad cologne,” Governor Cuomo said on Monday. “It is bleach.”

An MTA spokesperson said the agency is “disinfecting stations, trains, buses and Access-A-Ride vehicles daily across the bus, subway, Metro-North and LIRR with our full fleet being fully sanitized every 72 hours.”

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    1. ben says:

      The MTA really needs to be doing this every single day with or without the pandemic.

    2. MA says:

      There should be a fine mist of bleach emanating from turnstiles and train doors.

    3. Emily says:

      I think they should do this all the time and maybe we would have a more decent transit system! Just a thought

      • Tom says:

        Get realistic

      • JSV says:

        Never in the 20 years I’ve lived in NYC have I ever heard a single person say that the reason the transit system wasn’t good was because they weren’t disinfecting things often enough.

    4. Glorine Dobbins Edwards says:

      Excllent. Will it be buses too?

    5. Weird That Way says:

      Golly, I’ll miss the usual flesh-eating bacteria . . . lol.

    6. charlieandcosmo says:

      Let me put one out there – hand disinfectant dispensers at the turnstiles? How cool would that be. Or maybe just have the guys who sell swipes start selling squirts?

    7. Debbie McCarron says:

      I wish they would clean my station 205 D Bronx

    8. Silvia says:

      But MTA should do it properly! Today in the morning I took a seat on the 6 train and bleach destroyed my coat and my pants!

    9. Cordcutter says:

      Do this
      every day,
      all year round!

    10. Fair says:

      Mta finally have some excellent idea to disinfect the subway stations metro north lirr,buses etc ..they should do each each week not for this virus, as live in nyc I have been commuting yrs by subway ..I take E train get out in west 4th station use an elevator ..each day see dirty floor inside ,smell of pee..sometimes pee in the elevator..mta employees never clean once in blue moon see cl clean floor but smell of urine always there ..hope they will notice this .

    11. Gail Mikell says:

      It’s about time some of the stations smell horrible.

    12. kdiaz says:

      They should do the same thing to the city sidewalks, so we don’t have to constantly be on the lookout for dog crap smears and urine streams.