Pupper West Side: Brinkley Enjoys Long Hikes in ‘The Gunks’

Name: Brinkley.

Age: Almost two!

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog.

Profile/history: Mine is the age-old story. Mom said she wasn’t going to get a dog. Mom sees me, and before you know it, we’re a family.

Daily routine: I like to get up around 7:00 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. to take advantage of off-leash hours in Central Park. I run into all sorts of friends in the mornings — Bailey, Bella, Trudy, and Maya. We love to meet at the mulch pit — that’s what we call the mulch-y area on the northwest side of the Great Lawn. On the weekends, my mom will take me on long walks around the neighborhood or down to Tribeca where my dad works. During warmer months, we’ll head out of the city and go on hikes in “The Gunks”, just a short drive or train ride from the city. Occasionally on the weekends, we’ll participate in Berner meet-ups in the park. You can always spot a Berner meet-up by the happy faces, swooshy tails, and lots of Berner leaning!

Loves: Other pups, especially small doggos.

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Does not love: The summer heat and humidity! Pffffftttt.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: Patagonia of course! Since I’m an avid rock climber, I like to sniff around in there and check out the new gear. I also love stopping by The Orleans, a residential building with a kind doorman who generously hands out treats.

Favorite treat: Beef liver treats from Trader Joe’s and pig ears from the 79th Street Greenmarket.

Favorite park spot: The mulch pit in Central Park, hands down.

What are the best spots for hiking and climbing outside the city? Well, I can’t recommend The Gunks highly enough for anyone looking for a day trip out of the city. The trails are all around New Paltz which is a cute little college town with lots of charm and history. If you wanted to venture a bit further afield, I recommend heading up to Phoenicia, another lovely small town adjoining the Catskill Forest Preserve. My buddies and I like to rent an Airbnb, hike, and soak up small town life. If you head upstate, a word to the wise: the pancakes at Sweet Sue’s in Phoenicia are not to be missed!

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    1. Kevin says:

      What a beautiful pup!

    2. Sarah says:

      This dog has more adventures than I do!

    3. Maisy says:

      Go Brinks!