Beacon Hardware Has New Owners and Name; ‘It Will be the Same Except for Changes for the Better’

Segundo and Orlando More.

By Carol Tannenhauser

Meet the new owners of Beacon Paint & Hardware, brothers Segundo and Orlando More, new to the location, but not to the hardware business nor to the neighborhood.

“Actually, the store is owned by my daughter Daisy,” Segundo, the older brother, corrected. “She is vacationing in Mexico at the moment. I’m advising her.”

WSR visited Segundo on Tuesday when we learned from the landlord, The Brusco Group, that the More family has taken over the 120-year-old store. It will be renamed Cenctuary Hardware.

“Will it be the same?” a customer of 30 years asked, anxiously, coming in through the screen door. “I’m happy as long as it doesn’t change.”

“It will be the same,” Segundo assured him, “except for changes for the better.”

“We were superintendents on the Upper West Side for almost 35 years,” he explained. He arrived in America from Peru in 1986. “We’re going to offer repair services to people if they want to fix a lamp or something in the house, change a lock. We’ll also cut glass and wood, sell kitchen cabinets, sheet rock, plywood, cement, and custom paints. We’ll work for supers, too. I know a lot of them and building managers. If something breaks they need parts right away.”

About the same as Beacon, with some new services.

Beacon isn’t the only hardware store a More daughter owns. Daughter Ava owns 73rd Street Hardware, between Columbus and CPW, which the family bought last June. They also own 105 Columbus Hardware, on 105th Street.

Segundo is grateful for the family’s good fortune, although his current landlord attributes it to “hard work.” He is a deeply religious man, preaching every Friday night at the Mission Bethel on 82nd Street and Columbus Avenue.

“When I was a superintendent I used to buy from Beacon,” he said. “I never dreamed one day I would own it.”

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    1. Bob Lamm says:

      Wishing all the best to the More family. Since I live a block away, I will surely be one of their customers, as I’ve been at Beacon for decades.

    2. ST says:

      Good luck to them.

    3. Evan Bando says:

      Segundo, Orlando, the very best of luck and success to you and your daughters.

    4. Eric says:

      “Will it be the same?” a customer of 30 years asked, anxiously, coming in through the screen door. “I’m happy as long as it doesn’t change.”

      The UWS in a nutshell.

      • Kevin says:

        Sixth Avenue. Pan Am building. Beacon Hardware.

      • Mj says:

        I hope the customer service does change. And I also hope they become a better hardware store. I’m all about supporting small businesses but when you can’t stock up on the most basic things, then please DO CHANGE and upgrade. Plus, the other guys were bitter as they ran the store

    5. SandyUWS says:

      Welcome Cenctuary Hardware! I look forward to being your customer!

    6. Peter says:

      Sounds like wonderful news for the neighborhood!

    7. charlieandcosmo says:

      Are they going to have a dog in the store?

    8. AC says:

      Back in 1971, the Stark family purchased the business and ran it successfully for nearly 50 years – all while gaining the love, admiration, and respect of this community.

      Wishing the More family the same fate , , , suerte para los próximos 50 años!

    9. BMAC says:

      Segundo More was the super for my former apartment on 84th Street for 8 years and was always kind and reliable. A true neighborhood guy! What great news to see a local business staying locally owned. Best of luck to the Mores.

    10. Laura Willoughby says:

      I look to support the new owners!