E’s Bar Closes Uptown Location

E’s Bar expanded a year ago to Morningside Heights, opening a bar on Broadway between 112th and 113th. But that location closed suddenly last week, with a note on the door asking people to visit them at their original location on Amsterdam between 84th and 85th.

The Morningside Heights location had some sweet happy hour deals, like $5 burgers.

Management did not respond to requests for comment. Thanks to Pietro and Nicole for the tips.

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    1. Kitty says:

      It didn’t let any kids in, even teens. That’s a downfall in this area.

      • RB says:

        Hope the original location stays open…that along with Jacob’s Pickles are good places to go in UWS.

        Kitty, who wants kids at a bar?!?! Or even teens? It’s a BAR where adults go to drink and mingle! That’s the problem with UWS…in order to survive you have to cater to the stroller crowd or senior citizens.

        • Erica says:

          I’m with you. The trend having kids and dogs everywhere on the UWS is over the top.

        • Wijmlet says:

          Many senior citizens like the same things other adults do: foods, film, books, theater…

        • Oracle says:

          Here is a surprising fact: You may eventually
          GROW UP and Have children, and EVEN become an old person! Imagine that !

        • City Kitty says:

          No one wants them, but it’s the reality of the UUWS. Even their 84th St. location lets them in before 8pm, which is feasible. But they’re closing, so I guess it didn’t work for them.

      • MQue says:

        It’s a Bar! Why would you want kids hanging in a bar

    2. Words' Worth says:

      “E’s Bar” ?!?
      Well…(Jack Benny pause)…isn’t that sort of an un-imaginative name, ‘specially for the UWS.

      Why not: “E’s-Inn”
      or “E’s-on-Inn”
      or even “E’s-E-Peasy” or ……..

      And for prospective bar-owners, how about:

      “Bar-None”…”Ray’s D. Bar”…Don’t Pass This Bar…..

    3. George says:

      There’s a lot of competition for bars near Columbia University. And e’s really doesn’t have the sort of specials or robust menu to stand out on 112th. That locations also didn’t fully capture the great atmosphere of e’s 85th Street location — which I think itself also benefits a lot from being on the same block as Jacob’s Pickles.

      • GE says:

        Agreed, I’ve always thought that while E’s is a fine establishment, I think it has really benefited from being a waiting room for Jacob’s Pickles.

    4. D Dalton says:

      E’s Bar stood for EMPTY BAR… that’s why it closed. Never saw anyone in there, so something was wrong: price, product, service or atmosphere.