Kiosk on 83rd Street Now Showcasing Paintings of the Lost Synagogues of Europe

A poignant public art project is being showcased in a unique spot — an outdoor kiosk on 83rd Street near Broadway. Andrea Strongwater’s colorful paintings of synagogues that were destroyed before and during World War II are posted around the cylindrical structure.

Strongwater at the kiosk.

Strongwater researched the lost synagogues and used photographs and archival records to piece together their stories. She has collected her paintings in a book called Where We Once Gathered, Lost Synagogues of Europe, but is also using public exhibitions to spread the word about the project. The video below shows some of the paintings. They will be up until the end of March.

There’s an opening meet and greet on Sunday January 5 from 3 to 4 p.m. Cider and doughnuts will be served.

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    1. Gerald Lynas says:

      Thank you West Side rag for featuring this story.Andrea”s work is beautiful. And what better time to show it than at the beginning of a brand new year?

      • Steffie Wilson says:

        Thank you Gerry for saving most likely the last kiosk left in the city and for giving artists a chance to show their work to passers by.

    2. Peggy Salwen says:

      Very interesting. Thank you.

    3. Marcia Rosenstein says:

      What an exciting way to get your wonderful work out in the public. Mazel Tov! I will get it on our Facebook page.

    4. sandra beauchamp says:


      Powerful and moving message for the New Year
      A gift of art, reflexion and action in a suffering world

      To continue raising awareness concerning the tragedies/horrors engendered by discrimination and hate, please look at the”dangerous speech project”site “created to fight against any form of expression (speech, text, or images) that can increase the risk that its audience will condone or participate in violence against members of another group.”

      Thank you.
      Sandra Beauchamp

    5. Martha Hess says:

      The power of art – to remember and to remind.

    6. Stephen Sunderland says:

      What a wonderful labor of love. Thank you so much for celebrating our combined heritages. Well done. And thank you!

    7. Gretchen says:

      That’s an amazing piece of work and a beautiful tribute to loss of vibrant communities and some of the most magnificent architectural treasures that truly belong in a museum exhibit. Thank you for posting.

    8. Exactly where on 83rd street is this? I can’t tell from the photographs.

    9. Michael R. says:

      Lynas continues doing good work for the upper west side. Keep us creative, Lynas and never let us forget that art has a place.

    10. Jodi says:

      Is the meet and greet at the kiosk?