Openings & Closings: Mighty Catch, Buchetta, The Learning Experience

Mighty Catch opened on Sunday night at 940 Columbus Avenue on the corner of 106th Street, which was once the home of Chirping Chicken. The Cajun-style seafood restaurant has several other locations in the city and surrounding area. A manager said the menu will be similar to the other locations. You can see the menu here. Thanks to Matthew for the photo.

Buchetta Brick Oven Pizza at 201 West 103rd Street has closed, with paper on the windows and a non-working phone. The pizza restaurant, which got relatively good reviews, was once called Buca.

A new school called The Learning Experience is opening at 814 Amsterdam Avenue off of 100th Street. They have locations around the country and offer early childhood education classes and afterschool. Thanks to @Above_96th for the photo.

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    1. Rita Citrin says:

      Also, hard to believe that Tasti d Lite on amsterdam/W85th St) shut it’s doors abruptly a couple of weeks ago – due to landlord greed. All very sad. Now no frozen yogurts places in the West 80s.

    2. mkmuws says:

      Could have sworn Buchetta was already operating under yet another name for a bit, but can’t think of what.

      • Dave O. says:

        The new place is ‘Bosino’. They already have a ‘stop work order’ for ‘work without a permit’ and ‘work not up to code’ posted..

    3. mkmuws says:

      Yes Buchetta had already been gone for a while, operating as Bosino. Don’t know if there’s any affiliation. Anyway could be that Bosino has now closed as well, but their online presence seems to indicate otherwise, and their phone rings, just no answer.

      • Laura says:

        Work was going on in Bosnia aka Buchetta on Friday. Spoke to the workers inside. They said reopening this month. 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • NYYgirl says:

          When we tried to call Buca/Buchetta several wks ago, the old 212# was no longer in service, so we walked by there & they were open. A man I’ve never seen thereinformed us that they were now ‘Bosino’. They were very apologetic and gave me a (totally different) phone # as well as a new paper menu with Bosino printed up at the top to take home … somewhat different, somewhat the same as the ex-Buca/Buchetta offerings. Prices were comparable as well. I feel semi-hopeful. The no-frills cash only experience was mitigated by the east of B’way prices & the friendly waitress. We hope that they will be back. Perhaps the restaurant that I heard used to be owned by the same person a little further south on Amsterdam knows more about what’s going on. Fingers crossed.

    4. Mark Moore says:

      The prices at Mighty Catch almost seem…..reasonable.

      • George says:

        I’m eager for the exact same reason — a range of their sandwich and seafood basket options are $15 or less. Beer for $5 to $7. Wine for $8 to $10. And cocktails around $10 to $12.

    5. @davidaron60 says:

      Oh, too bad about Buchetta. Their meatball appetizer was divine!

    6. Bill says:

      Taste d lite has been closed for weeks and I can’t understand why this site isn’t reporting it. We emailed them about it like 10 days ago.

    7. Gumbo Girl says:

      Wow, the Mighty Catch menu looks mighty good. Love the Po’ Boys! I’m definitely gonna give that a try! Thanks WSR!