Pupper West Side: Three Chihuahuas, Two Coffee Orders, One Big Family


Name, Age, and Breed: [Mochi] I’m Mochi and I’m a three-year old Chihuahua Pug mix. This is Maki, a four-year old long-haired Chihuahua, and this interesting critter is Andy. We actually don’t know how old he is because he didn’t have any papers when we rescued him.

[Andy] I’m as young as I feel!


Profile/history: [Maki] We’ve all been lucky to be adopted by our two wonderful Moms!

[Mochi] That’s true, and I was adopted first so I’ll tell the story. Despite one of them being in the midst of working on her dissertation, our Moms got the hankering to own a pup and I was adopted from a Pupstarz adoption event when I was 8 weeks old. About six months later, I let them know that I could really use a companion. Around that time, our Moms found out that Maki was available from a breeder upstate because it turned out he had a physical defect and the breeder had no use for him. So we adopted him and he became part of our little clan. Then, a few months later we met Andy. Originally, we were just fostering Andy on behalf of Waggy Tail Rescue but he quickly became part of the family, despite the fact that we think he looks more like Bartok the Bat than a pup. Amiright?! When all was said and done, it was three dogs adopted in 13 months.


Daily routine: [Maki] We like to sleep in and on weekdays we’ll get about an hour of cuddles and belly rubs as part of the morning routine. One of our Moms heads off to work and we spend the rest of the day with our other Mom, attempting to behave ourselves while she writes and works from home. Then in the afternoon, we’ll spend an hour or two milling around the Upper West Side, popping into stores, walking in the park, and paying a visit to the dog run. Around 5:00pm it’s time for dinner and our dental bones! Oral hygiene is a serious matter in this family. Those two tend to scarf down their bones immediately, but I like to hold on to mine for about an hour and parade around with it, just to make them jealous.

Loves: [Mochi] Running the Central Park loop with Mom. [Maki] My Andy’s Famous Dumpling toy from Bark Box! [Andy] Grooming people and other dogs, whether they’ve asked for it or not.

Does not love: [Andy] Loud noises. [Mochi] Being disturbed from my slumber in the morning. [Maki] Other people or dogs getting attention. Hmmph.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: [Mochi] L’Occitane on W. 76th and Broadway because they’re always welcoming and they give out treats. We also like popping in to Patagonia on Columbus Avenue to stock up on supplies ahead of our family road trips upstate.

Favorite treat: [All] Zuke’s!

Favorite park spot: [Maki] I’d say the 72nd Street dog run in Riverside Park. [Mochi] My vote is for the rocks by the turtle pond in Central Park. [Andy] Anywhere quiet.

Lightning Round – Best of the Upper West Side

Best Coffee: [Mochi] Blegh, I don’t drink it. [Maki] Irving Farm cold brew. [Andy] Joe’s Coffee and my order is a nonfat, whipped, extra hot, soy, triple shot, carmel macchiato.

Best Pizza: [Mochi] The Cherrystone Clam pie at Motorino. [Maki] A classic cheese slice at Famous Original Ray’s Pizza. [Andy] Ditto!

Best dessert: [Andy] Emack and Bolios vanilla ice cream – in a cup! [Maki] The carrot cake at Peacefood Cafe. [Mochi] A warm glazed donut from Dunkin’!

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    1. happy dog mom says:

      Thank you so much, A, for this UNCANNILY accurate rendering of our dogs! you are a true canine ghostwriter, not to mention a deft photographer!

      • kaylord says:

        LOVED this! I’ve met these three angel-rascals with one mom in Riverside. They’re all as adorable as they seem.

    2. Cinzia says:

      Adorable pups!
      And I agree with Mochi about the Cherrystone Clam pizza.

    3. Human says:

      These pupper stories are great for creating where not to shop/eat lists on the UWS.

      • uwsgrl says:

        Because a store hands out dog treats you’ll avoid it? What a grinch! Also, you do realize pets don’t eat inside restaurants and this is written tongue in cheek? Or maybe the dog really is drinking a nonfat, whipped, extra hot, soy, triple shot, carmel macchiato (insert eyeroll here)

    4. Mirabelle's Mom says:

      These guys are the cutest and they are so lucky to have such awesome moms!

    5. Dee Boyle says:

      Love this sharing! The best Moms with the cutest Pups! And great snacking tips.

    6. Teddy says:

      Two big paws up for the Moms for rescuing three pups in a little over a year!! No, make that twelve:-).

    7. dc says:

      they are so cute!