Buybuy Baby Will Open on Broadway At Base of Hotel

The retail space when it was under construction in 2017.

Buybuy Baby, the baby and children’s store owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, will open on the ground floor of the Hotel Belleclaire at 2175 Broadway near 77th Street, according to Crain’s.

The hotel underwent a major renovation, which displaced multiple businesses that had been located at street level, including Big Nick’s Burger and Pizza Joint, the classic restaurant that closed in 2013, and the news store and bra shops next to it. “Buybuy Baby will have 6,645 square feet on the ground floor and about 3,000 square feet of basement space,” Crain’s reported.

“It’s a one of the more successful divisions of Bed Bath & Beyond and they felt it would be a good thing to have a presence on the Upper West Side, which has a strong stroller population,” said Gary Trock, a leasing broker at CBRE told Crain’s.

Buybuy Baby and its parent brand are known for their generous coupons, among other things.

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    1. Wijmlet says:

      There goes the nabe, again

    2. GSNYC says:

      BuyBuy neighborhood

    3. Deri Reed says:

      Not to mention displacing Westside Market. Ugh.

    4. Carlos says:

      I know many will complain but this is a good addition to the neighborhood. I’m just not clear on why this specific space – it does not seem appropriate for this type of store.

      I’m sorry that Big Nick’s was sacrificed for this but I’m glad there will be something there and that it will be a store that will benefit many neighborhood residents. My children are older now but I used to frequently schlep downtown to their Chelsea location.

    5. Jean Luke says:

      BB Baby will be an eyesore on Bway. Its a shame they did a nice renovation of the Hotel and then put in a tenant in who usually installs cheap fixtures and bad lighting for their retail stores. Also it turns Bway into a Mall atmosphere with that store.

      • West88 says:

        An eyesore?????? Seriously. People complain when there are empty store fronts. Or a bank. Now complaints about an affordable baby store that doesn’t change $50 for a couture onesie.

        Face it Jean Luke, you just like to complain. But so it goes.

        • Jean Luke says:

          No I don’t like to complain. I was actually in favor of all the new buildings going up that everyone is complaining about. I think they look great and are good for the neighborhood. And I never complained about the empty storefronts either. It’s just having the wrong tenants in retail can actually have an effect on the desirability and streetscape of a neighborhood.

          Retail Mall type tenants can have a harmful effect on many neighborhoods as it ruins what makes the area special in the first place. Sounds like you would enjoy living in Paramus NJ which is filled with Malls.

      • B.B. says:

        There’s no pleasing some people. They complain about vacant retail storefronts, then turn around and moan when something opens.

    6. jezbel says:

      I just miss the West Side Market so much. That was something that was needed above 75th Street and so convenient. And the prices were better than Fairway.
      I can’t see BuyBuy Baby lasting for more than a couple years.

    7. J says:

      This will be convenient for many – but there are significant overall negatives for the neighborhood:

      No surprise sadly but this continues the expansion of big chain/mall stores, and especially beyond “big commercial” areas like 72, 79 etc and like a tsunami, destroys smaller stores. Chains pay higher rents which will impact on other commercial.

      Likely to wipe out Albee’s baby store on Amsterdam.

      If delivery trucks will be unloading on Broadway, will contribute to traffic congestion, including slowing M104 bus. (The hotel moved its entrance from the side street to Broadway which has impacted Broadway traffic)

      In its refusal to continue West Side Market’s lease, the hotel was clear in its intentions.

      Worth noting that there are a number of malls (big one in Columbus Ohio) designed as fake city streets.

      Manhattan continues in its transformation into a mall and playground for suburban transplants, the super-wealthy and tourists..

      • Glass-Half-Full says:

        Re: “…a mall and playground for suburban transplants, the super-wealthy and tourists.”

        And they WILL shop-and-dine here, supporting the local economy (restaurants, small stores, etc.) thus keeping these marginal businesses in business.

        And how’s that bad?

      • dc says:

        As a “suburban transplant” myself, I resemble that remark.

    8. UwsPissed says:

      Just awful. You want restaurants and food near a hotel, not diapers. Ugh

      • Zanarkand says:

        I doubt the UWS including this area where the hotel is located is short on restaurants… What the UWS is short on is a store for new parents and soon to be parents to buy baby items. There is only Albee Baby and that store is somewhat disorganized having grown out of the space it’s in.

    9. Artgal says:

      I rather have westside market back.

    10. Kristi says:

      UGH. As a resident of 77th St, this makes me so sad! Broadway cannot catch a break. Was so hoping something would go here that the neighborhood actually WANTS and needs. This belongs up on the suburban mall at 100th and Columbus. At least keep all the trash stores consolidated!

    11. MeInWhySee says:

      Is this the “ideal” new tenant? Maybe not but what would be? Albee is up in the 90s, which is not always convenient for a quick jaunt to grab a swaddle blanket or pacifier or whatever baby thing a parent may need if you live in Lincoln Square and are pushing a stroller. With the closures of Planet Kids @ Amsterdam/60s and Giggle @ Amsterdam/70s, there’s not been a non-hyper-specific baby store offering a good range of items for south UWS parents in years. High-end infant couture shops have their place, but when you’re looking for a new sippy cup or some magical contraption that holds some small promise of helping your baby sleep, you need a BBB-type store. And anyway, at least it’s not a drugstore or bank.

    12. David Morris says:

      Three independent stores replaced by a mall store. Another sign of the demise of the UWS.

    13. jeb123 says:

      You people realize that big box retailers are the only ones who can afford the rent in nyc right???

    14. wombatNYC says:

      BBB should have taken over the old EMS store space. That location seems more approriate.

    15. Stacey says:

      All some people do is complain because they are never satisfied. This is welcome news as it adds new jobs to the economy and is a big convenience for families. I will still continue to support Albee Baby on 93rd/Ansterdam but this is great news.

    16. Miranda Smith says: