Photos: A Sunset to Remember

Thursday night’s sunset was a stunner, and Upper West Siders caught it from several angles.

Photo by Jon Del Bene.

Photo by Jeff French Segall.

Photo by Bindu Kurra.

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    1. nycityny says:

      This is funny. I was so impressed with Thursday’s sunset that I quickly took a photo of it from my apartment (facing the Hudson and NJ) and emailed it to my brother in California. I guess I wasn’t alone in being impressed.

    2. Wendy says:

      gorgeous! Thanks to all for sharing.

    3. Sam says:

      Thanks so much for the pictures. I only caught a little corner of the sky through the trees as I was coming home. I’m glad I got to see thee whole thing even if only second hand.

    4. Susan Kagan says:

      Omigod! Spectacular!!!

    5. Judith DuBrul says:

      Amazing color and good choices of locations. Thank you.