Openings & Closings: Mighty Catch, Color Me Mine, New French Restaurant

Mighty Catch, a Cajun seafood chain, is moving into the former Chirping Chicken space at 940 Columbus Avenue at 106th Street. Mighty Catch serves baskets of fried seafood dishes and a variety of boiled seafood that can be slathered in several sauces. See the full menu here. Thanks to Kris for the tip.

Color Me Mine, a pottery painting studio, is getting set to open at 177 Amsterdam Avenue at 68th Street. Color Me Mine offers workshops and space for parties, as well as more informal events. Thanks to Henry for the tip.

A new French-American restaurant is opening on the Northeast corner of Columbus Ave and 85th Street, formerly the home of Machiavelli. Tipster Howard wrote “I poked my head in and inquired when it’s opening. The response, with a smile, ‘As soon as we get the liquor license.'”

And Ed tells us the TD Bank at 86th and Columbus will be closing to make way for…another bank, according to an employee there.

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    1. Catherine says:

      Nothing has been successful for the long term in that space on NE corner of 85/Columbus

      • George says:

        That stretch of Columbus has seen growing dining traffic and more exciting restaurant options in recent years, so with the right mix of atmosphere and menu, I think Le Consulate can make it work at the NE corner of 85th and Columbus. Whether it overlaps too much with Le Petit Rooster (at 84th) is another question.

        It could do very well operating in the mold of Cotta: a spot that genuinely works whether you’re going for brunch, lunch, happy hour or dinner; is approachable to a wide range of ages and a variety of occasions; and is relatively affordable. I don’t think a corner space like this will survive just on prime dinner service. They need to be well rounded.

    2. Mark B says:

      Anyone know what’s going on with New Amsterdam Burger Bar on Columbus & 93rd? They’ve had several “soft openings” all summer… never fully opened, missing the entire summer outdoor table $… and the “menu” posted to the sign out front looks like a first grader photocopied something and stuck it on with scotch tape (shockingly sloppy). What’s going on with this place? Not impressed so far…

      • Aaron says:

        Tried to eat there the other night. Had a hard time getting the bartender’s attention. When I tried to order the fried chicken sandwich on the menu, the bartender was totally thrown. Had no idea what I was talking about. I had to show him the menu. Once he understood that they served a chicken sandwich, he inexplicably asked “Do you want curry on that?” I though for sure I misheard him. “Curry?” “Yeah, you want curry on it?” I decided to go somewhere where the staff and I could get some idea of the food being served.

      • Jay says:

        I think they are trying to avoid their inspection by not officially opening. They have had “soft openings” every night (except fri and sat) for more than a month.

      • Burger Not See says:

        Do they still have the same charming maître d’ from before?

    3. John says:

      I can not understand why TD bank is closing this location. Now I will have to walk to 89th and Broadway to do my banking, so much for “Americas most convenient bank”.

      • Martin says:

        Oh, no. You’ll have to walk another 3 blocks to go to the bank!

      • George says:

        It’s not just TD. Most of the major bank are trimming their presence across the city, and I think it’s a welcome change.

        There are also locations that seem to work particularly well for banks on the Upper West Side: on Broadway near 72nd Street. And on Broadway near 88th Street. Some have additional locations on Columbus and a handful have an extra Broadway location that cuts the difference. But there’s clearly something about the foot traffic and rent that works out well in those spots, and as they trim down they’re going to stick with what works best.

      • B.B. says:

        Capital One, Bank of America, JP Morgan-Chase along with others are closing branches in NYC, so TD bank has plenty of company. If they aren’t closing branches banks are replacing them with something smaller or just over glorified ATM locations.

        Reasons are pretty straight forward. Teller transactions are expensive (labor), and much banking can be done (and is moving) online. As with other retail once again technology is reshaping the landscape making physical stores redundant.

        Most banks despite having many teller windows often barely have three or two at any given time. Customer service reps are same; lots of desks but not each one is staffed.

      • B.B. says:

        Was this branch in question a former Commerce bank location that became TD when they purchased?

        If so could explain why TD is closing said branch. Lease that was originally negotiated with Commerce bank doesn’t suit TD’s current plans, so they are giving up the space rather than renew.

    4. Lord Of The Slice says:

      mmmmmm Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) screams “NEW ORLEANS” like a $14 Po’ Boy Sandwich!