Openings & Closings: Machiavelli, Brodo, Spacious at Crave, Hotel Flower Market, Former RCI

Photo by Sophie Hinds.

A beautiful Italian restaurant closes, as a bone broth store is getting ready to open.

Machiavelli at 85th Street and Columbus has closed, this time for good. The Italian restaurant, which held annual Carnevale festivals and hosted opera singers, had previously announced it was closing last year but was able to work out a deal with the landlord. But eventually, the owner couldn’t make it work. “The rent will always be too high for such a long cold quiet winter… and a spring never comes,” wrote owner Nathalie Delofataine in an email to West Side Rag. “We are so dependent on good weather this was dreadful. I have supported the place myself for months and I just can’t anymore unfortunately…. it breaks my heart but I must close.” The restaurant held an auction a few days ago. We are awaiting word from the owner on what’s happening to the gorgeous murals inside. From photos, it appears that the walls are now bare. Thanks to Kate, Colman O’Reilly, Jill, Marina, Jeff, David and Sandy, and more for the tips.

Brodo, a store that sells bone broth, has rented a space at 2144 Broadway near 75th Street. It’s looking to open within a month or two, said Keith Valenti, operations director for Brodo. “Beyond even the intrigue…the health benefits alone…this is gonna be one of our most interesting stores, with a new kind of design and setup…we’re bringing all our broth to the Upper West Side.” Brodo has three shops downtown. “Our diverse menu includes four styles of broth and a variety of flavorful add-ins, as well as chef-designed combos. Each comes in a paper cup with a lid and protective sleeve for easy on-the-go sipping,” the website says. Thanks to Elizabeth for the tip.

Crave Fish Bar at 81st and Amsterdam has become the second restaurant to open a co-working space during the day. Spacious @ Crave is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Milling Room is also working with Spacious to host co-workers during the day.

NYLO Hotel on 77th and Broadway is hosting a flower market in the lobby every weekend through the end of June.

A physical therapy business is opening in the basement space on the corner of 98th and Broadway, the former home of electronics and appliance store RCI, workers there told Naomi. RCI was open for 80 years before closing in 2014. The main floor still hasn’t been rented, Naomi tells us.

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    1. John says:

      Bone Broth???

    2. Ethan says:

      Machiavelli had a nice room and good food, but it didn’t help them that they had a constant raucous piano playing throughout their opening hours. I am all for live music in restaurants when it’s tasteful and not intrusive, but this was bordering on assault, and kept me and my friends away.

      • RB says:

        My friends & I loved Machiavelli. The music was a nice touch of class that offered something unique in the neighborhood. Food was delicious! Staff always friendly. Stunning decor. I usually went with friends ages 27-40 & family ages 50-65, everyone always enjoyed it. Its funny seeing someone describe classical piano as raucous & not tasteful lol, even if you’re not a fan of that style, its clearly more “tasteful” than half the raunchy, popular crap restaurants pump over loud speaker. Its sad to see truly unique places go. Machiavelli will be missed! Thank you to the owner for keeping it open for the neighborhood as long as you could! My sympathies that you had to make this hard decision to close!

        • ScooterStan says:

          Re: “Machiavelli will be missed! ”

          Certainly! He was a PRINCE of a guy !

    3. Laura says:

      Bone broth and physical therapy.
      Wow, exciting, can’t wait.

    4. so— what’s with the theater closed at 100 and Bway—

    5. CC says:

      Sad about Machiavelli. Was horrified to walk by Thursday night and see 3-4 guys aggressively pealing the art off the walls. One guy was using a dinner knife.

    6. B.B. says:

      It should be made clear, as it was in the OP back in 2014 RCI did not “close” per se. Rather relocated their store to Queens.

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        I don’t think RCI has a physical store any more.

        And it was very clear, if you knew the situation, that RCI was driven out by a ridiculous rent increase. they did not voluntarily relocate.

        So the store has now stood empty for 4 years… and now they’ve only rented the basement… probably at a fraction of what RCI was paying.

        What’s the deal here? How is this rational economic behavior on the part of the landlord?

        • Sherman says:

          Hi Bruce

          I guess competition from Amazon and big box stores that have entered the neighborhood had absolutely nothing to do with RCI’s demise.

          Last time I checked this space belonged to the landlord. If the landlord wants to keep it empty then that’s his choice. It might be a bad business decision but ultimately it’s the landlord’s decision.

          Since your such a real estate expert – and we all know this because you obsessively post that rent control is great for the city – you should invest in commercial property and lease your space to the tenant willing to pay you the least in rent.


    7. Barbara Landfair says:

      I am so sad Machiavelli has closed. We went last night for our romantic little dinner, hoping to hear some beautiful piano music & upon arrival saw it was completely empty. I nearly cried. So sad to see you go.

    8. Izzy says:

      Brodo is so good and an interesting addition! And for those of you complaining about a “bone broth” place, be grateful it’s not a bank or just another empty storefront!!!

    9. ron shapley says:

      Bone broth……the biggest scam foisted on the consumer since One Hour Martinizing…