AIDS Walk Map Shows Which Streets are Closed Sunday

The 24th precinct has released the map below to show people what streets in the neighborhood will be closed for Sunday’s AIDS Walk. Cheer on the walkers if you’re out!


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    1. Scott says:

      I’d love to know why the police see fit to shut side streets and remove trash cans in the park for this event. It’s a huge annoyance and I’ve never heard an adequate explanation provided to the public.

      • HtotheD says:

        Really Scott? This is the kind of stuff that gets you up in arms? Obviously the route was well thought out to avoid the more busy 72nd St. They remove the trash cans and lock the mailboxes to eliminate hiding spots for explosive devices. They’re trying to keep people safe. Just relax and spend your time complaining about something worthwhile, like climate change.

        • Scott says:

          Explosive devices?

          You may want to expand on that comment a little bit.

          What evidence is there that anyone would want to plant explosives? Do you have any? Of course, you’re a climate truther; nuf said there.

          This is the only event I can think of in RSP where the trash cans are removed. And yes it’s a huge annoyance if you need to clean up after your dog. I hope you step in some dog crap that was left there because the owner couldn’t find a receptacle.

          • duh says:

            After the Boston marathon bombing it has become pretty standard to do that. I am sure you can deal with the inconvenience for a day.

      • WhatsUpDuck says:

        Well, either way, this keeps the topic of AIDS alive in your mind. And that’s the purpose of the walk — to raise awareness so that AIDS one day becomes history. Sorry your trash can was moved because of this goal. That sounds really tough. And in comparison to the struggles of those endured by those with HIV/AIDS, I see how shutting side streets for 7 hours, one day a year, is much more important. Props, pops. Not.

      • robert says:

        Its the world we live in
        Trash cans are removed so people can’t put bombs in them-think Boston marathon
        NYPD cars are now parked on each street blocking them at this type of event and at things like street fairs to eliminate someone driving a car into a crowd-think NYC last oct 31

    2. Ben says:

      Really..guess you are not walking for anyone who died of AIDS..
      You have rich people problems …

    3. JR says:

      How long does it go on?

    4. Independent says:

      Shutting side streets and removing trash cans are, I’m afraid, the least of the worries here. Alas, I am clearly not at liberty to elaborate. Sanity will prevail one day, though. It is only a question of when.