Morning Bulletin: Mariachi Band Serenades Infamous Lawyer, New Park Leader, Gun or Movie Prop?

Photo of the AIDS Walk on Riverside Drive between 83rd and 84th by Lee Smalley.

May 21, 2018 Weather: Partly cloudy, with a high of 78 degrees.

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How to get a free air conditioner from New York state of you’re suffering from a health issue.

A mariachi band and a large group of protesters showed up outside the home of Aaron Schlossberg on West 60th Street, calling him out for hateful statements he made towards Spanish-speaking workers at a midtown cafe. “Around 500 people gathered outside the angry attorney’s W. 60th St. apartment building Friday waving flags from Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico, while a five-piece mariachi band played “La Cucaracha” to the crowd — who gripped maracas with Schlossberg’s face on them.” See video of the mariachi band at the bottom of this post.

Neighbors called police on a man with a firearm in a building on 99th Street, but it apparently was a fake gun being used on a movie set. “A resident of the building, on West 99th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, called police after he spotted one of the actors shouting and running through a hallway with the gun, police said…All three filmmakers were released without bail Monday afternoon and are expected back in court on June 28. It was not immediately clear what movie they were shooting.”

Former City Council Member Dan Garodnick is the new CEO and president of the Riverside Park Conservancy. “The Board and Mr. Garodnick will aim to dramatically expand the Conservancy’s mission and budget by doubling the size of its program of horticultural care in targeted geographic zones of the park, with a particular focus on intensifying efforts in the northern half of the park, which runs up to the George Washington Bridge.”

Kumiko Imamura, the owner of Yakitori Sun-Chan at 2707 Broadway (104th), died suddenly a couple of weeks ago.

A 20 year old man named Ahmed Walker was arrested for a stabbing on April 13 near the Amsterdam Houses at 64th and West End, according to NYPD Capt. Timothy Malin.

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    1. Jose Habib says:

      Anyone else troubled by the idea of organizing a huge 500-person mob to go to some random guy’s home to intimidate him like this?

      • Pedestrian says:

        Is he an awful person, sure thing but he doesn’t just live in a detached house on a road. He lives in an apartment building with others who had nothing to do with his rant.

        As to the mob…to sure was big but I would hesitate calling ti a mob. A big crowd, yes. And with big crowds can come problems vit from all I hear nothing violent occurred.

      • Eric says:

        I am. I do not think it is right that the residents of an entire building have their lives disrupted just because one of their neighbors is a classless jerk.

        • Chrigid says:

          O Eric, that’s the beauty of it. Mariachi to humiliate him, along with the maracas decorated with his face. For the rest of us, it’s just party music, to bop along to as we go about our business.

      • Chrigid says:

        He’s not some random guy.

        • Jose Habib says:

          Yes he is. He said some mean, unpopular things, but he’s not a politician or some kind of powerful public figure.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      Schlossberg is obviously quite mentally ill. But if WSR is reporting on this, the reaction to one New Yorker with no power over anyone, why are not reporting on the Beacon School, whose principal Ruth Lacey, instructed her school to have a minute of silence for Gaza?

      • Jen says:

        8 children were killed. They don’t deserve a minute of silence?

        • UWSHebrew says:

          Excuse me, but the Beacon School is a public school, meaning taxpayer funded. Since when does a public American school insert itself into the politics of another country? Why is this the only public school I’ve ever heard of take a minute of silence for people being killed in another country? Have you heard of any American public school having a minute of silence for the tens of thousands of children that were killed in Syria? I have not. But we both know what is going on here, don’t we Jen? Nevermind that Hamas itself broadcast on televison that FIFTY of the 62 Gazans killed were Hamas members, how about DON’T BRING CHILDREN TO A VIOLENT PROTEST? Jen, did you know that according to the US government, Hamas is a terrorist organization? Do you realize that by having a minute of silence for the Gazans killed, that you are mostly being respectful to terrorists? What’s next, a minute of silence for the Saudia Arabians who brought down American aircraft on 9/11? Didn’t they have families too?

      • Sherman says:

        You’ve got a point.

        Schlossberg is an offensive screwball but at the end of the day he’s a nobody.

        Richard Carranza, on the other hand, is a man with tremendous power over our children whose salary is paid by taxpayers. He tweeted garbage in an official capacity that was just as offensive as anything Schlossberg said.

        I don’t see any mass protests outside Carranza’s residence (or any official condemnation either).

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        let’s get our facts straight on the Beacon School. it was a statement by a student, which is something they apparently give quite a bit of leeway to. it was not in any way an official announcement by the Principal or the DOE.

        UWSHebrew is right that it can get into tricky territory to make official statements on foreign events. However, he’s a little too dismissive for my tastes about what the Netanyahu government did here. it was a massacre.

        UWSHebrew likes to tag people with broad brushes. he recently accused Cynthia Nixon of supporting BDS against Israel, but the facts showed her statement was much different… much milder. Not that I have anything against BDS, but you lose credibility when you make false accusations.

        • Harold says:

          Bruce oh Bruce,
          It was not a massacre.
          50 of the 60 killed were members of Hamas.

          Hamas paid people to march on the fence, which is the border between Gaza & Israel, tear it down, march to Israel and kill civilians.
          And remember this too Bruce oh Bruce:
          Israel vacated Gaza in 2005 and handed it to the Palestinians.
          They chose to build rockets and missiles and instead of creating a place they could thrive in, they spent the billions given them, among others, by us, the USA, to build tunnels and arm themselves in order to kill Israelis.

          As Golda Meir said years ago:
          “Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Israel”.
          They still don’t go by this saying.

          BTW Bruce oh Bruce:
          I hereby announce that BDS is boycotting you.
          How do you like them apples?

          • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

            we will agree to disagree on what happened in Gaza, and on Israel in general. btw, Golda Meir was a distant relative. And i think she is turning over in her grave with the modern Likud Israel.

            And whether the people were Hamas members or not, it was still a massacre. but apparently you’re ok with that.

            but i notice you don’t dispute my two main points of fact:

            1) UWSHebrew spread false rumors in claiming the Principal of Beacon School “instructed her school” to have a minute of silence for Gaza. False.

            2) UWSHebrew and othersare claiming Cynthia Nixon supports BDS. No evidence of that.

            • Harold says:

              Bruce old buddy,
              Just so you know……
              I support (still) Nixon over Cuomo.
              Cuomo should be indicted for crimes against the state.
              It will happen, sooner rather than later.
              Remember, most higher ups in state government ended either indicted or resigned.
              Case in point, the last two NY state attorney generals resigned in shame. Spitzer & the women beater scum.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          “Not that I have anything against BDS”. That is all you needed to say, as whatever your other opinions are, it follows that misguided point of view (which is quite hateful actually).

          • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

            UWSHEbrew: … so it’s ok for you to spread your lies and hate about the Beacon School Principal and Cynthia Nixon. Nice.

      • Independent says:

        Re: The Beacon School spectacle, raised by commenter UWSHebrew:

        1.) School is located in Hell’s Kitchen, not Upper West Side.

        2.) A public, taxpayer-funded school is for learning academic subjects and developing useful skills. It is not the place for political or ideological indoctrination, activism or preening/virtue-signaling of any type. And teachers or administrators have no business indulging any such endeavors, whims or antics of their adolescent students.

        3.) Observing a moment of silence or similar respects for fallen civilians, esp. children, would seem to not have to be political in nature– providing that no bias is exhibited in the selection of tragedies to observe.

    3. wombatNYC says:

      Someone needs to review these limits – ” a household of four can earn up to $53,482 a year or $4,457 a month, and still qualify for assistance.” – It should be more like anything less then 200K should qualify for a free AC .

    4. Shirley says:

      Gotta love this AND the UWS !!! Vaya!

    5. George says:

      No not troubled at all by this bigot. If he had his way, he would have ICE would pick up everyone of Irish, Polish, Italian, etc descent and ship them back

    6. Renee says:

      See that’s precisely why I miss New York. Left it two years ago to move to sunny California.
      Love the mariachi band in front of this angry lawyer. He asked for it now he has it

    7. nycityny says:

      The mariachi band was back playing in front of his 60th St building on Monday evening at about 6:45pm when I walked by. The crowd was only a couple of dozen but the music played on.

      • dannyboy says:

        Love mariachi bands! Visit Mexico every year and now sing along (exasperating my wife. Sorry Beautiful!).

        • NotImpressed says:

          That has nothing to do with the story.

          • dannyboy says:

            Again I AM impressed by your comment. You went through the effort to tell us how unimpressed you are with our comments.

            Sorry if you don’t like Mariachi music.

            • NotImpressed says:

              “Our” comments? I was only referring to yours.
              And no where in my post did I suggest I didn’t like mariachi music.
              Do you often struggle with basic English?

            • dannyboy says:

              “Do you often struggle with basic English?” -NotImpressed

              That’s what Schlossberg said too!

    8. why says:

      These people need to grow up and handle this like adults instead of laughing and thinking they are being clever. The world is full of racists. Trying to embarrass and humiliate one, who is already so callous, is foolish and fruitless. Let his actions speak for themselves on their own. Good luck making the world a better place with your mariachi band.

      • Tim says:

        I agree WHY. This wasn’t clever or innovative, and it seems like a big dud of an attempt to make a statement. Seems like these kind of “protests” are just filled with smiling attention seekers taking selfies nowadays. It didn’t look the mariachi band nor the people were angry whatsoever.

    9. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      … and this canard about Carranza being a racist is totally offensive and way off base.

      if the guy gets under the skin of some of these extreme right wing commenters, he must be doing something right.

      • Independent says:

        … and this canard about Carranza being a racist is totally offensive and way off base.

        Even if one were to concede this characterization of the comments to which you refer, they would be no more “offensive and way off base” than any number of the attacks that you and many of your fellow SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) have launched against any number of individuals– including some of those who post comments here at WSR.

        if the guy gets under the skin of some of these extreme right wing commenters, he must be doing something right.

        1.) Hmm…Imagine if I were to express that exact sentiment about someone who riled those with whom you agree/associate/affiliate/identify/respect. Somehow I suspect that your response would be very different

        2.) With the notable possible exception of myself, I can’t think of a single commenter I’ve seen here at WSR for whom the characterization “extreme right wing” would be anything short of laughably absurd. Perhaps one or two specific areas of opinion would provide at least a partial exception to that rule. But said areas do not include anything related-to Carranza or anything else involving public education.

    10. Independent says:

      “Around 500 people gathered outside the angry attorney’s W. 60th St. apartment building Friday waving flags from Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico,

      Between this and the sandstorm over the Beacon School incident and the views of a NY State gubernatorial candidate— both concerning a foreign country, I sometimes begin to wonder what country I’m actually living in.

      Note the following phrases and sentence in the linked New York Daily News piece: “hate-filled lawyer” (in the headline); “the hate-spewing lawyer”; “the short-tempered shyster”; “The bitter barrister”; “Others blamed the current administration for enabling those like Schlossberg to air their vile grievances in public.” (emphasis mine- Independent)

      Such inflammatory subjective characterizations in a news story? Just report the facts as accurately and objectively as possible and let them speak for themselves.

      The Daily News article informs us,

      Meanwhile, a new accuser has surfaced with tales of homophobia from the 42-year-old Manhattan dimwit.

      and then quotes this accuser claiming that he had a confrontation with Schlossberg, during which

      “He said he’d throw me in front of a car.”

      Incredibly, the DN glosses over this alleged threat of violence (which would not be protected by the First Amendment), focusing instead on the tendentious, subjective, dubious and ultimately irrelevant charge of “homophobia”. (Insulting and offensive speech is protected under the First Amendment.)

      The article also tells us that,

      Schlossberg remains persona non grata — barred from the premises since his xenophobic rants convinced management to end his tenancy.

      Does this mean that expressing any view or sentiment that one’s landlord deems offensive is now grounds for eviction? Since when?