Openings & Closings: Infamous Chicken, Blue Bottle Coffee, NuYu Revolution, Sliced

A restaurant with a terrific name — Infamous Chicken — has opened at 1012 Amsterdam Avenue between 109th and 110th Street. It’s owned by the same people as Cibo e Vino and Marlow Bistro. We first reported on plans for the restaurant at a liquor license hearing in February. The menu, which we’ve posted below, is full of savory meats, including various kinds of poultry. It’s not clear if it costs extra to get an infamous chicken. Thanks to Matthew and Daniel for the photos.

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Blue Bottle Coffee is getting closer to opening on 73rd and Amsterdam, in the former home of Gina la Fornarina (which has moved a few blocks South). Blue Bottle has a cult-like following, and is known for working closely with farmers. “It’s coffee that is obsessively sourced, with provenance so detailed that buyers like Freeman can not only tell you the names of some of the people who pick it but describe the shade trees under which it grows.” Thanks to Marie for the photo.

NuYu Revolution has opened a new 2,500 square foot fitness studio on Broadway and 100th Street. “Different from typical gyms and exercise studios, NuYu’s supportive and welcoming environment meets people of all different shapes, sizes and life stages wherever they are on their fitness journey. Their philosophy: consistency and realistic goals are the way to succeed and their committed member base is proof that the approach works. Their class-only experiences educate students in correct posture, alignment and breathing above intensity. Offerings include: Yoga, Mat Pilates, Posture Cycle®, Cardio and Mindful Strengthening at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.” Click here for schedule and class descriptions. They are offering a Grand Opening special through June 21, which includes a FREE 15-minute consultation and 50% off of a 4-pack of classes.

And a little further uptown…Sliced, a new pizzeria by the owners of Harlem Pizza Co., opened at 1215 Amsterdam Avenue (between 119th and 120th Streets).

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    1. Paul RL says:

      I’m eating lunch at Cibo e Vino right now. If Infamous Chicken is half as good, you 109th Streeters are in for a treat!

    2. wombatNYC says:

      Too much coffee – I love a nice cup as much as the next person but how many coffee shops do we need – JOE just opened 2 doors down

    3. Rako says:

      Famous Famiglia on 96th / Amsterdam seems to be closed due to a NYC DOB ruling that’s compromised structural integrity

    4. Bill Sharfman says:

      Barley & Grain, which had been Monaco before that, at Amsterdam and 81st, has under the same ownership transmogrified itself now into “421,” its address on Amsterdam, reverting to a Mediterranean focus. Interior remains nearly unchanged. The owner lives in the neighborhood, quite close to the bar & restaurant itself.

    5. John Elari says:

      Can’t believe still another coffee joint (Blue Bottle) is opening at 73 & Amsterdam, when just a few weeks ago another Joe Coffee opened a few doors down. Who’s drinking all this coffee; one after another on Amsterdam and Columbus. Unbelievable.

    6. Coffee says:

      Blue Bottle is owned by Nestle.

    7. DrM says:

      Enough with the coffee already!!! Are Upper West Siders unaware that coffee has always been available on nearly every corner???

    8. Lurker says:

      Is NuYu Revolution in the space that was long rumored to become a Planet Fitness?

    9. RF says:

      I’m excited about Blue Bottle! It’s some of the best coffee in the city. And, now I’ll be able to use gift cards without trekking to Rock Center or Bryant Park. I think Blue Bottle and Joe will both find plenty of customers, despite being in close proximity–I stopped by the new Joe a few days ago; there were at least 7-8 people ahead of me in line, and every chair in the shop was occupied. A welcome addition to the neighborhood!

      • dannyboy says:

        Shows how many people love Corporate Coffee.

        • EricaC says:

          I can’t speak for Blue Bottle, but Joe’s coffee is delicious. What makes it “corporate coffee” and what coffee do you drink that doesn’t involve corporations?

          • dannyboy says:

            Erica, you already know that Blue Bottle is owned by Nestle. I make delicious coffee. Regularly get requests from guests for a second pot. I think the Cuban coffee at Bus Stop is worth the trip. As is the expresso at many Little Italy cafes.

            Happy drinking!

            • dannyboy says:

              Locally, Edgar’s serves coffee and eats.

            • Independent says:

              @ dannyboy: (May 24, 2018 at 3:45 pm and May 25, 2018 at 12:03 pm)

              1.) Unless you and the establishments you mention grow and process yourselves all of the ingredients of the coffee that you make, then at any number of points in the chain from raw bean to ready-to-drink cup, corporations are involved. That, it seemed rather obvious to me, was EricaC’s point.

              2.) My point, corroborated by the piece I linked-to, was simply this: While it may make one feel good to single-out one or more particular corporations for censure or boycott (in this case Nestle`), the evidence suggests a reality that is a lot more prickly. And people who think that it is easy or even possible to find a corporation whose claims of being “socially responsible”, etc. can withstand scrutiny are deluding themselves.

              For the record, neither the site I linked-to,, nor even that specific article, align even nearly neatly with “my politics”. I don’t know that I could name even one specific entity that does. (And I did read the posts I was replying-to, thank you very much.)

              Let us know when your acclaimed homemade coffee becomes available to the public.

          • Independent says:

            Great rejoinder, EricaC.

            It does raise what should be a fairly obvious question, though, in response to an earlier comment of yours concerning Nestle and Blue Bottle.

            Socially Irresponsible Investing

            Sample quotes:
            “Once you get past the mission statement and self-congratulatory propaganda, the SRI funds’ prospectuses can look a lot like a regular mutual fund’s.”

            “Are these supposed to be examples of corporate “good behavior?””

            • dannyboy says:

              Corporate coffee shop serve coffee that, for my taste, is not hot enough.

              But I’m guessing that you are just hijacking the thread to promote your politics. Try reading the posts.

    10. patrick says:

      Amazing how people will complain about ANYTHING, literally anything on this board.

      I for one am excited to have more options than starbucks – the experience there has significantly declined over the past 10 years.

      • dannyboy says:

        Your complaint is about people on “this board”; but OK, we all have differing viewpoints.

        For example I, for one, don’t believe my only choices are Starbucks and Blue Bottle Coffee.

        But, as I said that’s just me.

    11. David says:

      A whole rotisserie chicken for 25 bucks (with no sides included) when I can get a hot rotisserie chicken at Costco, Fairway, and elsewhere for about one third of the price? Good luck, you Infamous guys…

    12. Sarah says:

      I wish health clubs who pretend to care about members’ “fitness journey” would actually care about fair pricing. All their voucher packages expire in ONE MONTH. Ridiculous! I hope people will continue to support the friendliest gym/studio on the UWS, Body Strength. Their class and gym vouchers are honored for a whole year!

    13. steve lillienstein says:

      More coffee? Isn’t what we really need more banks and more drugstores? 🙂