Gina La Fornarina and Gina Mexicana have opened a new shared space at 2020 Broadway (at 69th Street), offering both Italian and Mexican food. Part of the restaurant has high ceilings, while another section is split into two levels, allowing for more seating. There are bulbous lanterns with candles suspended from the ceiling.

“We went for Mexican food and we were pleased (chicken fajitas and tiger shrimp tacos). Think this is a great addition to our neighborhood!” wrote our tipster, who asked to remain anonymous. Gina La Fornarina closed its location on Amsterdam and 73rd Street earlier this year.

See the menu below. (Click to enlarge.) Employees said the menu is expected to expand.

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    1. Tom Lee says:

      $15 – make that $20 – for a burrito after tax and tip?

      So a burrito and a Corona will now cost you almost $30 once you are all said and done!

      • Ish Kabibble says:

        Blame the landlords, or quit complaining. Either one works.

      • Bill T says:

        Was thinking that same thing. Unreal.

      • Sean says:

        The Bagel Nosh it ain’t.

      • Actual UWS foodie says:

        Na-cho best prices for quality Mexican

      • John says:

        If the comments section of the West Side Rag teaches me anything, it’s that someone has a complaint about everything. This is pretty standard pricing for “upscale Mexican”. It’s actually probably cheaper than comps like Rosa Mexicano or Cafe Frida.

        If it helps you wrap your head around it, consider that you’re paying for “the experience” of dining out, not just the burrito. There are plenty of places to get cheaper burritos if you’re just looking to stuff some food in your face. Or just make your own for like $1.00.

        • Tom Lee says:

          This is far from upscale. Hard to label a burrito, which is basically a $0.05 tortilla with some canned beans and rice and shredded iceberg lettuce an upscale culinary experience.

          Why would I blame the landlords! Are they some kind of charitable group who spends millions to buy a building and tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance and astronomical real estate rents for shits and giggles?

          Interesting how you complain that someone is posting about a $30 bill for a burrito and a Corona, yet your ideology is for others to accept it or shut the fuck up.

    2. BillyNYC says:

      Thanks for the menu!
      I like the short rib taco and the Carney sounds very interesting and the red snapper taco turns me off. I’ll try it tonight.

    3. andi says:

      has anyone been to the new taco spot on 96th & WEA ave? i walked by last night and it appears to finally be open…

    4. fong chay nun says:

      Down the street from the Needle Park of the 1970s in then-bankrupt NYC. My wife was organizing block associations and trying to save our city in those years. She and those like her succeeded so well that the $30 Corona and burrito are the low end of the price point. We are the victims of our own success.

    5. Jeff says:

      El Mitote might be a better option for those that are cost conscious. Believe their burritos are more in the $10 range and their tortas are around $8 or $9. Both are mmmmm soooo good.