Morning Bulletin: Stabbing on West End, A Mega-Tower’s Backers, Judy Collins Misses Scaletta

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

April 16, 2018 Weather: Rainy, with a flash flood warning and a high of 58 degrees.

Comedy, music and more local events this week are on our calendar.

A cat that went missing in mid-March at West 90th and Broadway was still missing as of last week. Here’s the updated flyer.

Police are investigating a stabbing at West 64th Street and West End Avenue on Friday around 8 p.m. An 18-year-old was stabbed in the back after a dispute, and was taken to the hospital in stable condition, CBS reported.

The mega-tower on West 66th Street being developed by Extell has a secretive backer, the Real Deal reports. “The Bermuda-incorporated entity, with operations in London and Hong Kong, is linked to some of Kazakhstan’s wealthiest individuals and has invested in mining, oil, and infrastructure projects across the globe.”

Even Judy Collins is bummed out about Scaletta closing. She was so sad, she was talking about it in an article about her wedding in the Times: “‘I was devastated!’ Ms. Collins said from the couch in her suite. She had a show later that night in the hotel. “You live through the ups and downs of your personal life, and you have these favorite things in your life and then poof — they disappear.”

Camille Rodriguez, an executive chef at Pizzeria Sirenetta, talks about how she worker her way up in the industry, which is notoriously tough for women.

A half-marathon in Central Park this past weekend was one of the largest women-only events in the country.

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    1. Chris says:

      beautiful rain photo Stephen!

    2. Pedestrian says:

      Money laundering in the form of a mega tower….that what it looks like from the Real Deal’s story. It’s infuriating. Where is the AG on this?

    3. dannyboy says:

      ““The Bermuda-incorporated entity, with operations in London and Hong Kong, is linked to some of Kazakhstan’s wealthiest individuals”.

      money-laundering, perhaps.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        Have you been watching Law & Order: Criminal Investigations again, Counselor??

        • dannyboy says:

          30 years on Wall Street, including Money Laundry Compliance implementation. Worked with the AG.

          Stop it.

          • Mark says:

            It’s money laundering, not money laundry.
            If you really worked in that field for 30 years, one would think you would know that.

          • Felicia says:

            So you worked in a laundromat?

            • dannyboy says:

              Yes and no.

              I occasionally do use a launderette, so in that sense I AM working.

              But I don’t think that is what your snark was aimed at. Stop

    4. Jimbo says:

      Ah half-marathon season. When runnera take over Central Park every other weekend–and elbow you in the ribs when you try to cross the roadway.

    5. paula franklin says:

      Is there any restaurant on the upper west side that might compare with Scaletta’s?
      That is, a quiet ambiance, food that’s good enough, and okay prices?

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Gigi cafe on 72nd is a hidden gem!

      • robert says:

        V & T’s family run and in the smear location since 1949. I piece of chicken pram that covers the entire plate, 2 quarts of spaghetti for under 20. And they only start cooking it when you order. They have a huge menu and pizza as well that is to die for. There pizza is made to your order when you place it not before. It is so hot and fresh when it comes to your table that you might have to use a knife and fork as its so fresh the stuff will slide right off the crust when you pick it up

        • dannyboy says:

          roger that

        • Woody Johnson says:

          “so fresh the stuff will slide right off the crust when you pick it up”

          Perhaps that would help to explain your earlier “in the smear location since 1949”?

          • dannyboy says:

            Some helpful advice: When reading comments on internet blogs it is a good idea to read the word meanings in context. The reason for this is that often commenters make typos, as the text box is small and provides limited functionality.

            Mark did the same as you did here, in Thread 3. In that case the spellcheck function replaced “laundring” with “laundry”. Mark, like you jumped on that, just as you did here.

            Perhaps a little more discussion would occupy you.

            • Felicia says:

              Some more helpful advice: Less is more.
              Quality is better than quantity.
              Brevity is the soul of wit.

            • dannyboy says:


              And this relates to the Morning Bulletin, just how?

              Are you discussing the Stabbing on West End? The Mega-Tower’s Backers?
              Perhaps how Judy Collins Misses Scaletta?

              Or was it more of your snark like your last Reply:
              Felicia says:
              April 17, 2018 at 3:23 pm
              So you worked in a laundromat?

          • Tim says:

            Woody, I too was confused about the “smear” comment. Nothing wrong with asking for clarification. 🙂 Ignore the noise.

            • Woody Johnson says:

              I did not intend any hostility or offense toward Robert in my comment. I was merely having what I viewed as a little good-natured fun with what I realized was most likely a typo of one type or another (likely due to spell-correct software of one type or another).

              I appreciate the comments posted by Felicia and Tim. “Dannyboy” could have made his core, substantive point about ‘smear’ likely being a typo without resorting to gratuitous condescension as he did. No big deal, though. Easy enough to ignore.

            • dannyboy says:


              So you “appreciate the comments posted by Felicia” whose comment is here:
              Felicia says:
              April 17, 2018 at 3:23 pm
              So you worked in a laundromat?

              But decide it’s “Easy enough to ignore” my comment BY RESPONDING TO IT IN way downthread?

              When do you plan on discussing the Morning Bulletin: Stabbing on West End, A Mega-Tower’s Backers, Judy Collins Misses Scaletta?

    6. Amelia says:

      Do you know of any organized action to stop the extension of Natural History Museum: destruction of our green flea, the park, those enormous old trees, the neighborhood, etc.? Thanks for any info.

      • UWS_lifer says:

        Well, you are a little late to the party but boy oh boy have I got a guy for you to talk to…he’s a really Good Man…a “Doctor” I think.:)

        By the way, I think about 90% of the UWS approves and encourages the expansion plan. Just FYI.

      • Filatura says:

        Wake up and smell the cherry blossoms, Amelia. Rather, research the facts, ditch the hysteria and stop imitating a troll.
        While there are things to criticize about the AMNH, its expansion plan will not eliminate the Greenmarket or the flea market, now called the Grand Bazaar, IIRC, in the schoolyard. The number of trees to be cut down is, I believe, 17, and they will be replaced by many more. And yes, there was a movement of sorts to stop the expansion, but, as UWS Lifer says, it apparently never gained much neighborhood support.

    7. Karen Bruno says:

      I love the photo!

    8. Mark Moore says:

      That entire SW corner at Broadway and 96th is a blight.

    9. Scott says:

      Anyone hear an explosion on the UWS this morning around 8 or maybe earlier? It was very loud. Nothing on Twitter last I checked.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes! I heard it! It woke me up! But I haven’t been able to find anything about it.

      • Peter says:

        Do you mean the thunder that was accompanying the rain……

      • Tim says:

        Scott, I heard it also. I thought maybe it was thunder, but it was REALLY loud and sounded a little different somehow. I live on 80th fwiw.

      • izzy says:

        It was not an explosion-it was the most intense thunder! there was a flash of lightening and then some of the loudest thunder I’ve ever hear in the city.

      • Filatura says:

        Have no fear, Scott — except of climate change.
        There was heavy thunder at that hour, along with epic rain, wind, and a bit of lightning. The storm moved from southeast to northwest and the noise seemed to be coming from the other side of Central Park.

      • Sid says:

        That was thunder, my friend! Heard it too.

      • Jess says:

        It was a transformer blowing up!

      • yourneighbor says:

        It was thunder.

      • wherethereslightning says:

        I heard thunder but no explosion…

      • nelson says:

        Around 7:30 I was crossing WEA and there was a spectacular (close!) lightning strike and subsequent “explosive” crash of thunder. TV news reported hundreds of lightning strikes this morning. be careful out there!

        • Linda says:

          Yes! I was coming back from the deli on Broadway/98 around 7:20AM and the lightning crashed about 25 feet in front of me, what looked to be on the awning of a building, followed by an extremely loud crack of thunder. It felt like the thunder happened in slow motion. My doctor said once the body gets shocked by something, the moments after appear to last several seconds when it was more likely instant. My right eye and ear have been hurting all day!!!

        • Linda says:

          Were you in the upper 90s?

        • EricaC says:

          I did not think it was thunder – it sounded like a lightning strike.

        • dannyboy says:

          That lightening and thunder were so close in time that I looked in every direction to see if there was a strike. Very dramatic.

      • Rick says:

        That thunder scared the shit out of us on 93rd and Broadway. I thought it was an explosion. Dog ran into the bathtub. The worst part was 2 minutes later all the phones started buzzing with the emergency alert… but it was for a flash flood. Certainly made our hearts sink.

      • Denton says:

        It WAS thunder cuz by me (W68) it was followed by lightning.

      • Scott says:

        OK, thanks. I thought I was pretty good at decrypting thunder vs. other types of loud noises, but clearly not. My half-asleep fog might not have helped.

      • JC says:

        It woke me up too! It was so incredibly loud, I was actually thinking a plane had crashed.

      • Chris says:

        It was thunder. I was awakened by an intense flash of light followed almost immediately by the incredible CRACK of thunder. The timing was such that it must have been within 200-300 feet, which would put it between 93rd – 97th and Riverside – Broadway. Car alarms went off all around.

    10. Nikki says:

      I’m with Judy Collins when it comes to being completely bummed about losing Scaletta!! It was a lovely haven where you could go with friends and family for wonderful food, Great atmosphere and Conversation that did not require shouting to each other to be heard. There’s no other place like it.

    11. Mike says:

      Hey i heard that thunder too i jump out my sleep thinking it was an explosion me and my girl were terrified i live on uws car alarms were goin off

    12. Laurel Glbride says:

      Nice photo, Stephen. Laurel