Stop-Work Order Temporarily Halts Museum Construction

The Department of Buildings stopped demolition work at the Museum of Natural History on Tuesday after a rope broke while it was lowering a concrete column, according to the city. There were no injuries or property damage. The museum is in the process of demolishing some structures to make way for its new educational center.

“During routine construction activity on the Gilder Center site yesterday, September 3rd, a cable broke as it was lowering a beam,” a museum spokesman wrote in a statement. “There were no injuries or damages. The project’s licensed site safety manager reported the incident to the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB), which then issued a Stop Work Order until an inspector is able to visit the site, which is expected shortly.”

The Department of Buildings returned on Wednesday, and gave the museum the go-ahead to start work on Thursday.

Thanks to Elaine for the tip.

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    1. Clark Kent, Reporter says:

      Re: “The Department of Buildings … gave the museum the go-ahead to start work on Thursday.”


      Headline should have read:

      NY TIMES Style:
      “The NYC Department of Buildings Rescinds Former Stop-Work-Order and Allows Demolition at American Museum of Natural History to Resume”
      (a 3-decker, at least)

      NY POST Style:
      “DOB Dopes Ditch Stop-Work”

      • J. L. Rivers says:

        😂 😂 😂 😂
        Except that the NYTimes style headline leaves no “meat” for the article.

        • Clark Kent says:

          True, but there had to be some, esp. since the NYT’s “caption writers” idea of writing “copy” now IS TO COPY…text lifted verbatim from the story.


    2. Marcia Kaye says:

      Not impressed by the Stop Work order at the Museum. Look at what became of the the one
      issued for 5 minutes at the towering monstrosity abutting Lincoln Tower when a 9 ft. plank clunked onto the main pathway of LC,unprotected by the required protective shield. Shield was to have been in place BEFORE work hurriedly began. Developer SHOWED Bldg. Dept. what they still PLANNED to do & Stop Work got immediately lifted. Ah well, while the boss of all depts. was across the country campaigning for prez. the DOB was free to make its deals. Museum is just one example of MANY.

    3. Pedestrian says:

      It’s not really an education center. It’s an event space and a vanity building for a very rich man.