Try Pilates FREE at Newly Opened Club Pilates West 57th!


Club Pilates West 57th is now open at the corner of 57th Street and 11th Avenue, next to Hudson Market!

EveryBODY Needs Pilates. Never tried? It’s time for your body to be introduced to Pilates.

You’ll experience:
1. Improved posture
2. Strengthened core
3. Corrected muscular imbalances
4. And many more benefits!

Try Club Pilates for FREE and start feeling better and living better today! Our Reformer-based classes provide a low impact, full-body workout that anyone can do (yes, men too!). On its own or with another routine, Pilates is also great for cross-training in many sports—swimming, running, rowing, tennis, horseback riding, dancing, and beyond. You’ll be a part of a fun, friendly group workout with individualized attention.

Hey Moms! School’s almost back in session, and classes are waiting for you at Club Pilates West 57th! Get back to
your center with the full-body, low-impact fitness method that leaves you with a smile on your face and ready for anything your kids throw your way. With loads of classes and convenient class times every day, Club Pilates is the workout that fits into your life.

Schedule your FREE Intro today and learn about our Grand Opening specials ending just after Labor Day. And join us for our Grand Opening Celebration September 7th – 8th.

Call or click to book a FREE Intro class at Club Pilates West 57th and see what can happen when you treat your body to Pilates!

Do Pilates. Do Life.

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