Openings & Closings: Marine Layer, Blue Bottle

Marine Layer plans to open on Friday in place of Kate Spade at 205 Columbus Avenue between 69th and 70th Streets. Marine Layer is a clothing store based in California with a relaxed vibe and soft clothes. The clothes are separated into “guys” and “gals” sections. Children are not children, they are “mini”. Plus they have a one-year return policy. Thanks to Bobby for the photo and Rebecca for the tip.

Blue Bottle coffee is opening a new location at 2901 Broadway between West 113th and West 114th Streets, a building owned by Columbia University. Blue Bottle is known for high-quality coffee roasting and sourcing. It’s expected to open in early spring 2020, according to Columbia. Dos Toros is also moving in next to Blue Bottle, as we reported earlier. There’s another Blue Bottle at 279 Amsterdam Avenue between 73rd and 74th Streets.

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    1. MH says:

      Blue Bottle is owned by Nestlé. Enjoy your $6 cuppa, by the same people who make Nestlé hot chocolate.

    2. KC says:

      BLUE BOTTLE!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Jerry B says:

      Blue Bottle coffee??? Who came up with that terrible name? Or is blue bottled coffee the hot new trend just coming to the UWS?

    4. Paul on W 67th says:

      I had no idea they were owned by Nestlé. I tried Blue Bottle years ago in San Francisco and didn’t think it was nearly as good at Peet’s. Now that Peet’s has opened a shop in New York, on Union Square, I’m a happy coffee-drinker.

      • bravo says:

        The best UWS coffee hands down is Oren’s Daily Roast. Broadway between 112 & 113.

        • LC says:

          Plowshares coffee is way better than Oren’s.

        • Tom D. says:

          Oren’s at 112th led the way in charging more than $5 for a 16-ounce latte, and IIRC they did so about three years ago. I used to be a regular there, but haven’t been in since.

      • SomeGuy says:

        Pete’s is owned by a family with a Natzi history (Jab Holdings). No coffee these days is independent. Enjoy your German “Californian” coffee. I’ll stick with tap water.

      • CCL says:

        We still import Peet’s from the Bay Area. Didn’t know they had a local presence. Thanks.

    5. Gerry valentine says:

      There is fly called the blue bottle. Wonder if they will be hanging out at the new coffee place ?

    6. Evan Bando says:

      Blue Bottle Coffee erroneously claims that the first Viennese cafe was called Blue Bottle opened in 1683 by Georg Franz Kolschitzky. However, the very first coffee house in Vienna was actually opened months earlier that same year by the Armenian spy Diodato. The Johannes-Diodato-Park in Wieden, Vienna’s 4th district, is dedicated to him.

    7. Kat French says:

      Why do people go to chain coffee shops when we have so many excellent, local, independent coffee houses in Manhattan? Irving Farms roasts right here in NYC, and Birch has amazing coffee and cozy shops.

      • woodcider says:

        Where are those independent coffee houses on the UWS though. Because all I see are disappointing chains with bitter brews. I have to go crosstown to find anything decent.

        • Joy m Chutz says:

          Irving Farms is on 79th bet Amsterdam and B’way.

        • George says:

          Check out About Coffee on Columbus between 81st and 82nd.

          Barachou also just opened and serves coffee on Amsterdam between 81st and 82nd.

          Da Capo has some great coffee on Columbus between 75th and 76th.

          And Boxkite on 72nd between Amsterdam and Columbus.

          I agree that the UES tends to have more small coffee shops. The structural advantage is that there’s more commercial space between the avenues over there, which tend to be smaller spaces suited for business like coffee shops.

        • Seppi says:

          I don’t generally prefer chains, however Blue Bottle does roast there beans in Brooklyn so they are pretty fresh. I actually really do enjoy there coffee.

      • RK says:

        Irving Farm’s roastery is in Millerton, NY

      • K Hopkins says:

        Birch is good coffee but it too is a chain, albeit a small one. It is hard to find an independent shop of any kind these days — Silver Moon bakery is independent and has good coffee.

    8. Whiskers says:

      Anyone know what’s opening up at 2831 Broadway (between 109th/110th, next to the TD Bank, in the spot that used to be an American Apparel)?

      Contractors have been working there for the last few months, but I haven’t been able to get an answer from any of the workers on site.

      • Commercial Watcher says:

        TD Bank is moving into half of 2381 Broadway from the corner. Not sure about the other half (or the replacement for the current TD on the corner).

    9. B.B. says:

      To compensate for slowing demand for their products in USA and western markets, Nestlé, PepsiCo, General Mills, along with some other conglomerates have expanded their reach into Latin American, Africa and Asia.

      Results are a mixed bag; but what is clear rates of obesity, diabetes, heart/circulatory issues is increasing. This in countries/local areas where previously such illnesses were unknown or at very low levels.

      Nestle (and perhaps others) are also fighting hard against local government initiatives to get mothers back to breast feeding their infants, instead of using packaged formula.

    10. Rafe says:

      All very informative. Drinking water is fine if you’re not a coffee lover. If you are then you want the best tasting coffee without the politics. For me a chain works and Nestle also makes the Nesspresso brand of excellent coffee pods. I love coffee,tried all the brands mentioned, and to my palate Starbucks has the best Espresso (the decaf, surprisingly even tastier) ! But please please don’t drink their regular brew, they sure don’t want you to!

      • SomeGuy says:

        I believe that all of the beverage companies have political agendas. Nestle (a major lobbyist) owns the majority of coffee and water brands. Starbucks’ CEO tried to run for president. JAB Holdings (aka Natzi Money) owns Panera Bread, Pret a Manger Stumptown/Peet’s/Insomnia Cookies/Intelligentsia/Mighty Leaf. I was joking about the tap water part (I drink Just Water and Spindrift).

        • Rafe says:

          Noted and interesting. Running for President is not a nefarious activity-think Abraham Lincoln,FDR & George Washington:and I don’t own shares in Starbucks..nor do I think I would vote for Schultz..but…he pays a so called decent wage and has a program to help workers go to college. Saint? I doubt it..but great Espresso. I’ll be checking out the new offerings mentioned by George. (there’s a little stand up coffee bar on Columbus and 85th-86th west side of Col. that has a $2.00 for everything price and some decent espresso beans from Italy).

          • SomeGuy says:

            You are joking if you would even question if Shultz is a saint. I am quite the insider in his life, (I am a former Starbucks employee), and he’s one of the craziest CEOs I’ve worked for. Today I work as a tailor in Tribeca (I’ve met most of the political “big wigs” that live down there).

    11. David Wolberg says:

      It is great news that Marine Layer and Blue Data will be opening stores/shops on the Upper West Side. There are so many vacant buildings and storefronts in Manhattan due to the high rents. Hopefully Marine Layer and Blue Bottle will succeed with their new locations on the Upper West Side.

    12. terry says:

      45 bucks for a t-shirt?

    13. Zanarkand says:

      Unrelated but I wanted to point out that the 87th Street Deli Inc on 87th and Amsterdam is now expanding into the former laundry mat/dry cleaners next door by combining the two spaces. The owner said this will help them expand their deli area and groceries.

    14. bev nadler says:

      had dinner last night at Petit Rooster…the best chicken I have ever had…excellent service…charming decor

    15. Christine E says:

      TD Bank at 86th and Columbus is closing Nov 15.

      • George says:

        I always welcome banks with large retail footprints closing, but now every retail space in that building has closed in the past couple years. A few are bouncing back (Le Consulate opens on the NE corner of 85th and Columbus this fall), but their are some big shoes to fill when their are already so many vacancies north of 85th Street on Columbus, Amsterdam, and Broadway.