Openings & Closings: Kate Spade, Freshly Bagel, GNC, Dos Toros, & More

Kate Spade has closed its store on Columbus between 69th and 70th Streets. That store had replaced longtime bar Emerald Inn, which has since moved to 72nd Street between Broadway and West End. When Kate Spade moved in, it was seen as another harbinger that Columbus was getting more upscale. Thanks to Colleen and Deborah for the tips.

Freshly Bagel closed suddenly after just six months on Broadway and 71st. “Honestly, I didn’t think they would last with such a limited menu and such high rents,” writes one tipster. Thanks to Ian, Rita and others for the tips.

The GNC health and vitamin store located at 2496 Broadway (between 92nd and 93rd Street) has a sign on the window saying the store is moving, and they’re having a big sale. An employee said the store is closing, though there are other GNCs in the neighborhood. Thanks to Linda for the tip.

Dos Toros, a fast-casual restaurant known for Taqueria-style cuisine, has signed a lease with Columbia University to open at 2911 Broadway (between 113th and 114th Streets) this fall.  It will serve “customizable burritos, burrito bowls, salads, tacos, quesadillas and nachos made with 100 percent naturally raised meats,” according to a Columbia rep. Dos Toros is known for sustainable practices like extensive composting, and for employing formerly incarcerated indviduals through the Getting Out and Staying Out program, which is based in Harlem.

Cafe and game-playing hangout Hex & Co. at 112th and Broadway is moving into a larger space, the home of former bar Bernheim and Schwartz on Broadway and 114th Street. The new space likely won’t open for several months, an employee at Hex said, but it will allow the cafe to expand its offerings.

Nexa Pilates on 82nd and Columbus has moved to 2273 Broadway at 82nd because “a larger space was needed to meet demand,” the company tells us.

Sushi restaurant Mido on Amsterdam (between 89th and 90th) was closed by the Health Department a few days ago but has apparently reopened. Thanks to Avery for the tip.

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    1. Mark Moore says:

      The new Mexican place on Amsterdam and 95th where Acqua used to be is making progress toward opening. The paper was off the windows as of yesterday, looks like they’re close.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      Freshly bagel is no surprise to anyone that went there. Some incompetent / surly staff, and few food choices aside from bagels/cream cheese. Poor interior design as well, too dark which gave off a depressing vibe. Hope someone very sharp takes over, as the location is incredible.

      • Steven says:

        I agree, great space, great location & it had potential to do well, but they never got their act together & tried.

    3. Alan Yager says:

      What happened to the West Side Car Wash on West Street & 46 it appears to be closed?

    4. Juan says:

      Dos Toros has very good burritos and their prices aren’t bad. They will impinge on the turf of the nearby Chipotle, though I think there is plenty of business for both.

    5. David Morris says:

      If Kate Spade was a harbinger of “upscale” (a particularly generous euphemism for “obnoxious” I think), then its closing is a harbinger of yet worse to come.

    6. Gretchen says:

      Only surprised that Kate Spade lasted this long. Never saw a soul in that place.

    7. Uwsider says:

      Hex and co is a wonderful addition to the community. Great to see they are doing well.

    8. az says:

      Love Dos Toros! That’s great news!

    9. Jean Luke says:

      It’s a shame we had to lose the Emerald Inn – a historic bar on the Upper West Side to put in a Kate Spade store that lasted very few years. I as well never saw anyone in there and I’m sure her passing wasn’t helpful to the brand.

      • Poe-It says:

        Re: “It’s a shame we had to lose the Emerald Inn….

        Ayy, and ’tis truly an even worse shame that Kate Spade is gone.

        For now we can no longer ask: “Where was Kate Spade (spayed)!!!!!!!!

      • Qe are still here on the westside at 250 w 72 st. Same owners same staff
        Where locals meet!!

    10. Steven says:

      Not surprised that Freshly Bagel went out so fast, and I really wanted them to succeed. But, they never started up a website for delivery or even a website that showed their menu. The few times I was in there & asked for a delivery menu they said they were out. Sometimes when I walked by there on my way home around 7:15pm they were closing or already closed. I was hoping they would get their act together & fix these major necessities that would help their business, but they never did. Too bad as the place had potential to do well.

    11. Joan says:

      I sure hope Hex finds some way to preserve that spectacular bar that The West End and Havana Central had.

    12. BJK says:

      I kept waiting for Freshly Bagel to add to their menu—they had tons of serving space behind the counter that was completely unused (and that they were paying for in their rent). But every time I went in there, they had nothing on offer that I couldn’t get anything from a street cart vendor.

    13. Steven Barall says:

      That Freshly Bagel place didn’t appear to even have lighting in the place. It always looked closed. Very strange.

    14. Kathy says:

      Yay, a Dos Toros on the UWS!

    15. pumpkinpie says:

      No surprise concerning Freshly Bagel. My first (and last) visit when they opened was not promising. Counterman (unpleasant) wasn’t sure which cream cheese was lite or regular. They were out of an “exotic” item (plain bagels). He automatically started toasting my bagel when I did not ask for toasted. When I got home and unwrapped my takeout bagel, the layer of cream cheese was literally paper thin, almost to the point of invisibility.

    16. Deb says:

      Not that I was such a big fan of GNC, but I’m concerned that we’re going to have yet another eternally empty store in the 90s. Why is it so difficult to fill these storefronts?

    17. Trish says:

      I’m excited that Hex and Co is doing well. Great place to try out board games while sampling their solid beer list.

    18. Erin says:

      Freshly Bagel was the worst. Bad food, bad bagels, bad service, high prices. Terrible use of that location. Good riddance.

    19. Paul L says:

      Do it seems you are all blaming freshly bagel for going out of business. But didn’t Gigi close in the same spot 6 months ago? Is the problem the operators or the retail climate? How could you Blake freshly bagel when stores are closing left and right on the yes? Hmm….

      • Sean says:

        Gigi and it’s sister restaurant across the street both closed. Restaurants never last generations unless they own the building.

    20. chris woo says:

      Noone I know (from teens to 40 somethings) has carried Kate Spade since the late 90’s so I only wonder who has been keeping them there this whole time.

      • Sean says:

        High end retailers use these locations to serve as a presence. They are advertising the brand. They are not there to turn a profit. Tastes change.

    21. Tom D. says:

      For those keeping score, 2911 Broadway is where Amir’s was located. Given the smallish size of that space, I wonder if Del Toros is also taking the Aerosoles space next door?