Two Pedestrians Suffer Head Trauma in Serious Crash at 98th and West End Avenue

Photo by Gerry.

Two pedestrians were injured after being struck by a motor vehicle on West End Avenue between 98th and 99th Streets around 3:45 p.m. on Friday, according to the NYPD. One of the people was listed in critical condition, according to a detective acting as NYPD spokesman.

The driver stayed at the scene. The block of West End has been closed off. We are still gathering details on what happened and should have more soon.

UPDATE as of 8:30 p.m.:  NYPD officials say a 65-year-old woman and a man in his 50s were struck by a 2011 Acura headed northbound on West End Avenue. Both victims suffered head trauma and were transported to St. Luke’s Hospital. An NYPD spokesman told WSR that both “are expected to survive.”  The crash is currently under investigation.

A NY1 reporter found an eyewitness recalling a horrifying scene:

Photo by Robert.

Thanks to Robert for the tip and photo and Gerry for the photo. Reporting assistance by Joy Bergmann

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    1. Tyson White says:

      Has the city started rolling out the speed cameras yet???

    2. NYYgirl says:

      So sorry for the injured. We are wishing them well.

    3. Am praying for all of us; it can get rough here M-F 9-5.

    4. Saimir Pocari says:

      Thank you all so much for your prayers pls keep praying. I am his son

    5. Concerned citizen says:

      Ours has become a very hazardous neighborhood in which to walk and live. The supposed rule is the pedestrian has right of way. Cars and bikes seem to think they do. Bikes do have the right of way , in fact, in Amsterdam. Are the bikes and cars taking over here too?