Sign Up for 90-Minute Emergency Preparedness Training, And Get a Free Disaster Kit

Local politicians are helping sponsor a free emergency preparedness training event next month, and attendees will get a disaster kit. The training is on September 4 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at Project FIND Hamilton House Senior Center, 141 West 73rd Street. The following info was sent by State Senator Jose Serrano’s office:

On Wednesday, September 4th, Governor Cuomo’s Citizen Preparedness Corps and Senator Serrano will begin a series of FREE Emergency Preparedness Training Sessions throughout the 29th Senate District starting with an event at Project FIND Hamilton House Senior Center in Manhattan from 1:30-3:00 pm. The training is designed to help prepare residents and their families for natural disasters and emergency situations.

Each family participating will receive a free Citizen Preparedness Corps Disaster Preparedness Kit.

All participants must register in advance. CLICK HERE to register (select the September 4th Project FIND event).

For more information and for assistance with registration, please call Senator Serrano’s District Office at (212) 828-5829.

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal, Council Member Helen Rosenthal and Community Board 7 are also sponsors.

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    1. jezbel says:

      Just out of curiosity – prepare for what kind of even exactly? Earthquake? Fire? Rising tides? Power outage? Heart attack? Stroke? Not sure exactly what they’re getting us ready to prepare for?

      • Kindly Dr Dave says:


        • gs says:

          From your lip to Gods ears. Heaven help us if one of the looney leftists is elected.

          • Lord Of The Slice says:

            I love it when the ridiculous Right live in NYC and complain about the “looney left”

            It warms my leftist heart.

            Welcome to Trump’s insanity.

          • ScooterStan says:

            Re: “…if one of the looney leftists is elected.”

            Joe Biden is a “looney leftist”?
            Pete Buttigieg is a “looney leftist”??
            Elizabeth Warren is a “looney leftist”???

            The only real “Looney” is a certain lying, bullying, semi-literate, dishonest, possible Manchurian Candidate former tv “star”.

            Let us pray that we can tell him in 2020 “You’re Fired !”

    2. Cordcutter says:

      Would be interested in doing this, but why during the work-week and why during the day?
      Not offering more class options of evening and/or weekends is disappointing.

    3. Robert Levit says:

      Great idea. Kit is a great idea also. However, can this seminar be given a second time. Some of us take vacation around Labor Day and would like to take this seminar.

    4. Abolish Ice says:

      It’s called a CITIZEN Preparedness Corps Kit. So are undocumented persons allowed to attend or is this just an I.C.E. sting operation?

      • THINK !!! says:

        “Abolish I.C.E. ??!

        Hmmm…suppose YOU were a Latinx (PC gender-neutral) person living here many years, hopefully legally, working and just-about getting-by but knowing your kids will do much better, maybe even go to college.

        And now, with I.C.E. gone, here comes waves of desperately-poor immigrants eager to work, EVEN AT A MUCH LOWER PAY THAN YOU’RE GETTING!

        As long as they can do the same work, your company will happily hire them and fire you!
        Now how are you gonna make the rent, buy your kids clothes, etc.?

        Hmmm…super-libruls, have you ever thought about this scenario?