Upper West Side Parents Airmail Their Daughter a Seder-In-A-Box, With Jokes

There’s nothing quite like Passover on the Upper West Side, so when the parents of comedy writer Bess Kalb realized she wouldn’t be home for the holiday, they sent Passover to her.

Literally, in a box! And it included local favorites like Sarabeth’s jam.

Kalb, who writes for Jimmy Kimmel Live, was in Hawaii with her husband. But even thousands of miles away, you can never really hide from your parents!

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    1. Deborah says:

      Just one question…water crackers on Passover?
      Great parents, great family!

      • dannyb says:

        In the Twitter thread Ms. Kalb explained the deal with the water crackers. It seems the family was in The Middle Of Nowhere™ one Passover and the closest thing to Matzah they could find was.. water crackers.
        So it became a Tradition.

    2. Ish Kabibble says:

      Family. Awesome.

    3. Rachel Dahill-Fuchel says:

      I love your parents. And will strive to be just like them. Yay!

    4. jezbel says:

      We just returned from Yokohama, Japan where my son has been working since college. Stuffed into our suitcases among the extra underwear, socks & snacks was a big box of Yehuda Matzoh, his favorite. Got it to him just in time for the holiday.

    5. NYYgirl says:

      Love this ❤️ Sweet parents!!!