Photos: Spring is Bursting, From Parks to Pharmacies to Subway Stations

Photo in Central Park by Jeff French Segall.

Spring is on full display throughout the neighborhood, and we’ve been getting some nice shots of the season.

A bird made a nest in the “a” of a CVS Pharmacy sign. Photo by Lori Philipson, who wrote “Too bad it wasn’t a capital A… could’ve been a duplex.” Nest spotted by Dasa Philipson.

Tulips grow outside the subway station at 96th and Broadway. Photo by Jordan.

Photo in Central Park by Jeff French Segall.

Photo near the Central Park Reservoir by Jeff French Segall.

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    1. BillyNYC says:

      The bird that would’ve made a nest there would be a sparrow or swamp sparrow. They are the first of the spring birds. Very common all over the city right now. I have a few sparrow nesting’s across the street from where I live in the curtains dripping the roof of a brownstone and in my garden bird house every year. A little bit of a nuisance but it’s only for a about Total of 3/4 weeks at the most. There fast to fly.

      • Terry says:

        A sparrow, yes, but not a swamp sparrow, which nests only in wetlands. Likely a house sparrow, a non-native introduced species that is one of our most common urban birds, along with starlings and pigeons.
        House sparrows don’t migrate, so they are here all year round, and not “the first of the spring birds.”

    2. Ish Kabibble says:

      Nice pics. If WSR had a 21st century messaging system, we could all share our pics as I am certain that I’m not the only one taking pics of our beautiful neighborhood!

      Come on WSR, get with the times! If you need money for servers, lets set up a contribution link!