Senator Gillibrand to Kick Off Presidential Campaign on UWS on Sunday; Parking Restrictions in Effect

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will give a speech in front of Trump International Hotel on Sunday afternoon to kick off her campaign for president.

“Gates open” at 11 a.m., and the rally starts at noon, according to NYPD. According to C-Span, the event will be live at 12:30 p.m.

The hotel is on Central Park West between 60th and 61st Streets.

Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York, just released a video called Brave Wins explaining why she’s running.

The event will cause several streets in the area to be closed off to cars and cars parked in the area will be towed, according to the 20th precinct.

“Tow Alert! Due to a political rally on Sunday morning, there will be no parking on the following streets: CPW from W.61 to W.65; W62 & W63, CPW to B’Way. There will be no parking zones (4 car lengths) on West 63 & West 64 Streets at CPW. Cars left in the zones will be towed.”

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    1. Bill Williams says:

      This campaign will be over quickly and then we need to oust her from her Senate seat.

    2. Jen says:

      I’m a dem and feel that dnc needs to be more selective as it comes to their reps and battles. Otherwise, we will get Trump 2020.

    3. Friend of Al Franken says:

      Krissy the hypocrite please stop wasting time and money. We have a charity event for a nearby Episcopal Church that was planned over a year ago. Your announcement is inconveniencing several congregants. Go away!

    4. Frank Allen says:

      Step off, Blondie. We remember.

    5. soldier says:

      WSR needs the *LIKE* button ASAP

    6. Sherman says:

      Gillibrand has little name recognition nationwide (and barely any name recognition even in NYS).

      I don’t see how she’ll gain much traction in this campaign.

      She’s already veering too far left and if she’s representative of the Democratic Party then Trump will win in 2020.

    7. UWS-er says:

      Yeesh, so many constantly angry WSR readers. Deep breaths, people.

    8. Westsidegal says:

      No thank you.

    9. Marianne says:

      KG’s campaign is absurd. Two months prior to re-election she said she had absolutely NO plans to run for President.
      I will never vote for her again, and agree with Bill W. — she needs to be ousted from her Senate seat.
      Who’s representing NYS while she’s out campaigning for President (that she will never become)?

    10. LP says:

      Thank goodness for the Electoral College! The Dems are trying to see how further Left each can lurch. Where are the Kennedy Dems? I didn’t leave the party, they left me!

      • David S says:

        LP: You said “Thank goodness for the Electoral College”. Surely you know that the current distribution of electoral votes is extremely skewed to less-populous states, to the point that a single vote in Montana counts seven times as much as a single vote in California. Are you really against the idea of “one man, one vote”? If so, how do you call yourself an American?

    11. oldtimeUWSer says:

      As a former corporate lawyer and lobbyist for the tobacco industry and someone who was for gun ownership before she was against it, I don’t think she’s the right person to be delivering the liberal message this year.

    12. Alice Swann says:

      She doesn’t ave a chance. Get out now, and use the money to back someone who does.

    13. drg says:

      Here’s my prediction for the Dem nomination.

      Because of the new rules, and lack of superdelegates outside the voters reach…. no candidate will have a majority, leading to the first open convention in 70 years.

      Thus a compromise candidate, completely unsullied by 18 months of ferocious infighting… and possibly able to defeat DST…. Michelle O

    14. ZoomZ says:

      The word LOSER is written all over her face.
      She’s a phony of the first degree.
      When she was an upstate congresswoman – she was pro gun, getting 100% approval from the NRA, and she was super anti illegal immigration.
      Then she was plucked to take over for HRC and in a flash she’s a senator from New York, and Chuckie boy got her to change her colors and become a person she was not until she became a senator.
      She has nothing to offer, nothing of substance, and if she ever becomes the democrat to run for president, Trump will come close to duplicating Nixon’s 1972 run – 49 to 1.

    15. David says:

      I never a word…….PHONY!

    16. Wendy says:

      If she wanted to make a statement in front of a Trump building, why couldn’t she have done it on the East Side? or on 5th Avenue?

    17. UWSider says:

      She’s a total phony.

    18. Pedestrian says:

      No thanks, Senator. I would never vote for you or contrive to your campaign. You are an arrogant political opportunist. After what you did to Al Frankel, you don’t deserve one progressive vote.

      • Jvg says:

        I will never forgive her for what she did to Al Franken. I would vote for Nunes’ cow before I would vote for Gillibrand!

    19. Kay McFadden says:

      Golly. So far I’ve read here that Gillibrand is too far to the left, too far to the right and makes church(!) event sponsors really angry. She’s dissable as “Blondie,” which I guess means we can start calling out other candidates on the basis of coloring.

      I have no final opinion on Gillibrand, but here’s a link to an excellent data-driven website that tracks legislative record, group ratings and ideological positions. Works for other candidates, too!

    20. Drew says:

      She’s a zero

      • Mitch Jacobs says:

        I cannot forget what she did to Al Franken. Sure he acted like an idiot, but he did not deserve the extreme treatment he received. There were other much less harsh punishments much more suited to his dumb behavior. And we would still have him in Washington.

        • ZoomZ says:

          As unfair as it was – getting Al Franken out was a good thing.
          That bozo belongs in a circus, which the senate, come to think of it, is.

    21. Scott says:

      Why does this white woman think she has a snowball’s chance in hell?

    22. SnowBoid says:

      Gillibrand is a true PANDA:

      1) In her home district she PANDA’d to the gun-lovers and immigrant-haters;

      2) Now that she’s aware of how liberal NYC is (compared to upstate) she PANDA’s to the leftish crowd.

      How much of a PANDA will the general electorate BEAR ??

      • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

        do you make the same comment about Trump? that he PANDAs to the immigrant-haters and the white supremacists and the male chauvinists?

        at least if she’s PANDAing it’s mostly on good issues. His PANDAing does tremendous damage…