Photo of the Day: The Best Restaurant Name We’ve Ever Heard

Have you ever had an omelette made out of “I-hate-my-landlord”?

Have you ever ordered a burger with a side of “No-one-picks-up-after-their-dogs”?

Or tried arroz con “Millennials-are-too-obsessed-with-their-phones”?

Well, we have (have you read our comments section?). Upper West Siders are the best in the business at serving up hot, spicy opinions every day and night. That’s why West Side Rant is the perfect restaurant for this neighborhood — where people love good food, and are always ready to serve you a piece of their mind.

Thanks to the 64th-67th Street block Association for passing along the photo, and to West Side Restaurant on 69th and Broadway for having just the right letters lose power all at once.

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    1. Nelson says:

      No rant about that coffee shop…and especially always-excellent service from Millie!

    2. Jeff Berger says:

      The best diner on the west side is Cafe 82. Great food and the staff makes you feel like family. It is the last of the real West Side Diners.

    3. Griff says:

      You’d rant too once you see the absolute insane prices on their menus. Last time I went I had a turkey club, my friend had a burger, check was $50 for standard diner fare.
      My fault for ordering without looking at the menu, but holy hell, I did look after the fact and their prices for are off the wall.
      Never again.
      /end rant