Friday Night Mayhem: Multi-Vehicle Crash and Hit-and-Run in the West 80’s

Photos by Jesse Chan-Norris.

Two vehicle crashes on the Upper West Side left multiple people with injuries late on Friday night.

At 10:43 p.m., the FDNY was a called to the scene of a crash in front of Harry’s Shoes at 2299 Broadway near 83rd Street. Three people were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital with minor injuries, according to an FDNY spokesperson. Police had no information about the crash. One tipster told us she “saw 3 cars that jumped the curb and crashed right in front of Harry‘s. Not sure if they went into the glass but it was 2 cars and a taxi. Police closed off Broadway going past and ambulances were arriving when I drove by.”

At 11:40 p.m., a woman was taking her keys out of her car door in front of 215 West 84th Street when she was clipped by a white truck and dragged several feet when her clothing got stuck to the truck, according to an NYPD spokesperson. The woman said she had bad knee pain from the crash. The truck did not stop.

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    1. ron shapley says:

      and at 930 PM, a woman was hit as she crossed Amsterdam Ave @ 141. She died. The hit and run driver was apprehended by police at Hamilton Place and W 138. New York gone mad !!!

    2. Helen Wheeler says:

      Too many vehicles, too many bicycles, too many scooters, too many irresponsible operators.

      Time to leave.

      • Lopym says:

        By by

      • \_(**)_/ says:

        Great idea. There are merely 47 other states that have higher auto related death rates.
        And a full two that are safer.
        This place is sickening, right?

        If you’re in a rent stabilized apartment, can you give us a heads up before you go?

      • SMH says:

        I drive from W 106 to E. 134th street in the Bronx everyday….would take public transportation if direct was available. The drivers are ridiculous and aggressive. Especially uber/Lyft drivers….it’s crazy. People need to slow the f down and respect the rules of the road. But they won’t until law is enforced….which it rarely is.

      • Cyn(thia) Icke says:

        Re: “Too many vehicles, too many bicycles, too many scooters,….Time to leave.”

        So…will you be leaving via: vehicle, bicycle, scooter, or…….??

      • Julia says:

        I’m not sure whether it’s so in this case, but pedestrians are also awful in this city–some probably because they aren’t drivers but others either oblivious to cars or openly challenging them. Not to mention that most people wear all black and when it’s night, particularly a rainy night, they really can be almost invisible. I am handicapped and need to drive, but it can be scary. I got my husband a reflective hat and am not a black-wearer myself.

    3. Columbus and Amsterdam says:

      Jail jail jail for those irresponsible drivers hitting people on the curb.

      Wake up UWS and demand that traffic cameras are installed to deter irresponsible drivers speeding in our part of the city. Often I see large trucks going on Columbus or Amsterdam during the day at 50-60mph sometimes, even in school zones. Without any kind of enforcement why would they not?

      • Jay says:

        It’s not possible to go that fast on Columbus or Amsterdam unless you are running red lights.

      • MS says:

        A few years ago both my daughters were hit while crossing W 106 and Broadway by a careless, older driver. I nearly lost them. One had to have emergency brain surgery and both had multiple broken bones and bloody bodies.
        It was considered a hit and run ( the police caught up with him) but this person didn’t even get a slap on his hand or not even some community service from the city. Nothing!
        As mother I went through hell for weeks reteaching my daughters how to walk again once they were done with the wheel chair.
        Please be careful.

        • Jon says:

          MS, I am so sorry, that is horrifying. I completely agree that there needs to be stricter punishment (or frankly just enforcement of existing laws). What you described sounds like a felony hit and run. By not enforcing against these incidents our law enforcement officers are failing to keep us safe.

          Look what happened in the case of Dorothy Bruns. NYPD failed to properly investigate and prosecute a hit and run where she injured a pedestrian in Sept 2017, and six months later she killed two children when she drove through a red light. It boils my blood when drivers are not held accountable. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and we need to proactively punish unsafe drivers (ideally remove unsafe drivers from our streets). Otherwise the NYPD has blood on their hands.

    4. Dana Lerner says:

      The person who is to blame is our DA Cy Vance. He refuses to prosecute drivers who kill. (And Harvey Weinstein, and The Trump Family!). He is doing absolutely nothing to help this epidemic of traffic crashes in NYC. He believes it is ok for people to be injured and killed by reckless drivers. I know, bc the man who killed my son Cooper Stock was given a traffic ticket. And he still has his drivers license. And 5 years later Madison Lyden was killed on her bicycle on CPW and 67 and he once, again he is not prosecuting a driver who was illegally in a bike lane.. Shouldn’t he be supporting the people who elected him into office?. Instead he supports the reckless drivers and leaves the victims and their families more traumatized by his blatant indifference.

      • MeInWhySee says:

        Ms. Lerner, please accept my condolences on the loss of your son. I remember at the time of his accident being very moved by your grace and mercy for the driver who killed your sweet boy. That he was allowed to return to the road is salt in an unhealable wound. I hope you and your family have been able to help each other grieve and move forward to whatever extent, if any, that might possible after losing a child. I’m so sorry for what you’ve had to endure.

      • Jane says:

        I remember when Cooper was killed, as I used to live on the UWS. My heart goes out to you. What can anyone say when you do EVERYTHING that is correct, and then the worst thing in the world happens to you? I hope that life is gentle with you, and that you stay strong and resolute.

      • Paul says:

        We are the inheritors of about 700+ years of “common law” principles — handed down by Judges selected from earls and lords — that emphasizes severe punishment for criminal “intent.” Accordingly there is no tradition in our legal system to criminally punish failure to exercise due care when handling lethal instruments like cars.

        We can change this through legislation.

        And we should.

    5. SC says:

      “At 11:40 p.m., a woman was taking her keys out of her car door in front of 215 West 84th Street when she was clipped by a white truck and dragged several feet when her clothing got stuck to the truck, according to an NYPD spokesperson. The woman said she had bad knee pain from the crash. The truck did not stop”.

      I work AT 215 West 84th St :-O!!!!

    6. BillyNYC says:

      Life is short…Life can change in the blink of an eye so beaware my friends of your surroundings at all times.
      This could happen anywhere or at anytime.

    7. Jamie O'Neill says:

      This is so crazy I love on 85th and West End. It’s so crazy that this happened so close to me