Openings & Closings: Modern Bread and Bagel, Ikinari Steak, Manchester Diner, Pinkyotto

Photo via Modern Bread and Bagel.

Modern Bread and Bagel had a soft opening on Tuesday at 472 Columbus Avenue (82nd-83rd Streets). It’s Kosher and gluten-free, and has baked goods, coffee and deli food. “While we are not yet officially open, we know that many of you are so excited to try out our food, so we decided it would be great for some of you to come in and be among the first try it out! Our staff is eager to meet our new customers and hope they can serve you some delicious food today!” they wrote on Instagram.

Manchester Diner at 2800 Broadway (108th) appears to have closed for good. The doors are closed, the website is not operational and the answering machine is “not accepting messages.” The person answering the phone at the corporate office said “Manchester is closed.”  He hung up before he could explain what had happened, or if there’s any possibility that it can reopen. There was a sign about “maintenance” but there’s no indication renovations are underway. The diner had been open for more than a decade. Thanks to Daniel, Phil, Diana and Mark for the tips.

Ikinari Steak, which recently opened at 2233 Broadway (79th-80th), is expected to close along with most of the chain’s other locations, according to Eater. “Just two years after launching an ambitious Manhattan expansion plan, the Japanese chain best known for being a standing-only, quick-service steakhouse will close nine of its 11 outposts this year.”

Ollie’s To Go at 2425 Broadway (89th) has also been closed, but a message on the machine says it will reopen Wednesday after “kitchen repairs.” Thanks to Marci and Harriet for tips.

Women’s clothing store Pinkyotto at 2060 Broadway (71st) has been emptied out. Thanks to Caroline for the tip.

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    1. Kenneth says:

      re: Ikinari Steak
      Not enough people want to eat a $35 steak standing up at a counter?
      Wow. Who could have guessed?

    2. Lauren Flick says:

      I really liked Manchester Diner! Food was good, place was cozy and they had outdoor seating when it was nice – JEEZ can our neighborhood not hold onto ANY good local shops!?

    3. Kathy says:

      There are more and more empty store fronts. I’ve only lived here 3 1/2 years and it’s just gotten worse!

    4. Zanarkand says:

      I love Ikinari Steak. My wife and I would eat there every couple weeks. It was a great deal for a quality steak. Sad news to hear.

    5. Evan says:

      Modern Bread and Bagel needs some financial advice! Don’t open a bagel shop the the same location a previous one failed after being open 6 months. Not to mention Lenny’s is across the street at H&H up the block. And Birdbath gluten free bakery recently closed so clearly no demand for those products. What a waste of money.

      • Nano says:

        Birdbath wasn’t gluten free though.
        Their main competition is By The Way bakery (gluten free, dairy free) on 90th and broadway.

      • UWSMomma says:

        It’s also Kosher….H&H and Lenny’s are not. That is going to be a big draw.

    6. Mark P says:

      Ikinari was great, precisely because it wasn’t a $35 steak. Sad to see it go.

    7. Tom D. says:

      Not to be a pedant, but… Manchester Diner had not been at that location “more than a decade’ — more like 7+ years. That corner was previously the Westway Cafe. The changeover occurred in 2011.

    8. Karindnyc says:

      I think Modern Bread would have been better on Broadway, in the 70s though I am guessing rents are too high.

    9. Sprinkles says:

      Bagels need gluten to give them the proper structure and chew. You can use substitutes like gums to mimic some of gluten’s qualities, but it won’t be exactly the same. Unless you’re actually allergic or have celiac disease, and therefore you have no other option, why not just eat a regular delicious gluten bagel? It’s not going to hurt you. Don’t mess with something perfect in its simplicity.

    10. Samuel says:

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