Dog Owner Says Her Siberian Huskies Were Stolen From Outside of Plant Shed on 96th Street (UPDATE: FOUND!)

Two Siberian Huskies were stolen from outside Plant Shed at 209 West 96th Street on Saturday evening around 6:30 p.m., according to the dogs’ owner Maureen Cross. The dogs had been tied up while the owner was inside a nearby building. Police confirmed that the dogs had been reported stolen and said the incident was still under investigation.

Here is a surveillance video of the dogs being taken from outside Plant Shed, according to the neighbor who sent it in:

UPDATE: The dogs have been found and returned to their owner as of Sunday afternoon. Thanks to everyone who sent in tips. We will have a longer story on their rescue.

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    1. Colleen says:

      And this is EXACTLY why it is NEVER EVER a good idea to leave your dogs tied up alone on the sidewalk. This is heartbreaking for the owner and so so so unfair to the poor dogs!!!!

    2. TheDoggist says:

      How sad.
      And before the holier-than-thou crowd gets in here and criticizes her for leaving the dogs tied up outside of a store, I’ll be the first to say that I’ve done the same thing and I imagine 90% of dog owners in the city have, too.

      I’ll be on the lookout for these pups!

      • Kat French says:

        Not this dog owner! And I bet your 90% is way off. I’m not one of those people who takes their dog everywhere, but I do tend to patronize stores that welcome my dog to come in. That’s not realistic with two Siberian Huskies… and I’m not sure why anyone has such big dogs in the city. Still, very glad they were found and are home safely.

      • WELL, just because you have done it-surely does not make it right. We in the rescue community see what happens to these dogs. Believe me-you don’t want to know or see….. leave your dog home when shopping.

      • Gail Rodgers says:

        Nope. Never done this. Never will.

      • EricaC says:

        I haven’t. I always think I’m being paranoid, but it is just a risk I won’t take – and this incident (two big dogs, not even dogs you can pick up and run with!) has only confirmed me on this.

        I don’t want to be holier than though, but it really does seem so risky – it would have to be something pretty important to take that risk.

      • Gregory says:

        You could not be more wrong, very few people ever tie their dogs up and it’s about as negligent as you can be. I have two dogs and know a lot of dog owners in the neighborhood… everyone is mortified that this person would tie up their dogs and we all have agreed how sad it makes us on the rare occasions you see it out and about. Your poor pets if you think this ok.

      • Catherine says:

        Never ever have I left my dogs tied up outside a store. Would you leave your kids outside? It is never ok or safe. She may have thought no one would approach 2 huskies but they went along very obediently
        She is a very lucky dog owner.

      • Real Dog Lover says:

        I would NEVER leave my dog tied up outside anywhere for any reason. A pet of any kind is a living and vulnerable creature for whom you assume ultimate responsibility and care for when you elect to become a pet owner. Leaving a dog tied up outside, aside from opening you/the dog up to all manner of risk (theft, a car jumping the curb, etc), can also be cruel depending on the weather. If you wouldn’t leave a defenseless toddler child tied up alone outside, why would you do that to a dog you claim to love?

    3. Mark Moore says:

      Around 8PM Saturday night I was in Petco on Bway and 92nd and a guy had two dogs that looked just like that. I noticed them because the dogs seemed uncomfortable while he was trying to coax them up the stairs to the second floor. I have no idea if it was the same dogs though.

    4. Miles says:

      My wife and I saw these dogs last night inside the 96th Street subway station surrounded by approximately 5 – 6 people. The people were talking and standing around, didn’t appear to be anything abnormal until I saw this posting.

    5. Joanna says:

      My friend saw them around 10:15pm last night just outside the turnstiles at the 96th St 1/2/3 station. He’s going to call the number, but hopefully there’s security video footage.

    6. Maria says:

      PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOGS UNATTENDED! This type of thing continues to happen and I’m amazed that dog owners still do this. Sorry, and I know it is after the fact, but take heed! I hope the dogs are found and returned soon.

    7. NYYgirl says:


    8. Curtis says:

      Dogs were “tied up” outside. I’d bet that Maureen would NEVER leave her cellphone tied up outside — or out of her sight.

    9. Angela says:

      Update! DOGS FOUND!! We have them now.

    10. Jonah says:

      They’ve been found!!!

    11. Sandra Gleich says:


    12. Lord Of The Slice says:

      “The dogs had been tied up while the owner was inside a nearby building”

      you say “stolen,”
      some would say “rescued”

      • Jill says:


      • UWS Bart says:

        Amen! SHAME on anyone who would tie their dogs up unattended. It is cruel, and terrible treatment of the dogs—and SHAME on the person who said that 90% of people do it—that is completely untrue. Anyone who actually cares about their animals would never tie them up and leave them. Like someone else said, would you ever leave your cell phone tied up outside?

      • no dear stolen!!!!

      • Sara says:

        Agreed! I once saw a disheveled man looking around him while trying to unleash a young dog tied up right on Columbus Ave outside of the Pioneer store. The man looked around him suspiciously, left and right! And, the dog looked confused, not like he would if his owner were there.

        I took a chance and asked the guy where the “owner” was . . . just to see his reaction. He immediately dropped the leash and walked away! I stayed to watch over the dog in case the thief “returned.”

        Finally, (15 mins later, so I missed my favorite TV show) the obvious owner (obvious because the dog happily jumps all over him) came out.

        I said to him, “A guy was trying to get your dog unleashed, so I was watching.” He looked at me like I was a bit off.

        I pretty much hate the owner for his complete lack of responsibility and his apparent disbelief of ME. However, I am very happy that I saved the dog.

    13. Boo says:

      Sorry, I do hope they are reunited, but she was really DUMB to leave them unattended!

    14. Uwsmom says:

      And yet last week, someone called 911 because they saw a dog locked in a parked car on Broadway. In this weather, if it was my dog, he would have been totally fine. I would have done the same. Better than tying him up outside to get stolen.

    15. Bill says:

      It is so dangerous to leave dogs unattended anywhere. Glad there is a happy ending.

    16. gene says:

      NEVER EVER leave your dogs unattended!!

      End of story!!!!

    17. Eln says:

      I don’t know the facts in this case but it always makes me uncomfortable when I see dogs tied up and left alone on the street any time especially in very hot weather and/or very cold weather.

    18. Shirley Luban says:

      Don’t ever leave dogs unattended. I hope Maureen will never again leave her dogs tied up outside. So relieved they were found…very lucky this time.


    20. Jenna G says:

      pet PARENTS must stop leaving their pets outside unwatched! this is ABUSE! sorry but it is disgraceful. plan your day to provide proper care and security or DO NOT HAVE PETS! they are NOT accessories, toys, bikes, cars, things!

    21. Kathleen says:

      The fact that you and your imagined 90% of dog owners who have left their pets alone outside doesn’t make it an ok thing to do. When we take pets into our homes and our lives we are responsible for their well being and safety. Leaving them unattended is not safe, duh.

      So glad these dogs were returned and I hope the owner learned her lesson.

    22. Susan Epler says:

      I spend plenty of time waiting for dog owners who tie their dogs up in front of Central Market on West 110 Street near Central Park West inbetweentwo parks: Morningside and Central Park. This is an open invitation
      for a thief or thiefs who just want their own dog or to sell one . This IS NYC and do not be complacent. I tell them
      to try not to tie their dog outside a store. It only takes
      a few seconds to abscond with small cutie doggies!

    23. animal lover says:

      The only “legitimate” reason to tie dogs outside is if you live in a 3rd floor or higher walk-up and are disabled or very, very elderly and cannot take the dogs for their walk and take them back up the stairs and then go down the stairs again to do errands, go to work or whatever. And then you have to be very religious and say many prayers that the dog(s) are not stolen. Personally, I would forego a loaf of bread and some other goodies at the supermarket and hire a dog walker.

      • jezbel says:

        That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. If you are disabled you should be living in a walk-up. IF you have no help, you should have a dog. Get a cat if you want a pet. If you’re so old you can’t make it up and down the stairs to walk your pet 3 or 4 times a day you should have a pet that needs walking. Get fish, get a cat, a bird, a lizard. But not a dog.

      • Catherine says:

        Sorry that is a ridiculous argument. If you are elderly and live in a walk up – re-home them. Never any reason to leave them unattended – just asking for trouble and heartache especially for your furry ones

    24. Concerned Dog Owner says:

      A wonderful reunion!!! But please don’t lecture. I often take my dog with me on errands as he loves being out in the neighborhood and hates being left home alone. Wouldn’t you? But many places don’t allow dogs and it’s hard to predict. You can’t even grab a coffee at the corner deli, and sometimes even Duane Reade turns away dogs. Guess it’s far better to leave the little guys home rather than face this awful situation – and to then face the wrath of this high-handed group!

    25. amanda hugankiss says:

      If I did that with my kids, I’d be arrested. Just saying.

    26. Rita says:

      Sooo glad that they were found. NEVER leave an animal tied up unattended. You would not do this with your children. Wouldn’t leave my dog for even a minute!!

    27. 155 crew says:

      Thanks to all along the way who helped. Shout out to the wonderful people at perfecto pizza, Petco, AT&T, McDonald’s, Starbucks, staples, and many more.

    28. 155 crew says:

      And symphony vet!

    29. WH Gordon says:

      When are people going to learn NOT to tie their dogs up outside unattended.

    30. Dog Owner says:

      And selfish and dumb. And No, 90% of the dog owners do not ever leave their dogs outside unattended. The only people who ties their dogs outside a store are those that are willing to lose their dog(s).
      This owner was very lucky, because it is rare that they dogs are ever found after a dog theft. And what can happen to their dogs is horrible.

    31. Elizabeth M. says:

      To the person who said 90% of dog owners tie their dogs up outside stores: I am one of the 10% who do NOT! Why take the risk? How many times does this have to happen before people learn can happen to them? Usually they are never returned. Thank God these two are ok.

    32. Ronnie Tuft says:

      I wonder at the wisdom of leaving one’s dog tied up outside a store. Would you leave your wallet tied to a tree, or a baby in a carriage left outside while you shop inside a store? Although most people are good and honest, there is no guarantee that every human being passing by is. So you are taking a risk of losing something very precious when you do — as this story demonstates.

    33. ML says:

      Thank goodness the dogs were found, they look like sweet dogs. Don’t tie up dogs, make sure dogs have i.d. tags on their collars and microchip also helps. Were the dog thieves charged? what if they have done this to other dogs?

    34. Steven says:

      Huskies are fine with the cold. These people prob thought the dogs were abandoned and took them to a warmer place. Rule of thumb is, don’t take your pets shopping, or leave a note with a timestamp and cell number. You leave them unattended, how is anyone supposed to know when you’re coming back?

    35. chris woo says:

      this might be good to have (for very brief stays) instead of tying up a dog

    36. Jill Schreier says:

      you do not leave any pet outside a store. this in new york.i have grown on the west side.

    37. Catherine says:

      And the female was a tri-pod!!!
      Good grief Maureen – am thrilled you had a happy ending

    38. Brenda says:

      I’m sure there are times when a person really does have to leave their dog outside. I’m not sure it’s helpful to pretend we know enough to blame the victim. I’ve only ever had small dogs, so this hasn’t been an issue for me.

    39. Trace says:

      Terrible that the dogs were taken- but you are putting the public at risk too. If (God forbid) your dog injured someone whether provoked or not- you would be sued, held liable and likely have your dog taken and destroyed. Not smart

    40. Jen says:

      And nobody cares who and why took the dogs? Not to mention some claiming they were “rescued” without any facts.
      It would be helpful if WSR elaborated.

    41. B.B. says:

      Am guessing all those commenting that they do *NOT* leave their dogs tied up outside of stores or whatever are the same persons seen in Duane Reade, Rite Aid, CVS, Fairway, and other stores that sell food with Fido in tow.

      Despite it being against NYC DOH rules/laws every where you go there they are, owners with dogs going up and down the aisles totally oblivious. This and or they put the pooch in to the shopping baskets/child seating section of carts.

      Store personnel and or anyone else can point out the laws all they like; it doesn’t make a bit of difference.

      Am not advocating leaving Fido tied up outside during a long social call; but those who do so when needing to go shopping are *Obeying The Law*. It is either that or take the dog(s) back home, then go out again to purchase whatever is needed.

      • Uwsmommy says:

        Totally agree with you. I have tied my dog up to run in and grab one or two items from a store or to grab my coffee on the way home. I have always done it so I can see my dog from the inside of the store. If I have to go into a store where I cannot see my dog from the inside then I don’t tie him up. My thought is that my dog gets an extra outing he wouldn’t normally get when I run errands. And it really upsets me to see all the people with little dogs (I have a big dog) constantly breaking the law and bringing their little dog into a store. I would never leave my children outside and yes my dog is considered my 4th child but my dog is not allowed into many stores and he would probably rather be out and about than sitting at home waiting for me to run to grab one or two items.

    42. Willy says:

      When will people learn to NOT TIE THEIR DOGS OUTSIDE?????? Nothing holier than thou about it. It’s called being responsible.