Photos: The Brilliant Christmas Trees of West End Avenue, With Flying Pig

By Mildred Alpern

Strung in neat array from varicolored non-recyclable bottle caps and jar tops, two ingenious Christmas trees take shape on West End Avenue between 86th and 87th Street by the church of St. Paul and St. Andrew. Tiny lights threaded throughout the assortment add sparkle. Passersby gather to admire its construction as well as the jovial pig dressed in Santa garb. They were made, we learn, by a professor who lives in an apartment nearby.

By day, the trees are clever and whimsical. At night, they assume a magical air of glittering mystery as the caps, tops, and lights combine to rival the offerings of elegant jewelry shops.

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    1. EricaC says:

      They are remarkably pretty, given their source.

      But why are those caps non-recyclable?

    2. Evan Bando says:

      Why does the pig artist prefer anonymity?

      • Mildred Alpern says:

        I am not sure that she does. I am trying to contact her to see whether she wishes to be known for her artistic achievement. Her daughter, with whom I conversed, stated that her mother would be so pleased that I admired the trees. I did not ask for her mother’s name at that moment.

      • Por Kii says:

        Re: “Why does the pig artist prefer anonymity?”

        Welllll, ya know how it is with us pigs.

        We’re rather shy and sensitive about:
        our weight,
        our mud-covered snouts,
        our stupid curly tails,
        AND THE WORST: always being told we’re NOT KOSHER.

        Face-it, nobody knows the truffles we’ve seen!

        • Evan Bando says:

          Very clever, Por Kii. Made me smile. So, the artist is represented by the pig sitting atop the Christmas tree?

    3. Bruce E. Bernstein says:


    4. F. Shtopp says:

      Great pix, esp. those close-ups (4th & 5th from top, 2nd from bottom) with excellent D.o.F. (Depth of Field).

    5. Karen says:

      Love the creative power of found material.
      I’ve passed by the trees for the passed couple years and still smile at how assume they are.
      Next year we need another one or two.

    6. Susan says:

      Every year their Christmas tree creations are amazing

    7. Linda Berkowicz says:

      This is terrific!