Morning Bulletin: Big Milk Spill, School for Blind Musicians Faces Eviction, Lawsuit Against Local McDonald’s

A delivery truck stopped short and milk spilled freely into the street on Amsterdam and 88th on Friday, Barbara Peck tells us. No one appeared to be injured, she said.

December 24, 2018 Weather: Rainy, with a high of 47 degrees.

Christmas carols, a free DJ-and-horns concert, great Jewish opera and more local events are on our calendar.

A music school at the Lighthouse Guild, an organization serving the blind, is being evicted by the Lighthouse Guild. “School volunteers and students said the school, officially known as the Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School, was scrambling to find temporary space in Manhattan — a daunting challenge, given its limited budget and Manhattan’s high rents — by late January to avoid canceling the spring semester…The school has been an unsung staple of New York City arts circles for decades, including 20 years of performances at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and holiday recitals at Midtown Manhattan office buildings.”

A woman is suing the McDonald’s on 71st Street. “Elizabeth Storelli says in a new lawsuit that workers at Colley’s McDonald’s at West 71st Street and Broadway failed to help her when she accidentally bumped into a woman in the crowded eatery and was severely beaten. ‘I thought I was going to die,’’ Storelli, a 49-year-old nurse, told The Post.” The owner of the restaurant told the Post that ‘Our biggest priority is always the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. Due to pending litigation it would be inappropriate for me to comment further.’'”

Roderick Covlin is on trial on charges of killing his estranged wife Shele Danishefsky in their West 68th Street apartment on New Year’s Eve in 2009. “Covlin was two months away from inheriting half of Danishefsky’s $4 million fortune when he’s accused of killing the mother of his two children.”

Channing Parker, 23, received a 20-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting two 8-year-old girls who attended the Ideal School in West 91st Street. “The young victims wrote heart-wrenching victim statements, which were read in court.” Parker worked as a coach for a third-party organization called Kids Creative; the Ideal School has ended its relationship with the organization.

And amidst the negative news…here’s a nice story from Rebecca Wallace-Segall of Writopia Lab:

“The Christmas tree guy [on 90th Street] lets Maxanne, 9, and Joelle, 7, set up a book sale on his stand; they trade candy canes for books for his toddler. He insists on handing over a few dollars since the girls are raising funds to buy Spanish language children’s books for an orphanage in Ecuador. In the freezing cold, a dozen people stop to buy the girls’ self published stories and board books about Purim and Passover. Holidays on the UWS.”

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    1. Une Cliché says:

      Re: “A delivery truck stopped short and milk spilled freely into the street….”

      Awwrrrr…you know: “No use crying over….”

    2. ZoomZ says:

      You don’t cry over spilled milk.

    3. Those are two sterling young girls!!
      Grandma Ricki

    4. Wendy says:

      the cats must have had a field day.

    5. NativeNYer says:

      The Lighthouse Guild is a disgrace and a fraud for evicting the music school.

      • Parker says:

        Agreed. They also closed their school for students who are blind and challenged with more significant disabilities, the Heilbrunn School. Not certain what’s happening over at the Lighthouse Guild financially, but I do hope the press continues to follow these developments as it’s such a critically important organization for blind city residents.

    6. Gonne Yeats says:

      was that truck carrying open vats? you’d think you’d see the cartons floating around.

    7. Jen says:

      The workers at McDonalds should be inveftisgated. The place is unruly when the school crowd stops there. The workers not only don’t want to get involved, they actually side up with the offenders.

      I called 911 once when the students knocked down the elderly lady with a walker. The responding officers came and talked to the lady and the offending girl and didn’t do anything, stating their hands are right, even though the girl was still wired and screaming that she wants to punch the lady.

    8. UWSer from Afar says:

      His last name is “Covlin,” not “Colvin.” The latter is a family name, so I was curious to see if we might be related. Apparently not.