Comedy Gone Wild on the UWS: Roseanne Sings Hava Nagilah, Seinfeld Goes Clubbing

The Upper West Side has a few comedy clubs, but it’s never quite been the center of the New York scene. On Tuesday night, though, local clubs had some attention-grabbing headliners.

Photo via Westside Comedy Club.

Jerry Seinfeld popped into the West Side Comedy Club on 75th and Amsterdam. “He tweeted that he was going to be there about 1/2 hour before he went on,” an attendee told us. “I think the set was about 25 minutes and it was very funny. Someone I was with said about 80% of the material he had heard before and 20% was new. He did a Q&A after and took about 5 questions from the audience. He was very funny, relaxed and seemed to really be enjoying it.

At Standup NY on 78th, Roseanne Barr taped another podcast with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Tuesday. Afterwards, a Jewish a capella group into The Y-Studs (a Jewish a capella group) in the Stand Up NY office and they ended up singing a few songs together.

Roseanne and the Y-Studs.

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    1. chase says:

      why is Rosanne’s name before Jerry’s… Please show some respect.

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      Boteach leeches onto celebs for $. Also his fly is open.

    3. jezbel says:

      I read elsewhere that Roseanne is working on an album, I think in Nashville. She still sings the way she did when she “sang” the National Anthem at a ball game years ago. Awful. And I read she’s decided to move to Israel – apparently to avoid the reboot of the TV show The Connors, without her in the cast.
      Clearly not one of my favorite people. Happy to have missed her and the Rabbi at the comedy club.

    4. Adam says:

      So much for that Barr boycott!

    5. Biffmeister says:

      Roseanne should be back on her own show. She was a victim of PC simply because of a mean-spirited joke. She didn’t shoot a cop, she didn’t rob a bank, she didn’t rob, cheat or steal. She didn’t commit a terrorist attack. She simply made a bad joke. ABC totally over-reacted because corporate America bows to PC ideology.

    6. BillyNYC says:

      Jerry Steinfeldt is a really good neighborhood boy…for years he has supported the Upper-Westside. I love running into him on the park bench here on W. 81st St. during the summer while walking my dog Zac. We’re very lucky and fortunate that we have good neighborhood celebrities that will hang out in the neighborhood and just be like you and me…another perfect example is Matt Dillon and Christopher Walken. Remembering Tony Randall being the same and a strong supporter of the Upper Westside.

    7. Sophia says:

      Go away, Ms. Barr!

    8. SU says:

      Roseanne should be on the show she created. She made a bad joke. Comedians make plenty of bad jokes. It was no more inappropriate than all the hillary lovers referring to our president as an orangutan or worse. PC gone mad.