Roseanne Barr Appearing at UWS Comedy Club Thursday; Security to Be Beefed Up

Image via wikimedia.

Roseanne Barr will be on the Upper West Side Thursday night, one of her first public appearances since her racist tweet led to her show being cancelled.

Barr will be taping a podcast with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach at Standup NY, 236 West 78th Street near Broadway. Club owner Dani Zoldan told the Post that “the liberal Upper West Side is not going to be OK with having her on their turf, but we’re a comedy club . . . We don’t censor our comics.”

Zoldan apparently expects people to protest Barr’s appearance, the Post reports.

We hear that security will be beefed up for the occasion with the venue bringing in two bodyguards, and Barr may also bring her own security.

“There might be hecklers; if [there are,] they’ll be thrown out. We don’t want it to get out of hand,” Zoldan said.

The space has previously hosted controversial figures such as Ann Coulter, Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos, as well as lefty filmmaker Michael Moore.

Zoldan’s biggest concern is that Roseanne simply won’t show. “There’s been a lot of buzz. I’m worried that she’ll get cold feet. It’s her first trip out to New York since the incident,” he told US Weekly.

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    1. EricaC says:

      I hope people can not give these people the satisfaction of a protest. She is a jerk, but liberals have to sop rising to the bait. It is taken as a confirmation of the dangers of liberalism by the paranoid on the right. The only people in the world who can rationalize the need to bear semi-automatic weapons by citing the terrible dangers to law and order posed by non-violent protests by women in pink knitted hats.

      Besides, we all know that giving attention to an attention-seeking bully is no way to get them to be quiet. It just feeds them.

      Just stay away, and don’t give this unctuous club owner the publicity.

      • NYC10023 says:

        I didn’t see anywhere that protests were being planned, but due to her racist/hateful rants I honestly don’t have a problem if there are any. It’s not rising to the bait, it’s showing these asshats that they’re vitriol isn’t going to become the norm.

        That said, she’s batshit crazy so I’d rather stare at a piece of broccoli all night than exert energy to walk down there and see her. Or protest her.

        • BillyNYC says:

          Yes we will be there tonight pros testing starts now!!!!!

        • Chrigid says:

          I love that it’s okay to use the word as as long as it’s about something on the top of your head.

        • EricaC says:

          NYC10023, the only message they take from it is that the protestors are uncivilized, out of control, childish, unable to withstand the slightest provocation (the last does seem to be true). It persuades no one when every single stupid thing is met as though it is Armageddon.

          Government proposing a law that needs to stop? Ok, protest. People killed In the street? Ditto. Other real things – sure. A third-rate comedian undergoing a nervous breakdown in public and being deeply offensive along the way? Crickets are the best approach.

    2. Evan says:

      Why would anyone want to see her, let along pay.

      • dannyboy says:

        There is a following that cannot be ignored.

        Like something I saw: “I Follow Trump”.

        • stevieboy says:

          Well, he is the President of the United States. Don’t believe in democracy? He was elected, what can you do?

          • dannyboy says:

            This is the saddest and most heartbreaking statement that I have ever heard.

            stevieboy, having freedom means you can have a voice. You can use that voice to stand up for yourself and others.

            To think about it another way, you don’t have to go along because of an election. That would be Totalitarianism.

            Try to think this through.

      • Lulu says:

        The same people that go to see a Mel Gibson movie, or listen to Farrakhan speak or buy a Paula dean cookbook……it’s called forgiveness

        • Kenneth says:

          The problem with Mel Gibson is that he’s a fantastic movie director. People who choose not to see his films on the basis of his dodgy views are truly missing out.

          • bravo says:

            Mel Gibson is a women-beating, violent, unapologetic full blown NAZI. A garbage being, and Hollywood acting is not theater acting: films are edited, re-shot, edited again and so on. But apparently to you some nazis are “good people.”

            • Kenneth says:

              I was referring to his directing, but fine, if you want to bring in The Beaver, I’ll applaud his acting as well.

            • Harold says:

              For the 100th time, let me say this regarding people calling Trump & Gibson NAZIS.
              The Nazis murdered close to 30 million people in a span of 10 years.
              By calling Gibson – or Trump – a Nazi, you diminish what the Nazis have done.
              Last I saw & heard, both Trump & Gibson may be unkind. lousy husbands, ugly behaving people, BUT – neither is a NAZI.
              Lets keep that word top whom it apply.

          • Ted says:

            Maybe you feel the same way about Leni Riefenstahl?

            • ZoomZoom says:

              She lived to be 101.
              Why did you bring her name into this conversation?

            • Ted says:


              I brought her up because her films are widely acknowledged to be emotionally powerful and well crafted but she also had a close relationship with Hitler and much of her work was in support of the Nazis.

              Mel Gibson is a skilled film maker but his reprehensible views and behaviors overshadow his work as an artist. He is a disgusting bigoted human being and as such I do not support his work in the same way I would reject the work of David Duke if he were a film maker.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            “dodgy views”, HA! We all know the comments he made about Jews during his drunk episode, but did you hear he talks about black people on the phone conversations to his ex-wife? guy is very disturbed, filled with rage. but he is very talented, and from what I’ve experienced in life, I have met some very talented people who are awful human beings. being talented and being decent are not mutually exclusive.

        • UWSHebrew says:

          you’re comparing Farrakhan to Paula Deen?! She said one word DECADES ago! Farrakhan STILL spews his hate! Every week in his sermons! June 12, 2018 : “I wonder if you will see the satanic Jew and the synagogue of satan…”. And you “Forgive”?! Oh, you are good lulu, you win comment of the year!

        • Brenda says:

          Silly, you spelled “complicity” wrong.

    3. Paul Constantine says:

      What Erica says… the best “protest” of all is staying away, make her play to just her security detail. As for the club, they do have every right to book her, and we all have ever right to never again support the place… after allo, it’s supposed to be a comedy place, but having her there turns it 100% political.

    4. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      imho, we see just as much racism — on an almost daily basis — from certain regular commenters on the WSR as we did from Roseanne Barr.

      and we see even more from the White House — that is what gives some people license to say ignorant things. not htat they needed an excuse, but they feel like it’s more popular and acceptable.

      • Sherman says:

        Hi Bruce

        Before you lash out at everyone else for being “racist” perhaps you should take a good, hard look at your own life and previous comments you posted on this forum.

        And for the record I think Roseanne is atrocious.


        • Bruce E. Bernstein says:


          Perhaps you’re not aware that “certain” commenters doesn’t mean “all” commenters.

          More and more of the commenters on this site have spoken out about the almost daily racism that a few spew out. yes, you’re one of those few. And you are certainly aware of the pushback you’ve been getting.

          • Harold says:

            Bruce old chap,
            In a way, you are racist as well.
            Except that your racism is toward anyone who is not like you – a progressive/liberal/socialist/way left field citizen.

            • EricaC says:

              So, your point that liberals can be – and often are – every bit as intolerant of other people’s views (much to my dismay), you do know that racism requires bias based on race …. right? Intolerance of other views is bad (although really, I think the problem with intolerance from the left is more a question of being unable to distinguish “I disagree with you” from “your view is morally intolerable”), but it isn’t the same thing.

          • Bruce E. Bernstein says:

            Disagreeing with people and/or stating your views does not constitute “intolerance”, EricaC.

            however, I don’t have much patience for the sort of blatant racism we see repeated over and over from the same few commenters. You have been one of the people who has openly rebuked them, to your credit.

    5. Gretchen says:

      Lock Her Up!

    6. Mark Moore says:

      Just ignore her.

    7. Carlos says:

      If Roseanne Barr performs at a comedy club on the Upper West Side and no one shows up, did she perform at that comedy club?

    8. Rachel d says:

      How about, don’t play into the hype. No one show up, no publicity or protest at all. Just crickets. Best way of letting people know an opinion.

    9. Bob Lamm says:

      Roseanne Barr will get publicity whether people protest or not. So it’s great if people are moved to protest this racist, conspiracy-theory-loving fool.

    10. ValerieA says:

      I never cared for Roseanne Barr back in her television hay day nor did I find her comedy comeback amusing. It was just a matter of time before she put her foot in her mouth and I think the time has come for her to retire from acting. She’s very hard on my eyes too.

      • Deb says:

        Valerie –

        Attacking someone based on their looks? Really?
        And you’re a woman attacking another woman’s appearance?

        My mom said “if you have nothing nice to say, font say anything at all”.

    11. jezbel says:

      Joan Rivers, she’s not. She dragged herself into the mess she’s desperately spinning to clean up. Hope she plays to an empty house. Chattig with Rabbi Shmuly is a pathetic attempt to meet with the same guy who tried to resurrect Michael Jackson. Pa-lease!

    12. Elizabeth says:

      Sounds a little like Zoldan is trying to foment a little protest. The “liberal Upper West Side” doesn’t care much about a very rich woman who trashed her own lucrative reboot cash cow. She likes trump, good for her. Lo these millions of years she’s been famous she’s going to get cold feet for this appearance? Sounds like the show needs a little hype.

    13. NotImpressed says:

      I think she’s funny.

    14. MF says:

      It would be great if NO ONE showed up!!

    15. RDF says:

      Here’s an idea…instead of playing right into the drama of publicity, how about no one protest, and no one attend – either the protest or the performance, (unless, of course, you want to see her act…)

      The worst thing for an attention seeker is to not get it. Just the sound of crickets. And I can think of a certain president who needs the same treatment:-)

    16. Pedestrian says:

      I have a suggestion. She loves attention.
      Let’s all ignore her. No protests and
      no audience …no hecklers.

      We can do it UWS . It’s easy. Just go
      Somewhere else.

    17. Bigtallguy says:

      I hope the place can hear crickets it’s so empty. Don’t give her the time of day

    18. Ben says:

      Given all the parents protesting the recent proposed UWS school zoning changes, I’d say Roseanne should be right at home on the UWS.

    19. Martin says:

      I hope nobody shows. She is a racist, nut job, pig, not very funny, crude, and just all around disgusting.

    20. Sean says:

      Does anyone here remember that movie that she made with Meryl Streep?

    21. GO10024 says:

      Completely agree that its best to ignore her. Let her perform exclusively for the people she pays – her security ‘team’.

    22. ZoomZoom says:

      I guarantee that the place will be sold out.
      As liberal as the UWS is, there will be the folks who will pay to see and hear her.
      And lets not forget that not long ago she ran for the presidency as a green party person.

    23. Ron Gallop says:

      I’m not sure I know who this woman is.

      Is she the one who used to be on the show called “The Connors?”

    24. Woody says:

      Has anyone suggested that no one show up to her show?

    25. Skylar says:

      Which part of her tweet was racist- calling Obama a Muslim or saying whats her name looks like an ape? I find this ironic because it’s like people saying a diaper commercial is kiddie porn. It says more about the mind of the accuser than the figure itself.
      If the lady was white would Roseanne still be a racist? Lisa Lampaneli called Gene Kelly of KISS an ape at his roast. Was that racist? Many people say Steven Tyler looks like an ape. Are they racist too?

      • David says:

        Skylar – I hope you meant to say Gene Simmons?

      • EricaC says:

        Skylar, you have to be pretty oblivious not to know the social and political context of calling black people apes. I’m going to hope that you’re just too young to remember, rather than just deliberately obtuse. Though I think that would mean you’d have to be too young to type.

    26. Diana Pescador says:

      Years ago my husband and I walked out of Stand Up NY Comedy Club because of one racist comedian after another (and we were heckled for not being able to take a joke.) . Cursing does not bother us but using rate hateful language does. How dare they reward her behavior.

    27. Gale says:

      Just don’t go. But if you are one of those who likes to stare at accidents, go–don’t laugh, don’t boo, don’t heckle, don’t applaud. Sit in stone-faced silence. Wonder how that would fly?

    28. Pjay says:

      I miss the days of Don Rickles& George carlinHowever, I hate this protest nonsense. It’s still America& we have free speech& I don’t believe in censorship in social media or onstage. If people attend or don’t attend it’s their CHOUCE, not anyone else’s. Or does freedom of choice only apply to planned parenthood? The rules apply to ALL OF US IN ALL MATTERS.

    29. John says:

      I will be there to support her to many people love to hate one another in this city

      • EricaC says:

        What are you supporting her for? (Genuine question.) is it because you think she is funny, or because you think that it is wrong to object to her comments?

    30. NYWoman says:

      If a tree falls in a forest… or if Roseanne Barr presents and few show up and no one pays attention – was she there?

    31. Sean says:

      Has Roseanne Barr left the UWS yet? Can we walk down W78 now?