Who Needs Manhattanhenge, We’ve Got Cathedralhenge!

Yes, Manhattanhenge is cool. But Scott Matthews has found an even more exciting celestial phenomenon that’s arguably much cooler.

Cathedralhenge occurs twice a year when the morning sun crosses behind the statue of the Archangel Gabriel at the top of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine at 114th and Amsterdam Avenue.

There’s only problem: the scene can only be viewed from Scott’s apartment on 106th Street and Broadway. SO Scott, can we all come by around this time next year? We’ll bring the bagels!

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    1. Count DRECKula says:

      …can we all come by around this time next year?….

      So sorrrry, but vill haf to miz it.

      Mussst be in “bed” beforrre sunrrrise!

      So don’t COUNT on me!

    2. Absolute bagels, and you’ve got a deal. 🙂

    3. David Ochoa says:

      I worked across the street at Amsterdam House for 35 years and the Cathedral never ceased to amaze me. Visually, spiritually and neighborhood pride, living in the neighborhood where I’ve been for 44 years now.

    4. Pedestrian says:

      Good Morning Scott! See you next year.