Silver Stars Fitness: Over 50 And Complain About Your Low Back? Our Research Based Personal Training Model And Small Group Classes Get Results!


Lower back pain is often a common complaint especially when over the age of 50.

Low back pain can stem from many issues such as herniated or degenerative disks, spinal stenosis, arthritis and muscle strains.

But a good percentage of the time there is nothing structurally wrong with the spine that is causing the pain.

Pain often comes just from being tight and weak in and around the low back. And as we get older if you’re not a regular strengthening program that addresses the muscles that support the spine, simple movements like lifting your packages, pushing and pulling objects or lifting your grandkids can cause pain.

The first step to decrease your risk of low back pain is to focus on muscles that stabilize the spine and other muscles that need to be loose to help take stress off the spine and make you less risk for pain.

Most of us know our “core” the muscles of your buttock, abdominals, hips and low back need to be strengthened on a regular basis to help support the spine.

But most aren’t aware that the hips and hamstrings (muscles of the back of the thigh need to be stretched. If the hips are tight specifically the (hip flexors that attach to the spine) this will move to the low back in to an excessive arched position which can put additional stress on the spine.

In addition, have you ever thought there was a connection between low back pain and having tight shoulders or a tight mid back?

If your shoulders are tight and you try to lift your arms overhead, you will see that your back will arch. Most people think this is only due to a weak core, but we also have to look at the mobility around the shoulders.

Also, the same goes for the thoracic or mid back area. The mid back plays a direct role in keeping the low back healthy. For example, the low back is meant to be stabile, which means it should stay in a neutral position throughout all movement. If you’re mid back is not mobile and cannot move efficiently, the lower back will move in its place causing you to be at risk for low back pain.

Some basic exercises to help decrease your chances for pain are the:

  1. Bridge
  2. Plank
  3. Bird Dog
  4. Hip and hamstring stretching
  5. Shoulder mobility drills
  6. Mid back mobility drills

Make sure you’re standing and sitting with good posture and practice lifting objects with your legs and getting close to the object will decrease your chance for a strain.

Our research based personal training model will help prevent back pain by incorporating key components In a step-by- step progression.

Small group training simulates personal training as the class is limited to seven people. Small group training addresses cardiovascular endurance, balance, core, upper/lower body strength and flexibility all in 45 minutes. The energy is high and very effective for accomplishing a fat loss or general fitness goal.

See the full Silver Stars class schedule here.

If you have low back concerns and/or if you’re serious about losing weight, improving your balance or increasing your overall functionality, please contact us for your free consultation.


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