Local Spots Where You Can Gawk at Flowers at Their Peak — Go Now!

Photo by Heidi Stubner at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

Flowers will be blooming all through the spring and summer, but it’s not likely to get much better than it is right now. Here are some spots where you can see amazing flowers at their peak.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 114th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

The grounds around the cathedral have some awesome flowering trees, which compete with the peacocks for your admiration. Luckily you don’t have to choose, life isn’t a beauty contest!

Riverside Park, 91st Street garden

The garden on the park’s upper level has lots of beautiful plants and flowers. Learn more about it here.

West Side Community Garden, 89th between Columbus and Amsterdam.

This is the third — and best — weekend of the annual tulip festival. See Nancy Novick’s photos below.

Central Park

The park has numerous amazing flower-gawking spots, and the Central Park Conservancy has made a new handy guide to where different flowers are blooming now. The conservancy also has a year-round bloom guide. The cherry trees are really popping right now on the West side of the park between 86th and 90th street. Tulips are in bloom at the Shakespeare Garden.

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