Morning Bulletin: Building Can Dump Trump, Greenway Getting More Hazardous, Barber Museum

Photo by Scott Matthews.

May 7, 2018 Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high of 74 degrees.

A Greek festival and more local events this week are on our calendar.

A judge ruled that the residents of 200 Riverside Boulevard could remove President Trump’s name from their building. Eric Trump had said they were “rogue individuals.” “‘The court declines to accept the defendant’s assertion that the parties are required to continue the use of the identification Trump in perpetuity,’ Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Bransten said Thursday. But, she added, Trump could still sue the board of 200 Riverside Blvd. — Trump Place — if it scraps the affiliation without a majority of the residents approving the change.”

Construction delays on the Hudson River Greenway from 59th to 72nd street have made biking and walking there a crowded and treacherous experience, and it could get worse before the project is complete. “Now the pedestrian path is poised to get even more dangerous as spring heats up and brings out even more cyclists and walkers with their dogs.”

Arthur Rubinoff is opening a Barber Museum on Columbus, as we first reported in March. The Times sat down with him. “Inside the space was under construction but already Mr. Rubinoff’s signature décor — with all the subtlety of Versailles — could be seen in the six ornate chandeliers being hung on a small ceiling and the elaborate gilded trim along the edges…Visitors can get a haircut and peruse displays of antique and vintage barber equipment, from chairs and striped poles to towel steamers and straight razors.”

Deutsche Bank will move into the Time Warner Center, as the Time Warner corporation moves to Hudson Yards. “One mock-up of the bank’s new trading floor shows an expansive view of Central Park. The departure from Wall Street is a milestone for the historic financial district in lower Manhattan, following a long exodus of major firms to other parts of the city.”

A writer extols the virtues of Mani Market, and expects it to survive new competition from Trader Joe’s.

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    1. BillyB says:

      Beautiful shot of a chemtrail drag race!

      • Airplane Nut says:

        Re: “Beautiful shot of a chemtrail drag race!”

        Thank you for perpetrating yet another conspiracy theory!

        The white streaks are “contrails” (short for “condensation trails”) left by the exhaust of an aircraft’s jet-engines at cruise-altitude (above 25,000 feet) where the outside air is extremely cold.

        As proof, type “Chemtrail conspiracy theory” into the search-box at or anysearch-box of your choosing.

        • BillyB says:

          Wow, Airplane Nut, you are so smart. Wikipedia? Google search box? I would never ever have thought of such a clever research tactic! And I had no idea that these were actually——what is that you say—-con-trails.

          A’nd allso I had NO IDEA this was a conspiracy theory. But now I know I can research it on the internet! And find the truth.

          Thanks for educating me.

          • BillyB says:

            I couldn’t find anything in Wikipeda about Chemtrail drag races. Hmm.

            Also, I wonder if NYC would have much cloud cover on must days if it weren’t for these contrails, as you say.

    2. UWS10023 says:

      was wondering what would take over Time Warner Center since there’s so much space..
      Wonder what it will be called now?

      • RK says:

        One Columbus Circle, as per the linked article

        • Cato says:

          “One Columbus Circle, as per the linked article.”

          Well, at least until the history-revisionists finally have their way, topple all the statues and the building becomes known as One Native-Americans-Who-Aren’t-Native-But-Immigrated-From-Eurasia-But-Before-Anyone-Else Circle, anyway.

    3. dannyboy says:

      “Eric Trump had said they were “rogue individuals.”

      Can’t anyone in that family tell the truth?

      Accept reality?

      Too far from the scene? Most UWS know that it is not rogues.

    4. Margaret says:

      The incredibly long-delayed Hudson River Greenway closure (closed abruptly on November 22nd, with zero advance notice to any users or to the community stakeholders) is unacceptable.

      The same number of daily cyclists – 8000 trips a day – use the path as use the mayor’s entire boondoggle of a ferry system each day, and everyone has been bending over backwards for 5.5 months now waiting for this amenity to be restored. That northbound bike segment that Parks chained shut without warning actually carries 13% of the afternoon northbound traffic that the car lanes on the West Side Highway do. (1520 northbound cyclists on that bike path, compared to just over 10,000 commuters in cars on the whole WSH). Don’t even ask me about the noise pollution or carbon emissions comparisons.

      If there’s a delay in paving this and it has stretched 5+ months, the gates need to be opened in the afternoons to accommodate safe commutes by bicycle. There are no other safe northbound bike lanes from 59th and 72nd anywhere on the West Side.

      Please get it together, Parks, because this is a vital transportation artery in a climate-focused world.

    5. Virginia Seipt says:

      The back side of the buildings with “Trump Place” nailed into the facade in fact face FREEDOM PLACE. It is not, and never has been, trump place!!!

      • Whyse Guy says:

        Hmmm…the words “back side” and “Trump” in the same sentence !

        May we infer some hidden meaning in thy text?

    6. Patricia Gilman says:

      Where is the Barber Museum

    7. Thomas R Leslie says:

      And, does anyone know the reason for the hard stop on the construction of the parkland from 67th south to 59th?

      • Etan says:

        I was wondering the same thing, I’m waiting for the new dog park which hopefully inst gravel.

    8. Chip says:

      I’ve always said that bike riding, jogging and power-walking (such as done on the Greenway) are dangerous and to be avoided.

    9. Sherman says:

      I went running along the Hudson River yesterday all the way to the SI Ferry.

      Unfortunately, some of the cyclists who use this trail think they’re Lance Armstrong.

      With or without construction whoever uses the path for running, walking or cycling has to be very careful because of a few reckless cyclists.

      I run far to the side and I stay very alert so I’ve avoided accidents but I’ve seen other runners who were not so lucky. I’m not sure how to enforce safety. Maybe some undercover police along the way?

      • Debbie D. says:

        Thats quite the run! You also already probably discovered that for most of its length, the greenway does a decent job ensuring that cyclists (and rollerbladers?) are separated from those running or out for a stroll.

        When this project is finally completed, it will be true again for that stretch. North of 72nd its a bit treacherous, especially around the boat basin. There have been a few options floated over the past years to separate the bike path from the walking path, but none were great.

        The good news is that despite the uncomfortable mixing, there have been very few accidents over the years, despite (as another commenter pointed out) this bike path is VERY heavily used, and there are no other uptown options.

        I wish there was more insight into what was taking so long. This construction is going on 2+ years, and getting to and from Pier I right now is pretty hairy.

      • Margaret says:

        And some of the runners think they’re Meb Kefleghizi, and some of the cyclists probably think they’re city taxpayers who want a place to bike with their children, or to and from work, or to get wherever they’re going.

        Get a new way to insult bicyclists Sherman, or maybe even quit insulting them altogether because it makes you look like a grouch. The issue here is that Parks routed thousands of daily bicyclists off the path they use, for an unannounced closure they said would take weeks that has taken 5 months now. There are no good workarounds because the West Side only has one northbound protected bike lane between 59th and 72nd and it’s been closed since last November.

        • Sherman says:

          I have no problem with cyclists. In fact I think it’s great whenever I see people engaging in any form of fitness.

          My only issue is a handful of reckless cyclists – I don’t think anyone can deny they exist.

          And yes, I’ve seen injuries and even a fist fight as a result of reckless cyclists.

          And I’ve never seen a fast runner cause an accident.

        • John says:

          Margaret, I don’t know you, but I wish I did — your responses are completely in line with my way of thinking, they are fair-minded, eloquent, and just totally dead-on!

          The shuttered section is ridiculous — I ride to and from every day for months, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any work continuing there. Pathetic.

          Allow me, for those interested, to weigh in a related topic: those “temporary” barricades placed along the bikeway for miles. Ugh. I’m more or less used to them, but they’re dangerous (to cyclists AND pedestrians), ugly, often poorly placed (if they must be placed at all), and simply overkill. Meanwhile, I’m disgusted by the occasional cyclist who thinks he can overtake someone by going against oncoming traffic THROUGH these narrow lanes (i.e. on the wrong side, essentially coming at you head-on in a very narrow lane). I am of a generally equanimous disposition, but the other day, I yelled an expletive at someone doing just this — truly threatening my safety (and their own) for a five-second boost. How imbecilic and reckless can one be?! And totally off topic: to light-less cyclists riding the bikeway at night, while wearing all black: get a light! (it’s the law, and quite a reasonable one.)

      • The New Lance Armstrong says:

        Yes, and I hope the undercover police monitors also start ticketing runners for jaywalking in the wheels-only section of the bike path south of 59th street. Especially with the concrete barriers now placed in the path, there really isn’t any reasonable excuse for runners to be using that space. In fact, it is incredibly dangerous and selfish.

    10. Penelope says:

      Wonderful that Trumps name can be dumped!!!!
      That name, for so many of us, does not represent anything good, much less great! The people in those buildings should not be stuck with it.

      • Mrs. Krosov says:

        If they didn’t like the name, why did they move into the building in the first place? I only wish I could have gotten an apartment there…before our apt. was stolen by criminal enterprise, sanctioned by the State of NY!

    11. Mark Moore says:

      Many shelves were bare at Trader Joe’s Sunday at about 6:30 PM. Seems they sell out almost the entire store every day and then restock it overnight. The lines have not been long though. And it’s greatly increased foot traffic on Columbus between 92nd and 96th.

      I really think Mani’s is going to be OK. Trader Joe’s is bringing lots of food-buying people right to their front doorstep.

      • dannyboy says:

        Appreciate the on-the scene reporting. I plan to try my luck now that I’ve read thru my “I HEART TJ’s Vegetarian Cookbook” and TJ’s Fearless Flyer (May 2018)

        I like to find out what’s what.

    12. EPO LANCE says:

      How dare they ask us to bike at a reasonable speed over this twelve block stretch. I am training for the Tour De France. And at a reasonable speed it takes me 5 minutes to now traverse this stretch on the shared walkways. I should be able to hit that in a minute.

      I think it is reasonable to kill some pedestrians over this lost 4 minutes. I know my fellow speedo wearing cyclists are with me. Viva los douches.

      I live on 61st and use that pathway. Sure, it would be better if it were open, but don’t make it seem like there is no way to bike on Riverside. Keep in mind that from like 70th up to the 80s or 90s it is mostly shared space. But there too we pedestrians and casual bikers are faced with the spandex douche mafia.

    13. Gretchen says:

      Maybe Trump should put his name on dumpsters – would be more apropros. Hope this building has sprinklers on the upper floors so people don’t die in a fire like Trump Tower.

    14. ST says:

      What I want to know is this: At least three years ago we during Helen Rosenthal’s participatory budgeting process, we awarded funds for the redesign of the bike path by the boat basin since bikes are dangerous to folks trying to enjoy the views from there. ZERO happened. Why?