Why Posture Matters in Indoor Cycling, and How to Learn a Better Way


While indoor cycling classes are a great way to speed up the metabolism, incorrect posture during rides can put routine cyclists at risk of permanent damage to the spine and orientation of the body. Many popular cycling classes focus on intensity over execution, leading riders to sacrifice a healthy spine shape in order to keep up the pace. The preservation of the spine should be nonnegotiable for those who wish to stay vertical throughout their lifetime.

Most of us have ridden a bike, and so it seems unwarranted to do more than just get on and pedal. Riders largely hop onto bikes haphazardly, lacking awareness of the importance in maintaining proper alignment. Sustaining a “C” shaped spine; forward curved shoulders, neck and upper body is an extremely common “default cycle posture” and can change the postural destiny of those who ride without an elevated physical awareness.

Indoor cycling has been built on pushing physical thresholds beyond what is comfortable for the body, assuming this is the path to optimum health. Although the hard and fast mentality is often celebrated in today’s fitness community, overdoing it during workouts is unhealthy. As adequate oxygen is necessary for fat burning, being out of breath or overly winded is counterproductive. A slower, steadier pace gives riders more information about their bodies, allows them to take in more oxygen through the breath, and leads to more efficient calorie burning.

POSTURE CYCLE® was created by NuYu Revolution and designed in conjunction with a Physical Therapist to serve as a low impact cardiovascular fitness class with an emphasis on body placement and postural awareness. When body, mind, and breath alertness are present, only then is cycling a safe and efficient exercise. Posture Cycle® is a game changer, and supports the preservation of the musculoskeletal system while cycling.

Susan Rappaport, NuYu Revolution’s founder and the creator of Posture Cycle®, offers these expert tips for you to keep in mind during your next cycling class.


– Adjust your bike settings to support your body and form properly.

– Activate your abdominal muscles to support your lower back.

– Focus on your spine shape and maintain a neutral spine throughout class.

– Engage the proper working muscles and release unwarranted tension.

– Keep your weight on the saddle when seated, and on the pedals in position 2 and 3.

– Breathe consciously with full body breaths throughout classes.

– Hydrate before, during, and after classes.

– Listen to your body and ride accordingly.


– Do not hunch forward into a shape of the letter “C”

– Do not ride with your weight on the handlebars.

– Do not rock the upper body from side to side to assist with pedaling.

– Do not take a cycle class without having nourished your body.

– Do not ride with tension in the neck and shoulders.

– Do not pedal too hard or fast.

– Do not cross train during cycle classes.

– Do not ride without understanding how to preserve a healthy spine.

NuYu Revolution is a holistic, mindful, compassionate exercise studio designed to build solid foundations for healthy, ongoing relationships with fitness. Our smaller classes allow instructors to give personalized attention to posture, alignment, and breath, aiding in the preservation of our members musculoskeletal systems. Our classes include Yoga, Mat Pilates, Posture Cycle®, Spine Align, Strengthening, Dance, Conditioning, Meditation and more. Most classes are offered in beginner, intermediate & advanced levels.

Newly expanded studios will be opening May 21st at Broadway and 100th St.

Contact, Jake@NuYuRevolution.com or call (212) 663-1114 to become eligible for the NuYu Revolution Pre-Opening Special, which includes a complimentary 15-minute fitness consultation and more than 60% off of an 8-pack of classes.

– Offer available through May 20, 2018.

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